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2015-12-07, 10:30 PM
This is my first post so forgive me for any mistakes I make.

So I making a new race for my campaign world. I am using the Pathfinder rules set. I am looking for some input with the rules to ensure they are not broken or overpowered. The race is based off the Skinwalker with a aberration theme. Just a side note but but this race was designed with the idea that all players in the campaign would be using 11-20 rp races.

DRAKAINIA-BORN(working title)

The ides is a group of humans that mixed with a Drakainia( Bestiary IV). The Drakainia-born have some of the titular monster's power in the form of the Malleable Form race trait. Drakainia-born live in cities and have extremely communal in nature.

Race builder Breakdown: 15 rp

Aberration 3 rp
Medium 0 rp
Normal speed 0 rp
Human Hertiage 0 rp (Human subtype)
- +2 to one ability score chosen at character creation.
Standard language 0 rp

Unnatural 2 rp
- Members of this race unnerve normal animals, and train to defend themselves against the inevitable attacks from such creatures. Members of this race take a 4 penalty on all Charisma-based skill checks to affect creatures of the animal type, and receive a +4 dodge bonus to AC against animals. Animals' starting attitude toward members of this race is one step worse than normal.

Lifebound 2 rp
- Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws made to resist death effects, saving throws against negative energy effects, Fortitude saves made to remove negative levels, and Constitution checks made to stabilize if reduced to negative hit points.

Urbanite 1 rp
- Members of this race gain a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks made to gather information and Sense Motive checks made to get a hunch about a social situation.

Malleable Form 7 rp ( shapechanger subtype)
Can change shape standard action. While in this form, a Drakainia-born also takes on an adaption that provides a special effect. Each time a Drakainia-born adapts form, it can choose to gain one of the following features (see below)the feature last as long as the Drakainia-born remains in that form, and a Drakainia-born can remain in that form for as long as it wants.

While in an alternate form, a Drakainia-born takes a -4 penalty on Charisma and Charisma-based checks when interacting with humanoids that lack the shapechanger subtype.

A Drakainia-born can return to its humanoid form as a swift action. To change forms and gain a different benefit, a Drakainia-born must first return to its humanoid form then use its shapechange ability again. A Drakainia-born can shapechange into an alternate form a number of times per day equal to 3 + 1/2 its character level.

- 2 Slam attacks that deal 1d4 damage
- +1 Racial bonus to natural armor
- Resistance 5 to acid, cold, fire, or electricity.
- Amphibious
- Climb speed of 10ft
- Swim speed of 10ft

2015-12-09, 12:48 AM
This looks pretty cool, but what exactly do they shapechange into with their alternate form?