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2007-06-06, 10:10 PM
I've been trying to think of ways to improve the mystic theurge without changing its basic flavor or idea. I still think it should be essentially the same--versatility and spells from two lists in exchange for higher-level casting--but I'm trying to come up with some additional class features that could at least make it more interesting. So tell me what you think of these ideas... All of these assume that early entrance tricks are disallowed / impossible, which would drastically change the classes' balance if it wasn't true. Also, I'm unsure what level these abilities should be gained at...

First, extend progression to 14 levels. This is obvious. The class is such that without this it's often going to have problems in high-level games.

Second, characters with the ability to spontaneously convert spells to a specific spell (as a cleric converts to cure/inflict spells or a druid converts to summon nature's ally) gain the ability to do so with spells from either side of their progression, so a wizard/cleric Theurge could, after gaining this power, convert prepared arcane spells into divine cure/inflicts of the appropriate level. Hardly an overwhelming ability, but it's flavorful and adds a bit of versatility.

Third, when they prepare or regain spells for the day, characters gain the ability to temporarily 'shift' one slot at each level from one side to the other--that is, they could use up one of their divine slots to prepare an extra arcane spell at that level, or vice-versa; or forsake one of their divine slots to gain an extra arcane one if they don't prepare arcane spells. The shifted slot remains shifted until they use it, but they can't have more than one slot 'shifted' at each level. This helps make up, a bit, for the lost higher-level slots they lose to the entrance requirements. Possibly this could be restricted to not work with their highest level of spells, although I don't know if that's necessary.

Finally, and most significantly, double-casting. This would probably be a capstone ability, or close to it. A mystic theurge gains the ability to cast two standard-action (or faster) spells in a single round by taking a full-round action, with severe limitations. The MT must choose which spell goes off first, and may take a five-foot-step between the two if desired. The spells must come from different sides of their progression, and be the same level. They are also limited as to the maximum level of spells they can double-cast... I'm not sure what the highest level should be, or if it should advance slowly over the course of the progression (gaining the ability to double-cast level one spells first, then second-level ones later on, etc), but it certainly shouldn't go too high. The DCs of any concentration checks they make while casting the spells increases by 2, and naturally they can't cast two spells that require concentration to maintain (not unless they want to drop one right after casting, since they can't concentrate on both.) Possibly a concentration check or something similar could be required just to use this ability successfully? This is a powerful ability if not balanced right, but I think it's necessary... it lets the Mystic Theurge, within limits, actually apply their large number of spells, which is something they're not likely to do often otherwise.

Anyway, thoughts? Ideas for the levels they should be gained at, or what restrictions should be put on them?

Grey Watcher
2007-06-06, 11:18 PM
I had a thread called "Save the Mystic Theurge" from way back that dealt with this subject. THe only thing I remember specifically was that I thuoght you could pool the slots from the two types of casting. Thus, you could use all of your arcane and divine slots to prepare Magic Missile from your Wizard Spellbook, and so forth.