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2007-06-10, 06:08 PM
I finally went ahead and bought Sandstorm, and I really like it. But the Walker in the Waste has no explanation for the Create Sand Mummy ability. It lists the sand mummy stats, but does nothing to show how it's done. I thought it might be a cohort, but it says you can have a bunch of them, 'seeded' throughout the wastes and as bodyguards. Has anyone run into this problem?

PS: Hydration Suit + Great Falchion = Desert Grayfox coolness

2007-06-10, 06:31 PM
If I had to make a snap decision on this I'd just say he gets a free salt mummy cohort.

2007-06-10, 08:12 PM
Yeah that would work.

But I've been thinking and I think that it might be an improvement to the infection ability (forgot the name; the one that uses sand blown into their face to mummify them). Instead of just getting a mundane mummy, it transforms into an undead salt mummy. With an incubation period of 1 day, it would probably be easy to treat, so acquiring an army won't be very easy with a cleric or treatments around. But then there is the issue of the maximum number you could have... Perhaps 1 per class level, until I hear back from Wizards of the Coast's support.

2007-06-12, 03:44 PM
I got a response back today from WotC support:


Thank you for writing. This issue does need errata. For now use the information below:

It's a Supernatural ability, so it takes a standard action to perform the ritual. You do not need any special materials or skills or feats to perform the ritual. Just the body.

Create Salt Mummy: The walker in the waste can have a number of salt mummies in existence equal to one third her class level (2 at 8th level, 3 at 9th level and up). The walker in the waste has control over salt mummies that she creates in this manner as if she had created them with the animate dead spell.

I will pass on this information to the folks that make the games so hopefully we will see some eratta in the future. I hope this helps, and thank you for reporting this.

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So that clears it up... For $35 you'd think that they'd check for this sort of stuff more often (Draconomicon had a ton of them, and a lot of placeholders left over for chapter numbers "see Chapter #", etc.). But I'm still happy with Sandstorm; if there was one place to go for an adventure, it'd be the desert.

2007-06-13, 01:22 PM
Heh. That's actually quite helpful of them. I wish they would answer all questions so quickly and clearly.