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2015-12-02, 08:08 PM
A mischievous roguish character, who uses his natural electrogenic powers to assist in breaking through electric locks and terminals. He can phase through some walls, generate decently powerful electrical currents from his entire body, levitate for short periods of time, etc. he's an agile, stealthy type who has a knack for winning favors by getting other people what they want.
One day, he's drafted into the world navy by a fascist government, and he wants out. so he has four goals:
Build up a small crew.
Steal one of the starships in the hanger.
Flee without raising too much alarm.

He regards himself as a thief, not a killer. Unnecessary killing is not something he's into, and crime and piracy for him are just a means to survive and live free.

Oh, details about the setting: a civilization of humans in earth's distant past had found the key to ftl travel, some how. Driven by a code similar to the prime directive, they left earth behind, not wanting to influence the still developing world too much. found another planet and colonized it in less than a century. 2000 years later, the planet is populated by the mutated descendents of those ancient humans, and this character is one of them. His world is ruled by a single fascist government. the galaxy, it turns out, is full to the brim with life, and even those ancient humans are considered newcomers to the space faring scene.

2015-12-02, 08:23 PM
`Not a killer` and `Piracy` don't really jive together too well, particularly in such a hostile environment as space (you start messing with other people's ships and everything starts to go Cold Equations). There's a reason hostis humani generis is a thing.

2015-12-02, 08:24 PM
Well I'd have to figure out some of the nitty gritty things that are likely to come up in his being drafted:

Would he rather be alive and enslaved or free and dead? This is important because you said he values freedom, but knowing exactly how much is important. What would he give up in exchange for freedom?

Why does he view killing as unacceptable but piracy as acceptable? What is the distinction for him on those grounds? When he does commit crimes, does he prey on everybody, on the rich, or how does he handle that bit?

How much does he value profit? Is he willing to sacrifice some of his other goals if profit is involved? Ergo would he kill for money, or be willing to sacrifice some of his freedom if the financial reward is high enough.

Once you start thinking through scenarios like this, I think the roleplaying will be easy, because then you can really get into your character's head, and understand how he'd react to different things, what he values.

2015-12-02, 08:35 PM
I suspect he has a list of acceptable targets: perhaps, bureaucrats, officers, etc, that he doesn't feel as much conflict in killing. he spent his life up to this point trying to either avoid those kinds or people, or to bribe them. Stealing a ship would put him in direct conflict with the very military he's trying to gain his freedom from. since the average lifespan of a military pilot(like him) tends to be exactly one mission, he sees this as the better alternative.