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2015-12-04, 08:56 PM
I'm considering running a Super Robot game using the FATE Core system, and I could use come advice for figuring out how to make the system work with that concept. A friend of mine suggested giving the mecha itself 2 stress tracks while the pilot has his normal one, with three aspects each for both the pilot and the mecha. However, beyond that and making the pilot's skills usable inside and outside the cockpit, I really can't think of good ways to model the mecha in addition to the pilots, or if I should at all, so I would really appreciate some advice or tips from people who have done things like this before. Hell, even recommendations of systems that do what I'm looking for without modification would be greatly appreciated, though I'm primarily going with FATE because of the rules-lite nature of the system.

2015-12-04, 09:10 PM
Don't FATE have Mecha vs Kaiju book and weren't we in a game using that :smallbiggrin:?

Have you checked the book?

2015-12-04, 09:18 PM
Don't FATE have Mecha vs Kaiju book and weren't we in a game using that :smallbiggrin:?

Have you checked the book?

I genuinely cannot remember. I could've sworn that the mecha generation was a 'brew system that Amaril came up with, but if it is a book, it has some pretty serious balance issues that make me hesitant to use it. *coughburstweaponscough*

2015-12-05, 02:45 AM
Well you could use it as a start and work from there. Should be easier than making things from a scratch.

2015-12-05, 11:16 AM
there's also Camelot TRIGGER in the worlds in shadow collection. That's got pretty detailed mecha rules

2015-12-05, 03:59 PM
Yes, the mecha system was from the Mecha vs. Kaiju book, and yes, it's unbalanced as all hell. I haven't tried Camelot Trigger, so it might be better. I think there's at least one more published mecha setting for FATE somewhere, but I can't remember what it's called.

2015-12-06, 12:34 PM
I did something similar running a Mad Max session. My approach to the vehicles may help with ideas.

I used the Bronze rule to make vehicles into their own things, and a owner would take it as an Extra with Stunt Cost depending on the vehicle.
For the correct feel I wanted the vehicle needed to capture running combat and gas usage.

Max's Pursuit Special came out as:
Aspects (High and Trouble only)
Last of the V8 Interceptors
Attracts Attention

Body 2
Maneuver 2
Speed 3
Maintenance 1

Fuel Gauge (changing aspect)
Full Tanks
Plenty of Petro
We're Good
Getting Low
Out of Petro

Extra Fuel Tank - an extra fuel tank is underneath the Intercept which gives a +2 to all Fuel Checks
Nitromethane - Once per scene gain a +2 to Speed. Further usage lowers the FUEL GAUGE by one.

Physical Stress (only) from Body
[] [] []

Cost 1 for base vehicle +2 for vehicle stunts

Both vehicle and character had separate stress, though a bad guy could directly attack a person. Crashes was an automatic Medium Consequence with extra stress added based upon other damage not absorbed by vehicle.
Driving checks were done with Maneuver, modified +-1 depending on the character's Driving skill.

What surprised me a bit, was the players paired up into 2 vehicles Max and Aborigine, Mechanic/Driver and Geek in a Landrover. Turns out the Mechanic and Geek in the Landrover worked closely together and ended up being more effective than Max and the Australian Aborigine.

2015-12-06, 02:04 PM
How much differentiation do you want in 'Mecha?

The simplest way would be to make them extras that grant Weapon: 5 and Armour: 5, but that's boring.

How about you give each 5 aspects, 4-6 components, and 2 stress tracks (structural and electronic, not realistic but should be fun). Components add to the pilot's skill rating in an appropriate situation, but can be taken 'offline' by consequences.

I'm on the fence about giving 'Mecha their own consequence slots, it's a case of 'realism' (verisimilitude?) versus simplicity.