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2007-06-09, 07:10 PM
I've thought of some interesting spell combinations for flesh to stone. What would happen in the case of the following spells being cast on the affected creature?
*Animate Object
*Polymorph Any Object

Could you have someone cut in half, then turned to stone, mend the stone together with something like make whole, and then stone to flesh it to bring it back together? Could I add an extra arm somehow and then return it back to life as a three-armed person?

Is flesh to stone and stone to flesh the DnD equivalent of cryogenics? Terragenics? Could it preserve food?

Would stone to flesh plus magic jar work on normal statues for a quick meat puppet?

2007-06-09, 07:21 PM
I don't think I'd allow the make whole trick. The two pieces would be created seperately and distinct, rather than a whole made seperate. You wouldn't be making whole, you'd be melding two items.

Similarly, I wouldn't allow meld stone, because that only allows crude shaping, and I'm fairly sure blood vessels and nerve endings require pretty fine control.

I'd certainly allow it as a form of cryogenics though.

Yuki Akuma
2007-06-09, 07:22 PM
The statue is an object. Therefore, Animate Object would work fine. I doubt the limbs would move much, though. Polymorph Any Object is similarly fine.

Yes, you could turn two halves of a cut-in-half person in half then somehow fuse the halves together and turn them back to flesh. You'd have to fuse them magically, though (such as with, yes, Make Whole), as glue wouldn't do. Then you'd just end up with two halves of a corpse stuck together with glue.

Of course, the cut-in-half guy would still be dead. And making an extra arm out of stone would just result in a fleshy arm-shaped lump of meat attached to the body. Ew..

As for the final question, no. A corpse is an object, and you can't target objects with Magic Jar.

2007-06-09, 07:35 PM
For the most part, the answer is:
Sorry, doesn't work that way.

Someone who's been subjected to Flesh to Stone is still a creature, and not an object - so no Animate Objects. Polymorph Any Object would work, though.

Likewise with Make Whole - not an object.

Magic Jar requires a soul to displace; casting Stone to Flesh on a statue produces something with no life to displace.

Mind you, Stone Shape and Fabricate don't specify that they have to be cast on objects, and all the status conditions indicate that damage/mutilation done while in stone form affects the later flesh form as well....

2007-06-09, 09:38 PM
Animate objects only do 1 bash a round so it wouldn't work

Son of Urza
2007-06-09, 10:51 PM
You can, however, use Flesh to Stone on someone who's about to die from damage in order to preserve them until a more convenient time- I.E., once the cleric's rested and prepared a LOT of healing spells.

It's even specifically mentioned in the "Medusas of Droaam" article on the Wizards Eberron site that medusas OFTEN use it as a method to preserve mortally wounded friends, or even to preserve medusas who are about to die of old age. (Note that you wouldn't be able to revive the ones dying from old age without them starting to die again; I don't know of any spell that reverses aging.)