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2007-06-06, 10:32 PM

If youíve gotten this far, you deserve to know what RPGuild is and isnít. RPGuild is a system designed for use in role-playing games (RPGs) of any kind. A role-playing game is a game you play in which you act as a fictional character, more commonly of your own creation than not.

RPGs can come in several genres: fantasy, historical, modern, steam punk, futuristic, sci-fi and pretty much any other genre you can think of. Most RPGs involve combat and skills, success based on a dice roll. Weíve limited rolls purely to combat, which uses a 6-sided die. Skills and other similar abilities are based on player capability and distinctions. All these things are designed to breed a more realistic and fun role-playing environment. RPGuild is a role-playing system designed to bring friends together for fun and good times.


FLESH - the details
1 - Race and Ethnicity
In some RPGs your DM will write, there may be different races and even ethnicities. This section explains what these are and how they apply.

In RPGuild, races and ethnicities are two different things. A race is like a species in our universe: frogs, dogs, humans, etc. An ethnicity is like a subspecies: Asian, African, English, etc. Examples of this in a game universe would be Hill Dwarves or Mountain Dwarves, High Elves or Wood Elves, Sea Merfolk or Freshwater Merfolk. Basically, races are types of creatures and ethnicities are titles for different evolutions the races took in different areas.

A small creature in a hostile society would learn to be sneaky to get by. This race and ethnicity would breed good thieves. A highly intelligent creature in a problem solving society would be good at magic. Certain benefits would apply to certain races and ethnicities.

2 - Classes
Classes define what your character can do. If you are sneaky and a kleptomaniac, your probably a thief. If you indulge in manipulating magics, you are probably a magician. Here is how classes work in RPGuild.

Your class isnít selected from a list of predetermined classes. Rather, you gain certain abilities by role-playing and adventuring. You could learn a magical technique from a wandering hermit, expand upon that subplot, then get forced to fight in the military, making you a warmage.

There are no levels for the classes in RPGuild. Depending on how well you do with certain subjects (specific weapons, magic techniques, marital art forms, etc...), you will advance either quickly or slowly through novice, intermediate and master in specific abilities or forms.

If you do well in certain subjects, you will advance easier in similar subjects. If you are an excellent swordsman, learning to use daggers shouldnít be very hard.

Magic is the only exception to this rule. Natural magic is based on the elements: fire, earth, water, and air. If you learned fire first, water should be harder to learn. The same thing applies for air and earth. Divine magic doesn't have opposites, due to the fact that it is comprised purely of mental magic: things like hypnosis, diplomacy, and knowledge are examples.

3 - Backstory
The first thing you need to think about when creating a character is backstory. Backstory is your character's history up until your character starts the game. Depending on weather or not the DM allows your character to have a class, creating a backstory will be more or less complicated.

If you canít choose a class to incorporate into your backstory, things are much simpler. You just need to think of a realistic way to have your character involved in the story in some way. Think of an ordinary person getting involved in something extraordinary.

You need to cooperate with other players on the organization of the party (A party is a group of adventurers), if you can determine your characterís class before the game starts. There has to be balance and coordination. All the things in non-class backstories are also needed.

BONES - the mechanics

*work in progress*

Gameplay *pre-WIP*

DMming *pre-WIP*

Transcript provided by Demented, who happens to be very good at reading chicken scratch.

EDIT: This is NOT done, so whatever isn't included now may be later, and suggestions and discussions are wonderful.

2007-06-06, 11:02 PM
so Tacky its cool!!:smallbiggrin:

so divine magic is "god help me slay this monster to save Joe, my uncle *splerch* hay, I meraculesly killed him Yay!"

2007-07-20, 09:01 PM
I will post an update with new, better documentation.

Divine magic isn't miracles of the gods, it's miracles of the mind. Any influence the mind makes, like spiritual healing.

2007-07-20, 09:20 PM
Frankly, an RPG system could use less rules. Even White Wolf, a game system designed to make anything possibly as the DM (or Storyteller) wills it, to be utterly simple, to be easy, had complicated special power rules occasionally, and could get dice pools from the manageable 4 or 5 up to 9 or 10 (or, if you were REALLY powerfull, 12.)
Frankly, I say, GO FOR IT ALL OUT. This would be EXCELLENT with brushing up and more detail. Tenterhooks, bated breath, etc.

2007-07-21, 08:30 PM
Right now, I'm working on semi unique features such as:

Things I would like to discuss are in red

Race and Ethnicity are different terms, used to express different things
No defined spells, merely two classes of magic: Divine and Natural
No defined combat/skill classes, merely weapon/skill proficiencies at different levels
I'm thinking about magical power and preference being defined by your soul, not sure.

I'm going to constantly update with each new update of the system. Expect a new thread once I'm done. When that time comes, I'm gonna ask a mod to kill this thread.

Now that I've added the scans, would you care to discuss the things in red with me?

2007-07-21, 09:03 PM


1 - Race and Ethnicityhttp://img256.imageshack.us/img256/1239/01jw6.png
2 - Classeshttp://img517.imageshack.us/img517/5636/02zp2.png
3 - Backgroundhttp://img256.imageshack.us/img256/4843/03fw0.png

Disregard what I wrote in the papers about the order. I think I put the papers in a more logical order, so a character could be created as you read. I don't currently have any documents on gameplay.

Do you have plans to type all that up?

2007-07-24, 06:22 PM
I do, unless someone will do it for me while I work on the things listed.

Help is, in most cases (and especially this one), appreciated.

2007-07-25, 12:58 PM
The links don't all work.

Typing it up would be a plus.

I don't see any conflict resolution systems -- ie, mechanics to arbitrate "I want to do X, does it happen?", so players can know before asking the DM capable your character is/how likely they are to succeed at something. But that might be because the links don't all work. :)

2007-07-25, 03:29 PM
I'm not any good at reading (or writing) script*. That said, it looks legible enough to try...

* Because of this, I have proudly deduced that I failed kindergarten.

2007-07-25, 03:47 PM
Chicken scratch.

I'm intrigued, really I am. But please, type this up so it's legible.

2007-07-26, 04:53 AM
Finally, there are typed documents, thanks to a certain demented friend.. They will be updated into the first post shortly.

About the conflict system... The player records his own learning experiences, and that is all the player knows. I don't plan on writing any magical guidelines, battle strategies, or anything similar. That defeats the purpose of learning, IMHO.

2007-07-26, 11:41 AM
So there is no aid provided to the DM to help with conflict resolution?

Free-form roleplaying is possible, but it really helps having mechanics to fall back on. Even if they are free-form mechanics. :)

2007-07-26, 01:51 PM
I do plan on writing about DMing. You're wondering what will compensate for the lack of classes? I'm thinking about it... I think I'll attach numbers to some stuff, and keep it small until it's good. The DM can have a copy of the player's information, so he always knows what he can and can't do.

2007-07-26, 01:58 PM
This actually seems kind of neat. What's the backbone of the system based on? Dice pools, D20, something else? Is it based off D&D, or a creation all its own?

2007-07-26, 02:51 PM
Most RPGs have no classes and no levels. :)

2007-07-31, 08:04 PM
Post or die!

If this stays dead, I'll discontinue, no possible uber 4 j00