View Full Version : Are there any games where crushing weapons (e.g. Warhammers) get bonuses vs. armor?

2015-12-12, 02:53 PM
I was thinking about how there are plenty of tanks running around in plate armor once you get to high level in some campaigns. In real life, hammers, maces, etc. have all been very useful versus plate armor, as even if their attacks are blocked by the armor they can still crush/crumple the armor. Are there any D&D versions where this is accounted for? Something like "crushing weapons get +1 to hit versus plate type armor" or something. Or is it always just the typical "hit vs. AC, if you hit roll for damage"?

It seems a little deeper than just "beat their AC" when that AC can come from armor, shield, or dodging a blow. But maybe this is just a dumb suggestion.

2015-12-12, 03:49 PM
AD&D. Weapons type vs. armor type table optional rules. Nobody ever really used them.

Jelly d6
2015-12-12, 03:52 PM
Rolemaster does this.
After taking a look at this chart porn you may reconsider your attitude towards 'beat their AC' system.

2015-12-12, 04:09 PM
Fudge, and it's actually reasonably simple. Armor provides damage reduction, and it only provides half as much against blunt weapons. Sharp weapons do a bit more damage. Because of how the numbers pan out, against light armor sharp weapons have an advantage, it's about even against middling stuff, then once the armor starts to get good the blunt weapons get an advantage.

If you want more complex defenses in general, weapon armor interactions taken into account, and not having a bazillion charts (so, no Rolemaster), GURPS does all of this. It's about as crunchy as D&D 3.5, maybe slightly less so.

2015-12-13, 07:37 AM
MERP did this, its a toned down Rolemaster set in Middle Earth

Mark Hall
2015-12-13, 05:29 PM
AD&D. Weapons type vs. armor type table optional rules. Nobody ever really used them.

And in Combat and Tactics, specific weapons had bonuses v. certain types of armor.

2015-12-16, 07:28 AM
Original D&D had a whole table for this in the first supplement. When I play OD&D/OD&D-alikes, that's the only rules I use from that supplement. Against someone wearing plate, a first level character needs:
a 16, according to the base rules, or 17 against plate and shield
a 19, when wielding a dagger, or 20 against plate and shield
a 15, when wielding a mace, or 17 against plate and shield
a 13, when wielding a military pick, or 15 against plate and shield

Against each armour type it's different, and shields offer different bonuses or penalties depending on the weapon. You can see from the above, that a dagger gets a penalty of -3 when attacking both plate and plate and shield, while a mace gets a +1 and +0, and a pick gets +3 and +2. The military pick gains the same bonuses against chain and chain and shield (+3 and +2), while gaining no bonus or penalty against leather or no armor, nor against those + shield. The dagger, on the other hand, gains a +2 against unarmoured opponents, and a +1 against those with no armour and a shield, needing an 8 and 10 respectively.