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2015-12-06, 07:38 AM
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a *short* interesting story that I can have an NPC tell a PC as they journey together. This will form part of the introduction of the PC, as the NPC leads them through various supernatural realms to the physical world.

I'm looking for something firstly very short, and secondly quite folkloric- or dream-like, and quite positive (i.e. happy or moral ending). It can be from any mythology or culture as this NPC is likely to know a very diverse range of stories.

Anyone know of one?

2015-12-06, 11:12 AM
"There once was an old man, and he had a goat and they had been together for so long that the goat would follow the old man everywhere. One day as the man was going to market the goat fell through some boards covering a dried out well. Grieving for his goat the old man looked down the well and saw that it was still alive but the old man had no means of getting the goat out so he decided to fill in the well so he started to push in dirt and rocks to bury the goat so that it would die quickly from asphyxiation rather than dying from thirst or starvation. So for hours the old man pushed in rocks and dirt. Exhausted he sat down crying and dirty next to the well and sobbed helplessly. The goat began licking his face to cheer him up. As he had pushed in the dirt in the goat had climbed up it. "
Then you can tell them that what is meant for harm or evil can be used for help or good, and use that as a starting point for an explanation of how elements and planes all interact and balance each other.