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2015-12-03, 12:08 PM
Hi !

I want to introduce my virtual tabletop program SimpleBM (simple battlemap) at sbm.elagplus.com

I searched for something really simple, as pen and paper map to my session at home with friends. I don’t want to put money so I put time on my project. This is a simple battlemap to play online or with a tablet/computer at home.

The DM have these functions :
- Create tokens/object
- Green circle: controlled by everyone
- Red circle: controlled by DM
- Yellow circle: invisible to players
- Skull: dead
- Can edit note on tokens and objects
- Can edit hit point and aura on tokens

Players :
- Can move and edit hitpoint/aura on green circle tokens

Everyone have access to dice roller d20 system and vampire system (with butch and success).

Right now it’s free on beta test and in the future I will delete maps after 48 hours but it will be possible to buy the map and access anytime so it will be possible to modify the name of the map and prepare the game long before the next session.

Thanks a lot ! I want some comeback if you want to.

Excuse me for my English…