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2007-06-08, 03:37 PM
These are some feats I made for characters who get shafted with low ability scores. They' might be a bit good, I'm not sure.

Arcane Perseverance [General]
They said youíd never be able to achieve it, but you know better than to listen. What you didnít understand at first, youíve learnt to take slowly.
Prerequisite: Iron Will, Spellcraft 6 ranks, ability to cast spells through preparation.
Benefit: You may count your primary ability score as 2 points higher for the purpose of determining whether or not you can cast spells of a certain level. However the casting time of spells from the highest level you can cast increases by 1 grade. (Free action to Swift action, Swift action to move action, move action to standard action, standard action to full round action, full round action 2 to rounds, multiple rounds to n+1 rounds)

Cautious Fortitude [General]
Sickness has always affected you pretty badly, but youíve learnt to be more careful about your diet and built up your immune system.
Prerequisite: Knowledge (nature) 4 ranks, Heal or Survival 4 ranks
Benefit: You may add your intelligence modifier to fortitude saves instead of your constitution modifier.

Deceptive Skill [General]
At first you seem weak, butter fingered to say it cruelly, but once you enemyís attention lessons yours starts to kick in.
Prerequisite: Bluff 6 ranks, Spot 6 ranks
Benefit: Whenever you roll a natural 1 while in combat, you gain a cumulative +1 bonus on all rolls for the duration of the encounter.

Diverse Skill training [General]
Your peers criticised you for distracting yourself from your primary studies, but itís paid off well enough.
Prerequisite: 6 ranks in a cross-class skill
Benefit: Choose three skills. These skills become permanent class skills for you. In addition any cross-class ranks you have spent are no doubled.
Special: You may take this feat multiple times, each time choosing three more skills.

Driven [General]
Youíve always come last in all pursuits. However you wonít let that get you down. Youíll put in more effort than anyone else and come out on top.
Prerequisite: No ability score above 15, total ability bonuses below +4.
Benefit: Multiply any experience points you gain by 1.5 times.

False Opening [General]
Youíre movements are slow and your defence imperfect, but when youíre opponent goes for you heíll get a nasty surprise.
Prerequisite: Bluff 9 ranks, Int 15+, Deceptive Skill, Improved Feint, Combat Expertise
Benefit: You may subtract a number no greater than your base attack bonus or five (whichever is lower) from your armour class and add it to your attack and damage.

Keen Reflexes [General]
Youíve never been particularly agile, but youíre learned to make up for it by keeping alert.
Prerequisite: Concentration 4 ranks, Spot or Listen 4 ranks
Benefit: You may add your wisdom modifier to reflex saves instead of your dexterity modifier.

Move with the blow [General]
Youíve had more than your fare experience in getting beaten up, but after a while, the pain isnít so bad.
Prerequisite: Con 9-, Int 13+
Benefit: You gain damage reduction 2/-. In addition you may use your dexterity modifier to qualify for any feat that normally requires a certain constitution score.

Secret Talent [Trait]
Nobody notices your dull personality and you donít know what itís like to be surrounded by friends, but when thereís something you need to do nobody can turn away.
Prerequisite: Charisma score no greater than 15
Benefit: You may count your charisma score as 4 higher for spontaneous spellcasting and a single skill, but as 4 lower for all other purposes.

2007-06-08, 03:50 PM
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2007-06-08, 03:51 PM
Oops, should have put this in homebrew.

edit: wow, I got simued on noticing my own mistake.

2007-06-09, 02:20 PM
Don't know where it belongs to but those feats are downright awesome! Really flavorful and useful!

2007-06-09, 03:05 PM
I like the flavor as well, but a few seemed overpowered. A sorcerer can dump charisma, and still be a decent caster with just a feat!

2007-06-09, 03:48 PM
I rather like most of these. Just a few notes:

Arcane Perseverance: First off, I don't think it's possible to cast free-action spells and swift-action spells in the same game. The Swift/Immediate mechanic completely overrides the previous mechanic for casting spells as a free action. Second, there's a problem with allowing a caster to cast a Swift action spell as a move action, in that this actually allows the caster to cast more spells in one round (e.g. a wizard with 11 Int with this feat could cast magic missile as a standard action, feather fall as a free/swift action, and swift fly as a move action all in one round).

I would say, any spell that takes less than a standard action takes a standard action, any spell that takes a standard action takes a full-round action, and any spell that takes more than a standard action takes an extra full-round action.

Diverse Skill Training: There's several feats out there (Cosmipolitan from FR, Education from Eberron) that do something similar, but only effect 1 skill or a specific set of skills. Given those as benchmark, this should probably be toned down.

Driven: I don't quite get this one. Aside form the shear amount of XP you'd get form this, you can qualifiy for this feat with 15/15/15/9/8/8, which is a valid - and very playable - 25-point array. Plus, what happens if a character with this array reaches 16th level? Due to ability increases, the character will no longer qualify for this feat and will never be able to re-qualify for it. Also, what's a "low" array for one group might not be so low for another. I like the basic concept, but the mechanics here are just not good, and I for one can't think of a way to make this work.

False Opening: You do realize that all this does is gives +5 to damage, right? -5 on attack rolls and +5 to AC from Combat Expertise, then -5 to AC and +5 on attack and damage rolls with this feat. Which I don't think is really worth the 4 feats spent to get there, besides just being a rather inelagent idea.

Keeping with the name... I would say you can take a penalty on AC to give yourself a bonus on your next bluff check to feint an opponent. Drop the requirements to just Improved Feint.