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The Vorpal Tribble
2007-06-10, 01:27 PM
What was my dream? A distant, unknown world
That elemental ether doth immerse,
With matter in a wild disorder hurled,
And primal forces in contention whirled,
A senseless demon over all supreme,
Who seeks with apish malice to reverse
Creative influences, and coerce
A universe to death, and bring its scheme
To chaos whence it came? What was my dream? - Joseph O’Connor

We seem to have a new 'dream thread' pop up every so often, so here is one I want to make 'official' if possible.

Not only that, but lets delve a bit deeper into it and see if there is a pattern to these midnight wanderings. So try to fill out my example below if you can.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-06-10, 01:29 PM
Most Common 'Type' of Dream
I'd say a good 80% of my dreams involves vast, bottomless basements, eternally curving hallways of abandoned houses and endless, badly lit restrooms. And there are doors, everywhere, many hidden, that lead into other places. I am almost always searching for something, looking everywhere, but never finding it.

I also tend to always have to fight something along the way and I totally tear them up.


Most Often Reoccurring Dream
I don't really have reoccurring dreams anymore, but there is one I had almost every week for many years when I was younger.

I'd be on the top of the highest skyscraper in the city. It was night and the lights of the buildings glinted all around and reflected just enough off the heavy cloud cover above to make it even more gloomy seeming. I walk to the ledge where there is a diving board hanging off. I go up and run across it and dive down for the streets below. Right before I hit I'd always wake up.


Most Vivid Dream
This dream has stayed with me for the last few years and I've worked symbology from it into a great many of my writings.

Dead Watchers
I'm driving along in a large van with my family. We round a courthouse in the center of the town I live in and suddenly there is a giant explosion and I'm thrown out of the vehicle. Standing up and looking around I see nothing but wreckage and smoke everywhere, and the sky is all dark. The smoke clears a little and notice the road is made of cobblestones and the scene is like new england in the 1800's. I search through the wreckage but can't find anyone. I then hear a rattle down an alley and going towards it see a large trashcan.

A little girl pops up from the can, knocking off the lid, looking like one of those sooty london ragga-muffins from old britain of the same time period as the setting, and tells me to follower her in a cockney accent. Horse-led buggies trot past us and people dressed for the period lie about on the sidewalks, moaning and groaning.

She leads me out of the city and into a forested area. The deeper we go into the forest the larger and larger the trees get till we finally come to one that is so huge you cannot see the top of it and takes up a good portion of the forest. Sitting at its roots is an american indian. He stands up and nods to me and says 'Climb and follow.' and easily reaches up and starts climbing like a spider up the tree. Me and the little girl do as well and climbing we come to an open part within the tree.

I don't know if any of you have heard of arborsculpture, but it was like parts of the tree had grown and twisted themselves into woody arching pillars that supported the great weight of the rest of the tree, leaving an open area inside. Within each arch, surrounding the tree, was a mummified corpse wearing rags and covered in spiderwebs and dust. Each one was looking outwards with a look of sadness. When I looked out I first saw a large plateau in the distance, covered in wheat fields, and in another direction it was as if seeing the city I had just left from an airplane, we were so high.

The indian then says, 'We must go, quickly.' and tossed me off the tree. He and the little girl jumped down after me and we slowly glided to the ground. He and the girl then start running through the forest, calling 'Faster! Faster!' and eventually we come to a long highway stretching out, and its no longer in the 1800's. We start running faster and faster, speeding past the driving cars, sometimes jumping over the powerlines crossing the street till we are back at the courthouse. The indian and girl stop and nod for me to go.

I take a turn around the courthouse, and there are every single one of my family members and my friends, all standing, watching me. My mom steps from the crowd and hands me a cellphone. It rings as I get it and I lift it up to my ear and say, "Hello?".... and I woke up.

My second most lucid dream come a few days later. In fact, that entire month I seemed to have some really weird stuff going on upstairs.

Mantis Band
I was pushing through a dark, dense forest and started hearing this rock-like music. Even within my dream the music, for some reason, scared me to trembling. The only think I can remember thinking is 'this music is the evilest thing I have ever heard'. I started shoving my way through the forest to see what made this music, as it became even louder. Finally I came to a small clearing in the forest, covered in grass. In the exact middle was a circular stage made from wood planks, raised up about two feet. Upon the stage were these human-sized praying mantisses playing various instruments. Two were playing guitars, one a set of drums, another a keyboard and the last one a saxophone. Their motions were very odd, bobbing their heads, and all movement was jerky and repititious. It almost seemed as if they were dead or unconscious but being made to move. I heard a growl behind me, and a brush of air. Suddenly the arm was torn off one of the musicians with a spurt of blood, followed by each of its other six limbs. The entire time it was becoming torn apart it continued playing its instrument and bobbing to the music until it had no more limbs to play. This unseen beast went from mantiss to mantiss, none of them playing the least bit attention. However, as each musician was killed, the music became louder and even more frightening until the last mantiss, the lead guitarist, lost its head. It collapsed to the gore-covered stage, and the music stopped.


Most Recent Dream
This is the reason I thought to post this thread is the dream I had last night. It was almost up with the two lucid ones above in its totally real seeming strangeness.

Can only recall snatches of it now, but I just recall I was looking for someone, to save them from these people, whoever they are. Was going into this area full of old houses pressed up against each other, almost like a junk yard. Little kids all dirty and wearing threadbare were roaming around, riding rusty bikes or peering out from beneath trash. Some dog starts barking like crazy and is coming closer so I dive down into this cellar, and I hear voices shouting excitedly. Go twisting all through these barely lit room full of cobwebs and old junk and there is this thin, peeling door with a heavy-duty handle on it like for some big walk in fridge.

I then see my little sister walking towards me where she's been hiding behind an old matress. I grab her up and run down the stairs, but it becomes pitch dark. I reach around as I descend, looking for a light switch and find it. Then waaaaaay out in the distance an area is lit to maybe twilight. The stairs continue on for like several hundred feet to the ground which is this enormous basement as big as a factory, totally clean concetre. . Taking up most of the far side of the room is this square thing of water. Like a water purification pool or something. Growing all around it is this grey grass growing in the dark. Beats me why but I head on down a bit and I see some unclothed woman lying face down as if having drowned. As soon as I approach however she swims away and then dives down with a splash.

This spooks me a bit so I dash back upstairs and hurry on through the house. Eventually I come to where its just kind of open to the night and hurry out. One of the kids drive up in one of those little plastic, batter powered cars and I ask him if I can have it. He just gets out and looks at me blankly as I scrunch myself in, put my sister in the other seat, and zip off down the road and finally onto the highway where I can see the lights of the city glistening.

2007-06-10, 01:51 PM
Most Common Type of Dream

There are two most common dreams.

1. Dreams where I fall in love. Together we're passionate, yet nothing sexual ever happens.
2. I die in some manner, usually quite abrupt, and come back.

Most Often Recurring Dream

I don't really have recurring dreams. The closest I've got is zombies tend to be everywhere. Zombie apocolypse is a regular for me.
There is also one dream that varies, where there is some kind of morphing monster. It changes to resemble different things I'm scared off or make monsters out of things I like, like the Scorpion Indiana Jones. I go all around the places I know, these things chasing me, jumping out at me, affecting my loved ones, and we defeat them, but then they come back.

Most lucid dream

Hmmm... I don't really have lucid dreams. As a person I'm detached from reality as it is, so anything I dream about makes perfect sense to me. I find it difficult to distinguish between the dream world and the real world.
woah... Matrix vibe...

Most Recent Dream

My one last night...
Well, I cannot remember anything specific, but it was just me enjoying myself with my girls...
It was... nice. A rarity amongst my dreams.

Totally Guy
2007-06-10, 03:10 PM
Every now and again I dream about losing a tooth and it feels all permanent and I think to myself that I've gained a problem that I can never truly and fully go back on.

On the other side I dream about other insecurities I might have, and dream of a fix for whatever it is. Then I imagine how good things will be without that particular problem.

A regular visitor is "the naked dream", doing some inane everyday task with no clothing on. I don't sleepwalk so I'm not concerned about it, this is kind of the neutral dream.

Vespe Ratavo
2007-06-10, 05:32 PM
Most Common Type of Dream
Honestly? Most of them I die, or there's some really scary s#^&. Strangely enough, I (myself) am not usually scared, although me (in the dream) usually is.

Most Recurring Dream
I'm usually falling. And then I die. Then I wake up.

Most Lucid Dream
I've had a few really.
What the....
Ok, so first I was in this Mayan architectural style maze. Well, it wasn't me. It was these video game anime kids. And they had to jump over this pit, but they didn't make it, but there was a platform that was obscured by fog down there, and they weren't hurt.
Then Flying Spaghetti Monster Claus (That's what my dream called him, he was Santa Claus/Father Christmas/Whatever you call him in a blue suit) flew all around the world, breaking through buildings and such.
And then I was in this cathedral, and this creepy girl from The Ring melts into goo and tries to kill me.
Then I woke up.

Ok, so there was the cast of Ed Edd and Eddy. And they were in a creepy building, and Jimmy went outside to the pool, and Cthulhu was in it. And then there was a giant robot, and the guys from Gears of War made it go boom.
Then I was in this futuristic type building, and I (evidently I was in a video game) had hacked it, and I was driving around in a red convertible, and Dr. Salvador from Resident Evil 4 was chasing me around, but he was on super steriods or something, and then he was about to kill me, but then a Start menu came up, and I quit out.
Then there was this guy, and he was on a menu screen, and he was trying to convince himself something (it had to do with bones on a soccer field) and then his skin went all gray, and he got tumors in his head, and he started laughing maniacally, and it was freaky, and a menu came up and it said he lost his mind, and then it went through a bunch of people, and some looked normal, and some didn't (they were all tumored like the first guy) and they were all insane.

Quite frankly my dreams are freaking me out.

Saithis Bladewing
2007-06-10, 06:38 PM
Most Common Type of Dream

Completely random. Most of my dreams have no discernable pattern or progression of events, they're just random people in random places doing random things that change randomly throughout the course of the dream. They don't make any real sense, but they're a pretty awesome interpretation of how chaotic my mind is. I can't focus on anything ever. My train of thought runs at about 900 billion miles per hour.

Most Recurring Dream

Oddly enough, when I do have dreams that make sense, the one that comes back most often is unusual. It starts off with me in my old house in America, zombies are trying to get in, so I shoot them, I see zombies breaking into my aunt's house which is nextdoor...and then just turn around and walk away rather than help them. Then it turns into me having a philosophical debate with Freud, and then the most odd event occurs. I walk outside and I'm in a wedding dress at a wedding, and I'm getting married to someone, but I can't see who. I kiss them, then I wake up. My dreams are bizarre. x.x

Most Lucid Dream
Heh, I remember it quite well, but not much really HAPPENED during it. I tried flying a bit, but then remembered I was afraid of heights and decided not to. I spent the entire rest of the dream trying to convince everybody else in the dream that it was just a dream, to the point of manifesting objects to try and convince them. Nobody believed me, it was frustrating, so I proved it to them by going "fine, I'll just wake up, then you'll see!" And I woke myself up. Didn't really prove much other than that I was right.

Most Recent Dream
Don't remember. See the first dream section for more details. :smallsigh:

Jack Squat
2007-06-10, 06:53 PM
Most Common Type of Dream

Normally I dream about things that would happen in everyday life, except there's some small continuity error that wouldn't let it happen in RL, such as me having moved about 250 miles from the people, or me not having been in a class for a good couple years. Really nothing special, there's never anything actually happening in these dreams of any importance whatsoever.

Most Recurring Dream

I can never actually remember having a dream more than once...not that I remember most of my dreams anyways

Most Lucid Dream

This was actually a precursor to me being sick, so that may explain it some. Basically I was trapped inside one of those crocodile dentist things, but there was a hole in his mouth that I managed to get through. I took off in the other direction, and his head and tail switched places and he gave pursuit. Then all of the sudden he was dancing or something and he was changing colors. Sometimes he was a solid color, sometimes he had a pattern on him. Then he turned into a pear, but still changed colors. Then I had a commercial for the crocodile dentist.

Most Recent Dream

My girlfriend called me as I was heading to the table for dinner. Basically the conversation went like this:

[phone rings my normal "latin loops" ring tone]
Me: Hello?
Her: Hi, whatcha up to?
Me: Well, I was just about to sit down and have dinner
Her: Alright, I'll call back later

Then it switched to something else that I don't remember

2007-06-10, 07:04 PM
Most Common Type of Dream

1. I'm looking for something. Searching and searching and I know I haven't got much time and the dream will end soon, so I have to find it quickly, before it's too late. Most of my dreams (whatever they are) have this form.
2. Flying. I start to fly and then I lose it, start to fall, catch myself and soar back into the sky moments before I hit the ground. Usually I'm being chased by people who wish to keep me from fulfilling the above goal. They often have guns.
3. Totally incomprehensible. A swirl of color and sound and impressions.

Most Often Recurring Dream

I have it every couple months. In it, I've gone back to revisit one of my old houses (in Pennsylvania or California), and usually it involves premise one (I'm looking for something I can't find). But it's different because I'm going through my old house, and I know everything so well...yet things aren't where they used to be, it's smaller or bigger than I remembered. My sense of needing to find this object (it's never clear what exactly I'm searching for) is battling with my feelings of nostalgia, and wanting to spend time just enjoying this place I know I'll never see again.

Most lucid dream

Uhh...well, there's something in my subconscious that always knows that it's a dream. Probably my most lucid dream was one I had when I was twelve. My brothers, my friends, and I were playing hide-and-seek, and we went inside a closed supermarket, and started playing up and down the aisles. Then we discovered that there was a robber inside the store, and so we all ran for it. My brother (about six years old at the time) fell as we were running through the electric doors, and so I went back to help him up, and the robber pulled out a gun. I knew he was going to shoot so I yelled at Gareth to run. All my friends came back through the door and grabbed him. Then the robber shot me and ran, and I remember falling and then I died, and then I was sort of drifting above everyone as they sat on a riverbank talking about me - "I wish she hadn't died, I'm going to miss her..." and I wanted to tell them It's okay! but I couldn't.

I don't know why that was a lucid dream. But it really did all seem incredibly real.

Most Recent Dream

I dreamed last night...but it was in the third catagory of recurring dreams...just confusing.

2007-06-10, 07:51 PM
Most Common Type of Dream

Being chased by an ever-growing horde of creepy-crawlies, usually spiders. An alternate form is having to walk somewhere blocked by large, thick webs filled with spiders.
As an aside, my dreams are almost never sexual.

Most often reoccuring dream

Aside from nightmares, a flying/gliding/super-jumping dream, or one in which my family go to a house with very odd architecture and a giant tree.
Also, a very short dream in which I'm walking and then fall down, waking me up.

Most lucid dream

Anything when I'm threatened by a non-creepy-crawly will cause me to partly wake and fall asleep again into that dream, but lucid. Normally dreams like this will have me handicapped somehow (usually by moving much slower than normal) and the handicap goes away once the dream becomes lucid.

Most recent dream

I was waiting for my mother in a fairly large building, very late at night. It was in a real place, but the building doesn't exist in real life. There were two or three people standing around some kind of fire, with two very big dogs. After a little while they noticed me and set the dogs on me, after which I started lucid dreaming, killed the dogs, went inside and barred the doors before calling the police.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-06-10, 08:39 PM
Guys, when I say most 'lucid' dream, I didn't actually mean lucid dreaming. I mean its normal meaning, i.e. clear, real-seaming, intelligible.

Btw, it's interesting the one about the teeth. Next to flying, teeth falling out is the commonest dream I've read.

Strangely enough I've never dreamt of losing my teeth OR flying.

Saithis Bladewing
2007-06-10, 08:43 PM
Never dreamt about flying, but I have dreamt about losing my teeth.

Guys, when I say most 'lucid' dream, I didn't actually mean lucid dreaming. I mean its normal meaning, i.e. clear, real-seaming, intelligible.

In that case, my most vivid dream was very memorable. I was flying on a plane, talking to someone, when I heard shouting somewhere, and a scream, and then there was an explosion and everyone died. I can remember every single detail of that dream, and I remember during it touching the seat in front of me and thinking it was so real. For freak value, I should point out that I had this dream on the night of the 10th of September, 2001.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-06-10, 08:47 PM
Vivid, thats a good alternative and less confusing.


And for the other thing... EGADS! That is really disturbing there.

Saithis Bladewing
2007-06-10, 08:51 PM
I had a similar dream just before the big 2004 Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, though it wasn't quite as memorable or vivid. I was on a beach with my family, at least I thought they were my family at the time, I didn't recognise them in retrospect. Just hanging out, having a conversation, and we said that the earthquake earlier had felt a bit odd and out of place. Then we saw this big wave coming, and just went "Huh...that's really gonna suck..well, there's no way we can run. I guess this is goodbye." Then we had a big group hug and I woke up. I do remember feeling the sand between my toes, but most of the other details have gone blurry, unlike the other dream.

I have freaky dreams like that. :smallconfused:

2007-06-10, 09:00 PM
Saithis...you've got to be a psychic.

I believe totally that there's a heck of a lot going on in our heads that we don't understand. My aunt's mother-in-law died last year, and my mom said she (Mom) was lying awake at 3 o'clock in the morning wondering why she felt so ill. She actually thought I feel like I'm going to die and then suddenly the feeling passed and she felt everything's all right now. The next morning, my aunt called and said that her mother-in-law had died. It was the exact hour that Mom had felt that release - and Emily lived in Philadelphia, on the other coast of the country! A little freaky.....

When my dad was nine months old, he crawled under a railing and fell 9 feet on his head. Onto a concrete floor. He had dyslexia and hypertension issues growing up (which were eventually remedied, although it explains a lot about him...:smallwink:). But the weirdest thing was that he could see auras till he was fifteen. According to my grandma, he could literally see people's emotions because if they were angry, they would be red.

My dad as River Tam...scary.

I tend to be pretty skeptical about a lot of "supernatural" stuff ...mysticism can only get you so far. But our brains definitely have more capacity than we give them credit for.

Saithis Bladewing
2007-06-10, 09:08 PM
I tend to be a fairly spiritual person, but I accept that I don't know what's going on in the world and probably will never know. I just accept that some things happen that we can't explain, and it's probably a waste of time to explain 'em. *Shrug.*

I had a similar dream to your mother's, I suppose, but it wasn't scary or anything. I was napping on the couch and I had a dream that my great aunt's ghost (note that she was still alive) was talking to me. Like, white, see-through ghost. She said that she missed me and wanted to say good-bye before she left, and I asked where she was going, and she said 'home.' Then she told me to tell everyone not to worry and she was happy.

Next morning I heard that she had gone in for open heart surgery and there had been complications, she didn't make it.

Those are really the only freaky 'psychic' (if you can call them that) dreams I've had. It could be a coincidence, who knows. I do have very strong feelings about what I should do, gut instincts, so to speak, that have never led me wrong, but that's not necessarily unusual. I've learned to never take the logical option over what my gut tells me.

Usually my dreams are just utter nonsense that are forgotten within 5 minutes, though I have designed games in my dreams before. I try to keep paper near my bed so I can write down anything I remember when I wake up. Gotten a few good ideas out of it before.

2007-06-10, 09:09 PM
Most Common Type of Dream
Humanity is in the minority, and I'm one of the 'lucky' ones. This typically takes the form of most of the rest of the world's population being dead or otherwise nonexistent. I get the 'privelge' of sharing this world with any number of thing-that-should-no-be, though the particular beings change semi-regularly.

Most Often Recurring Dream
I don't have any real recurring dreams, but in a lot of my dreams, I have what I can only really describe as an elocator's "scorn earth" ability. This was something present in my dreams since well before I even heard of D&D in any edition. Essentially low altitude levitation with perfect maneuverability.

Most Lucid Dream
If by lucid, you mean can control my actions and influence the dreamworld around me, then they're ALL lucid. If you mean dreams where I know I'm dreaming, then pretty much never have them, as the second I realize I'm dreaming, I wake up. Maybe it's a failsafe? Interestingly, it's always some tiny detail that would seem insignificant in the waking world, but just shatters the dream reality. Monsters, magic, dead kin who are perfectly alive and well are all okay, but somehow something as simple as a watch or a photograph or even a cigarette butt lying on the ground will end the dream with absolute certainty.

Most Recent Dream
Ironically I know I had a dream just a few hours ago, but it's completely gone now. The most recent dream I can recall is the dream I had last week which turned out strangely. I dreamed that I was seeking a person I knew about five or six years ago but lost touch with. After a longish search through the ubiquitous (in my dream world) town/hospital/shoppingmall/nightclub complex, I finally found said person. I specifically recall saying to that person, "well, now that I've found you, I'm not really sure what to do with you." That pretty much ended the dream, I guess I dreamed myself into a corner, as it were.
Upon waking, but being still groggy, I went and Googled the name of said person, and discovered that she's in the same city as I am. There was absolutely no reason to believe she'd even be in the same country, but here she is. Fearing I was still dreaming, I downloaded the photographic evidence from the website, and waited until getting home from work. Evidence still on the computer, website still functional. Such kinds of dreams seem to be happening with increasing frequency the older I get.

Now why can't I dream the winning lottery numbers and have THEM be true? :smallconfused:

2007-06-11, 05:14 PM
Most Common Type of Dream

am lost and being hunted by someone who, if i stay asleep long enough, i eventually kill, then wake up with the feeling of blood on my hands.

Most Often Recurring Dream

falling . . . falling . . . i wake up

Most lucid dream

1. i was on the wheel of fortune [on the actual wheel. people were spinning me around. i was a prize]
2. i was in vietnam and got my heart shot out. everything went black, but i stuffed my heart back into my chest [dont know how, but i know that is what i did], picked up my m16 and proceeded to have the most bloody and grotesquly violent dream my brain could create [i cant give specifics. it is too graphic]

Most Recent Dream

i dont remember. it was about three hours ago though. ["i nod off and wake up in strange places, not knowing where [who] I am"]

2007-06-11, 05:33 PM
Most Common

Usually something negative, such as the death of myself, friends, family, and other stuff.

Most Recurring

I'm running away from something, don't know what though.

Most Lucid

I decided spontaneously to go to my friend's house. I got there and I found my friend hanging... Not much happened though.

Most Recent

This was like an out of body dream, though my view was confined to over the shoulder of myself. Anyway, it was a Battle Royale-esque situation but in a city. I had just told someone that I loved them and they felt the same way, we were embracing when I was shot in the back by someone - I didn't see who, I just saw a shadow fall over me, heard a bang, and I slumped over. I then woke up.

2007-06-11, 07:33 PM
Most Common:

Doesn't happen so much anymore, but dreams in which I would jump off something, having misjudged the height, and after a time has passed that implies that I did, in fact, jump a greater height than I expected and you get that "falling feeling" in your stomach and your toes, and I think something along the lines of "maybe this wasn't a very good idea..." or, "I think I misjudged how high up I was," and wake up.


Don't have them anymore, but when I was 5 or something, I would have a recurring dream where my Dad and I would walk into the Natural History Museum, only it was a completely black background and all that was there was a T-Rex Skeleton, which came to life and ate us.

Most Lucid:

When I do dream (or rather, when I remember, which is rare), it tends be pretty lucid. Hell, in 4th grade, I had a dream where I drew the short straw and was sent out to save the classroom from chigger-like insects...and the dream was in a sepia filter. With bad special effects. But my two most lucid dreams were also my most disturbing, one the night after the other, and were during about the middle of this year, when I got terrible sleep because I felt so active in the dreams. The first was this:

I was literally having the story of my dream read to me by some strange, vaguely British voice, during which I could see the pages, which would turn after he'd finished reading the page. The pages were mostly maps and pictures instead of words, and I would go between hearing the dream as me, and being the main character who was not me. Instead, he was some guy who lived a fairly dull, dismal life and for some reason was voyaging across some fantasy world lacking in anything that tends to be in fantasy stories (magic, creatures, etc.) that was very Neil Gaiman-esque. During his/my travels, he went to a small town with only one doctor (who looked something like the original Judge Turpin, with Sweeney's crazy hair, and in fact was illustrated on his page like a character sketch from the Len Cariou recording's album thing) who only handled childbirth. However, the character/I found out the doctor ate all the babies he helped birth, and also found out that none of the town's denizens minded. After realizing this, I saw a little page illustration of 22 babies with big, grisly bites taken out of them. Then I asked the stereotypical fat police constable with the big hat (you know what I'm talking about) why he allowed this, and he shrugged and said, "Well, a man's gotta eat." Then I woke up with the feeling that the hero of the story died sad and alone in his old, dismal house.

The next night, I had this bizarre dream:

I generally felt like me, but older, and the day was in some perpetual twilight. I was driving a motorcycle on a completely abandoned road, which was bizarre, because it was far beyond the reach of civilization. I had the feeling that the other drama people and I were embarking on some strange mission, and we were all off in our designated places doing our designated missions, knowing only what we needed to know to complete the mission. I also had the feeling that the person who I felt was leading the endeavor, the girl I liked at the time, knew quite a bit more of the story. I finally arrived at a strange, very large motel. I got the feeling it was a place people went to do truly evil things beyond the eyes of anyone, any power--even God. And by evil I don't mean murder, I mean like planning the murder of thousands in a terrible explosion of unholy energy by sacrificing a dozen virgins when the moon was full so that mass chaos was induced. I went in, and found the motel was even stranger--there was no receptionist or anything, and no rooms--only beds with a short wall between each one that was likely no more than 10-15 feet in length. I met up with my best friend outside of school, and we both sat on the bed given to us and laid on either side waiting for something to happen in silence. Finally, the twilight turned to night and we went to some gigantic empty room, where we met up with my friend's father and another of the drama people. Then there was a lot of dualism--we both drew a gigantic pentacle on the floor in wax, and there was already one there. There was a candle placed inside a skull at each of the points, and each of us sat at one of the points with our legs crossed. We were concentrating, and by doing so, I got the feeling we were trying to bring something out through the circle, but because there we five points and four of us, it wasn't working so well. Then, as we were all getting fidgety, the other drama person that came accidentally knocked down the little skull. Immediately, we all knew that, as Sun Tzu once put in, "mad **** was goin' down." We all gave her an "uh-oh" look as the room both remained flat and tilted so that the wax (which had, at this point, become blood, though it was at the same time always blood and always wax) began running down the carpet, and the pentacle rose into the air and something was bringing itself out of the circle, and out of our control.

Then I woke up.

The weirdest part of that one was that the whole time, no one said a word, and we were all very calm and stoic.

Most Recent:

I was at an end of the year all division (which is like, 2 grades) party and my Humanities (English + History) teacher took me aside to ask me to tell the person who played Eve to my Adam in the musical I did to get her act together in Humanities. I woke up, and as I walked toward the shower, I reminded myself to do so when I got to school, then stopped and had a
"waaaaait..." moment.

2007-06-11, 07:59 PM
It's kinda weird, but I don't really dream. At least not often. I certainly do, occasionally, but it seems as if I almost never dream. Maybe I just don't really think about em much and forget them.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-06-11, 08:04 PM
It's kinda weird, but I don't really dream. At least not often. I certainly do, occasionally, but it seems as if I almost never dream. Maybe I just don't really think about em much and forget them.
No better inspiration for writing than dreams I've come to find. If nothing else try to recall them and work it into a game or something. I've practiced enough that even when I don't think I've dreamt and I can let my mind wander and recall it.

2007-06-11, 08:13 PM
I've had some brilliant dreams.

My favourite was one caused by playing far too much Gran Turismo 2 and watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It involved having my favourite GT 2 car torched by Red Indians, being chased on to a rope bridge, a friend I was with bungee jumping off into a boat that left, leaving me and another friend to fight the Indians. Who turned into cheerleaders.

2007-06-29, 03:55 PM
Most Common:

The snooty; five-layers-of-makeup jerks at my school are trying to make me look like a fool and everything backfires and they usually have some form of serious harm (Physical or Emotional or most often Social; which makes me laugh the most)

Most Recurring

That I'm being chased by something really freakin' scary and instead of screaming like a little girl, I open up a can of whoop-a** and send them into orbit.

Most Lucid

I almost never get lucid dreams. Most of the time they're either a jumble of thought or almost impossible to interpret.

Most Recent

I had one just last night when I was 12 again, and it was summer, and my parents and I were going back to where we used to live to visit all our old friends, and my parents got me hooked into this thing for IBM. The "Teacher" met us in the back courtyard and snuck us in, where we followed her into the lobby and into some random fantasy virtual reality where we werwe floating in a giant pool surrounded by various tubes that contained "Tests" kind of like in that one OOTS when they were trying to get to the oracle, except there were about 15 tests. Like: "The test of Purity", "The test of Strength", "The test of Luck", etc. each tube would say things like "Greetings, and welcome to the test of ____. Please activate the switch and enter the tube." I beat all the tests, except The Test Of Luck, which had nothing to do with luck at all. So, I ditched it and joined my friends outside near a random river that appeared from out of nowhere. Sitting at the bank of the river was this incredibly scruffy dog. A man walked up to in and slipped a collar on, and clipped a leash onto the collar. Confused, I asked if the dog was wild. The dog turned to look at me and said: "Of course I'm wild, you moron! Why else would I be so scruffy?" And that's when it ended.

Also, I have some dream interpreting. Here's a basic list of interpretations:

If your teeth fall out...
You're unhappy about your physical appearance or you're excessively concerned about how others view you.

If you're flying...
You've just conquered a stressful situation. How you fly reflects your feelings. Controlling where you fly is a sign of confidence. Flying aimlessly shows you are cautiously optomistic about your sucess.

If you're falling...
It's a subconscious response to real-life stress.

If you die...
It suggests insecurity or anxiety.

If you're being chased...
You're probably running away from something in real life.

Bear in mind these are not always accurate, they vary from person to person. Some of them might just be reacting to a midnight cramp.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-06-29, 03:57 PM
Hrmmm, alright, what if the subject of one's dream tends to be either...

A. Searching, dark, neverending locales
B. Killing nightmare creatures.
C. Both of the above.

2007-06-29, 04:21 PM
Most Common 'Type' of Dream

Usually my dreams involve some sort of adventure where I'm a space captain, squad leader, ship captain, swashbuckler or thief, and I just run around kicking ass. This is probably from me playing too much videogames, but I always have fun dreaming. Also, I tend to get annoyed when I get woken up from them by other people.

Most Often Reoccurring Dream

I don't really have recurring dreams, unless you want to call my most common type of dreams recurring dreams.

Most Vivid Dream

This one happened a couple years back...

I was walking through a lush, beautiful forest, all of the colors were incredibly vivid and bright, the sun is shining through the leaves, it's a very peaceful, tranquil scene. I just keep walking for awhile, and then I push through the brush and see a giant spiderweb, with a rose in the middle and calligraphy style writing written around the rose (like the writing and the rose is part of the spiderweb). Reading the writing filled me with a sense of dread, I guess you could say. Right when I got done reading it, the web, and then the rest of the forest burst into flames, and I woke up.

When I woke up, I even remembered what the writing on the spiderweb said :smalleek: It bothered me so much that the second I woke up, I googled the writing and the symbology of spiderwebs and roses, and got nothing. Unfortunately, I can't recall what the right said now, although I think it was a bible verse.

Most Recent Dream

I was a swashbuckler guy with a rapier that was sword fighting with a bunch of guys.

Veg Sorbet
2007-06-29, 04:42 PM
Most Common 'Type' of Dream

Usually everyday situations with something unusual going on that seems perfectly in place at the time, rthough they often become so nonsensical that I wake up.


Most Often Reoccurring Dream

I used to have frequent flying dreams when I was younger, more recently, though I've had lots of dreams about being on large ocean-going sailing yachts, usually searching for a box of seasickness pills, and dreams involving the exploration of abandonned and derelict buildings - sometimes ending with the whole structure collapsing around me.

Another recurring dream theme that isn't so common any more, were dreams involving me drowning.


Most Recent Dream

Involved me kissing a girl I know (I guess you could call her my 'crush' :smallredface: ). I know that some other stuff happened before then, but I think that particular moment overshadowed everything else.

2007-06-30, 05:30 PM
Hrmmm, alright, what if the subject of one's dream tends to be either...

A. Searching, dark, neverending locales
B. Killing nightmare creatures.
C. Both of the above.

Well...I got the interpretations from a magazine, so I'll check. *Opens magazine, searches through* Sorry, nothing. But, I could try interpreting them myself.

You feel trapped by something or you feel you need a change.

Nightmare creatures:
An embodiment of primal fear. If you kill it, It shows that you have control over fear.

But that's just my opinion. It may be true or it may not be.

The Vorpal Tribble
2007-09-11, 02:51 PM
Hmmm, thanks Sye, those sound plausible at any rate.

Btw, something you dream-fanciers might have interest in. I run a monster-making contest every month, and this month's theme is dream-based. Just check my signature for the link.

2007-09-11, 05:58 PM
The only two dreams that I remember, which are not a recurring ones but were incredibly vivid goes as follows:

I dreamed that I was walking around my primary school (5 to 11 years old) as a adult and walked out one of the back doors to visit that spot that i had helped to bury one of the school pets (gold fish - don't know if that's relevant tho'). After an undefined period of time *things seemed a bit floaty for a bit* i became award of a beetroot with a really annoyed expression bouncing accross the school playing fieldtoward me. I had the distinct impression that it wanted to cause me harm so i ran indoors and fled upstair, logically thinking that, like pre 1980s daleks, beetroots cannot climb stairs. I hid in the library and picked up a book that i had really loved as a kid about ancient Egyptians. i kind of had a wierd double view point from hear on in. i was still myself and within my body but was also a disembodied observer. I was aware of the beetroot bouncing around outside and getting more and more wound up and angry, and exuding the desire to eat me. It was also growing in size.

Then it bounced up onto the roof and broke in through the ceiling.

There followed a brief but VERY scary and close run chase through the entire school building with the now six foot diameter beetroot on my heals the whole time.

The dream ended when i found sanctuary in a cupboard under one of the large staircases that run from the ground to the first floor. The cupboard had been used to store supplies for the school "tuck-shop" (potato based snacks, biscuits and chocolate etc) for a year or two when i had first started school, and i found it in this condition, so safley holed up with ample (if slighlty sticky and sickly sweet) supplies i sat down. needless to say a six foot diameter beetroot cannot get through a normal single human sized door, so it bounced and ranted and gnashed its teeth until i woke up in a bit of a cold sweat.

I jest not, I was really scared, but also a part of me felt detached and even slightly amused by the whole thing. I had not been taking any halucinogenics, had not been drinking or eaten cheese before going to bed, i know i do dream, (previous partners can attest to this), but seldom remember dreams.

The only other dream was after reading a Pratchett book and that was about a skeleton eating curry.

hmmmm cuuuury. Need rice.

damn just realised the take-away shut 1/2 hour ago.

back to the point, don't know what an analyst would make of that one!

2007-09-11, 10:16 PM
Just thought I'd chip in too....

Most Common

Anything that involves me being killed it seems =(

Most Recurring

I have several dreams that were recurring for a time, it might take a while to write them out though.....

Most Lucid
When I was in high school I had a dream that kept me awake for weeks straight, I wouldn't let my dad out the room while I was still awake or I'd go into hysterics :/

The eyes have it...

I dreamt that I was watching events unfold, maybe from the position of a ghost, as no one noticed my presence and I was moving from place to place in the blink of an eye. The dream started with a little boy with his mother, and shortly after it began, she took him to bed and put him in his cot, retreating back downstairs to do that stuff parents do with their free time. I was watching the boy in bed for a while, and then this hugely ominous creak of floorboards sounded, and I was wrenched out of the room to the top of the stairs.
At the bottom was this....monstrosity, I dunno what else to call it....It looked like it had dissolving skin, or maybe it was caked in some foul substance, whatever it was it was a sickly brown and kinda creeping off the body, which I get to now. The body was largely human in shape, but broader and taller than your average human. It had a nose kinda like a real small elephant trunk that hung over its nose, falling about equal with the chin, tapering to a point. It had no eyes that I could see, just empty black pits.

I got to watch this thing climb the stairs at a speed that seemed agonisingly slow, the stairs groaning as if the thing stepping on them was unbearable in itself (don't ask me where the mother was in all this, she makes no further appearance.)

I get a sense of vertigo watching it, and I'm torn back to the child again, starting to panic cause anyone can tell where this is going, and the boy obviously recognises something is wrong, but appears to do nothing. I'm horribly upset by the time it's at the top of the stairs, going out of my mind with a fear I can't consider, let alone control.

And then, I'm looking from the boys eyes for mere seconds as the creature appears and flashes a hand out, after which it all goes black. Suddenly I'm floating in the air, and dread fills me as I see the creature stood on what I think is a rooftop, and several more much like it appear. The one that I had seens first (I just knew somehow) held out his hand, and there was a pair of eyes in it, they all gaze into the eyes, and I'm wrenched yet again to where I'm damn near shoulder to shoulder with them, and they're watching teh boy stagger around and bump into things with empty sockets where eyes used to be....

Most Recent

I can't remember my most recent one, I haven't dreamed much lately, but my last dream was about someone special to me leaving me, which I put down to anxiety, abandonment issues and other such stuff

2007-09-11, 10:56 PM
Most common dream.

Well, I'm not sure if I have many common dreams, but a very common theme among my dreams is that I can almost always fly in my dreams and that its perfectly normal that I, and normally only I, can fly.

Most recurring dream

Again, not many recurring dreams, but like I said, I can always fly.

Most vivid dream

It was a long time ago, but its also one of my earliest dreams where I could fly, and back then flight was performed by pedaling my legs as if I were on a bicycle. I was with a few of my friends (Who I did not recognize, but that didn't seem important at the time), and for some reason we wanted to get into a stereotypical mysterious mansion on the hill, and to get past the giant gates I had to fly over it to unlock it from the other side. I can still remember the exhileration of learning how to fly, and the amazement/encouragement of my friends when I opened the gate. I don't remember anything else about the dream though.

Most recent dream

I was caught smoking weed by my mom. (I recently quit about a month ago). Surprisingly, I wasn't that scared (nor was my mom that angry, despite being incredibly overprotective).

2007-09-12, 12:13 AM
Most Common Type of Dream

Imprisonment of some kind: my greatest fear. If not imprisoned somehow, then I am always outside ... my dreams then are very vivid. I have always dreamed in color. Either in a city with tall, beautiful buildings, parks, open squares, or in the forest. Sometimes the desert or ocean. But in a lot of those dreams, there's still a stifling feeling - like I'm afraid of being imprisoned again, I feel hounded, or as if my freedom will come to a limit soon.

Most Often Recurring Dream

Once I was put in a mental institution. It was a horrible, unbelievably horrible place. I was mistreated, drugged out of my skull, there were even strip searches. I was in there for weeks and left with a bad infection and PTSD. So for months after that I would have recurring dreams about Soviet psikhushka. Psikhushki were torture chambers for the Soviet enemies disgused as mental institutions. They would diagnose enemies of the state with a made-up disease called "sluggish schizophrenia," because you'd have to be crazy to oppose the state. Once in there they'd treat you with psychotropic drugs, drugs to cause pain ... terrible things like that.

The worst thing was, I was never called by my real name in those dreams. Or even my name at all. I would see on the medical charts (I could always read in dreams too for some reason) "Ivan Kazimirovich" or something like that.

Most lucid dream

My psikhushka dreams. One was so bad I wrote it down in my journal in all detail; let me find it and translate it real quick. Joseph (for short Sasha) was my old boyfriend.

The psikhushka is filthy. The linoleum is yellowed, the floors are sticky beneath my bare feet. On the white walls, in the corner near the ceiling, is an unidentifiable brown stain that could be even the splatter of blood. The nurse's face is the face of one of the wealthy, elderly old aunties I keep meeting whenever I go to a poetry reading, who thinks of poetry as a delightful little hobby and makes disdainful faces at me whenever I recite my own work, which is to me is nothing less than bloodletting . . . the audiences are always full of them, with their white hair and big purses, and no one like me, no one with my style or ideals, no one even my own age . . . I stand out humiliated, but I read anyway, I always do . . .

The nurse leads me into a little room, brightly lit, with two chairs. One of them steel, with a frayed green seat stinking with piss, the other a rickety wooden chair that looks dragged in from somebody's cellar. She sits me down on the steel chair and cuffs me in. The right cuff has the hammer and sickle etched into them.

Suddenly Joseph is here, sitting in a corner in front of a little table. He's wearing a surgical gown. I recognize it as what they gave me to wear the first night I checked myself into a hospital, near Christmas. His hair has been recently cut, his skin luminous, his eyes clear, his lips fresh and pink. He looks clean. There are no dark circles under his eyes, no sallowness, no sick sweat beading at his forehead, none of that strange sagging look to his features that shows up whenever he's sicker than usual. But his eyes are wide and sad. This is my ultimate image of Joseph.

He insisted on being admitted to the psikhushka three days after they got me. I forget what he told them to let him in. It's okay because he won't be here long, they're letting him out the day after Valentine's. I hate that he's here. I want privacy in my suffering, privacy! The official line is that he can't live without me, but he's here for malicious reasons, I know. Afterwards I won't be able to complain to him. He'll try to make me feel ungrateful. He'll scoff and say, "I was there. It was nothing, trust me, it was nothing. When I was in the hospital with colitis . . . " and launch into some horrible story and then finish with, "When you're one third your own body weight, hooked into a dozen machines, and ****ting blood, then you can whine, okay? You haven't been there. You never will."

At the end of the day I won't even have the right to say "I have suffered," the most basic human right, the right to my own misery . . .

They're nice to him there. They give him his drugs. He's doing lines now and refuses to look at me. I'm screaming at him and he still won't look at me. A glass partition appears and he can't even hear me now, but I keep screaming,


He keeps on doing lines and doesn't care. He is happy.

I'm sedated. I don't remember what happens, whether they force me to swallow the pills or not, because I'm Zyprexa sedated. I'm "it hurts too much to exert the energy to move my hand" sedated. If the cuffs weren't keeping me in I'd be on the floor right now. But they're keeping me awake with something, too, adrenaline, something that's ****ing up my heart but keeping me awake because they don't want me to miss what they're going to do to me next -

The nurse is getting to work, preparing the syringe. "How are you feeling, sir?" she asks me dryly.

"Like ****," I spit, choking on a thin stream of saliva gurgling out of my mouth. She gives me a tight, thin smile that isn't a smile at all. My insolence means nothing to her.

The nurse is bored. Bored. The horror of her boredom terrifies me, the implications . . . everyone in the Union is so sure that I'm supposed to be there, that I deserve this suffering, from Stalin to she the lowliest nurse, to the day laborers who manufactured this drug, to the doctor who designed it, to the men who shipped it to the psikhushka, to the secretaries who penciled this session into the calendar . . . the enormity of it all . . . it's staggering . . . I feel helpless. If they acted cruel, it would be something else, I might even try to fight, but this isn't cruelty to them, it isn't torture, it's the daily grind . . . how can I possibly fight again . . .

The nurse swabs a vein in my neck and injects me with a purified sulfur substance that serves little to no medical use. Pain shoots up my right leg, all the way to the back of my goddamn eyes, and I scream, and Joseph twitches a little but doesn't so much as look up, and worse than that I am filled with the sudden realization that I do deserve to be here, that whatever I did I deserve this punishment, whatever I said, whatever I wrote, was wrong, and a portrait of Marx smiles down at this miscarriage of justice from the wall -

(Fortunately, Joseph called right at this moment when I had the most vivid version of this dream two days ago, waking me up, and whatever comes next I don't recall.)

Most Recent Dream

I was in a forest, similar to a rainforest. I had the feeling that I had just escaped from somewhere somehow. It wasn't an elated feeling, but fear of persecution, fear of having to hide and starve. But the forest itself was beautiful. There were striped white-and-pink flowers, some of them the size of my head, and all the leaves were vivid green. A recurring character in some dreams, who is an old, bearded man dressed like a Russian Orthodox bishop, is walking with me, telling me, "These flowers remind you of your brother Aleksander because you were staying with your grandmother while your mother was in the hospital. That year your grandmother had these flowers in her garden, and you were looking at them when you first heard of his existence."

Suddenly, I can't remember whether or not those flowers remind me of my brother, but it might be true.

2007-09-12, 11:49 AM
Most Common Type of Dream
I'm in some kind of Computer game I have...Ranging from Civ II to Might and Magic to HoMM...All ends in me about to die...

Most Often Recurring Dream
There's a few of these...

- I get attacked by vampires while I'm trying to go to sleep.
- I'm dreaming that I'm dreaming that I'm dreaming that I'm dreaming...

Most Vivid dream

A few of these as well:

I'm walking along a particular road in my village. I'm wearing Jeans and a T-Shirt, and am normally whistling. There's noone around except me, and it's morning.

A large black van comes driving down towards the road, and two men in smart black suits are driving it. They stop the car near where I'm walking. As I carry on walking, one starts shooting at me. I start running, and yet can't run. Then I die as I wake up.

I'm in a room. There's a window looking out onto the streets of a town nearby. There are three darkened doorways. The room is about 3 or 4 floors up. My mum is calmly reading a book. Which book, I'm not sure. There's some duplo/lego sorta things by one of the doors, and I'm holding a little white bunny toy. I'm running around, looking out the window, running through the doorways, trying to get out. Every time I go through a doorway, I run up or down stairs, and always end up coming back onto the same floor again. Then I wake up as I hear a cat howling. This was one of the few dreams where the place I was in never changed. It was always in this particular building, on this particular floor.
Most Recent Dream
I was dreaming that I was dreaming that I was dreaming.

2007-09-13, 02:57 AM
Most Common Type

The kind of dream that I seam to have the most are ones where I am just doing fairly regular thing that are memorable (what I'm doing that is) for some reason, they are very vivid and they usually happen in real live sometime later, and I have to say it's kinda weird to have conversations with people I haven't met yet.

Most Recurring

Ones where my teeth are trying to fall out.

Most Vivid

Most of the first category fit in this section, but the is one that I had when I five, and I was being chased by big empty suits of armor.

2007-09-13, 03:43 AM
Had a dream about eating a giant marshmallow.... when i woke up my pillow was gone...