View Full Version : Custom magic item: Cloak of Greater Desecration

2007-06-06, 10:37 PM
I want this to be usable only by true necromancers (they need all the help they can get). I expect no pricing benefit for the restriction, simply flavor. Regardless, I am totally lost on pricing this item. I want the cloak to, essentially, act as a mobile altar to Velsharoon (my character's god... insert necromantic god of choice if it makes you have the warm and fuzzies). The effect this would have is to double the impact of the desecration aura granted by the true necromancer class.

I have no idea how much it should cost to create a permanent, mobile shrine to a diety. I've not been able to find any reference material for it. Read the Desecrate spell for details on what I want this cloak to do.

The item that improves a cleric's ability to turn undead by 4 levels (a class ability improvement) costs 11,000 gp (market value). I'm not sure if this is an equal, lesser, or greater ability. I know it is quite class-specific, and thus limited, but I don't know the value of it. I just like the idea.

Thoughts on pricing?

2007-06-14, 11:48 PM
No idea. Somebody must have an idea, though. Failing that, you might be better served in the Gaming Forum.