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2007-06-06, 02:36 PM
i'm playing a poison crafter at the moment, but there aren't that many poisons out there so i'll gradually increase the numbers.

Note: there will be more, i'll edit them in later

all of the poisons are herbal, killing monsters so that i can kill more monsters is a bit too much effort for a low DC poison

Guard be gone (i'll think of a proper name later) 150Gp, inhaled
craft DC 20, save DC 15, primary damage paralysis, secondary paraylysis 2d4 hours

horridfate, 100Gp, ingested
craft DC 20, save DC 17, primary damage none, secondary damage diarrhoea for 1d4 days

trueformol, 500Gp, contact
craft DC 25, save DC 20, primary damage none, secondary damage: returns any shapechanger to its natural form

2007-06-06, 03:02 PM
In the campaign I am playing in certain poisons aren't considered evil. My character's background has him coming from a population that is very ready to fight, including guerilla warfare at any time. Not agressive, but they have enemies who almost genocided them a while back. In order to be able to hunt effeciently if they have to remain hiding in the woods and can't afford to be moving around too much they stockpile the following so that even a grazing shot will bring down the prey:

"Hunter's Friend", (In more military circles it gets called "Mage Bane")
65 gp
Craft DC 15? Save DC 14 Initial damage None, Secondary Damage 1d4 Intellegence.

Noting that Animals have intellegences of 1 or 2....