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2007-06-11, 08:20 PM
Sun Devil

<Large> <outsider>(Evil, Lawful)
Hit Dice: 22d8 (319 HP)[B]
Initiative: +2
Speed: 40ft (8 squares)
Armor Class: 27(+2 dex, +15 natural), 12 touch, 25 flat-footed
Base Attack/Grapple: +22, +34(grapple)
Attack: claw +24 (2d6+8 + 2d6 fire) or tail slap +24 (1d8+4+3d6 fire)
Full Attack: 2 claws +30/+25 (2d6+8 + 2d6 fire) plus tail slap +20 (1d8+4+3d6 fire)
Space/Reach: 10ft/ 10ft
Special Attacks: Cone of Hellfire, Shatter the firmament, pyrokinesis
Special Qualities: outsider traits, fire subtype, DR 20/ good and silver, aspect of the sun, fiendish ichor, stellar collapse, create sunstone
Saves: Fort +24, Ref +14, Will +16
Abilities: Str 26, Dex 14, Con 30, Int 28 , Wis 28 , Cha 25
Skills: appraise: +33, craft(gem crafting) +33 concentration+34, intimidate +31, listen +33, search +33, Sense motive +33, spot +33
Feats: power attack, cleave, great cleave, maximize spell-like ability, empower spell-like ability, improved grapple, improved bull rush
Environment: any
Organization: solitary
Challenge Rating: 23
Treasure: sunstone (See below)
Alignment: Always Lawful Evil
Advancement: (20-22 HD Large)
Level Adjustment:

A roiling mass of fire stands before you, its sun-bright body seems to be somewhat reptilian in form, and exudes a strong aura or malice.


Spell-like Abilities (sp) : at will: burning hands, protection from good, protection from chaos. 3/day: fireball, flaming sphere, invisibility 1/day: sunburst, flamestrike, summon monster IX
Cone of Hellfire (su): The Sun devil breathes a 30ft cone of unholy fire. 12d4 (reflex 25 halves) half fire/ half divine energy. The sun devil can only breath hellfire once every 1d4 rounds.

Shatter the Firmament (ex): The sun devil emits a bone-shattering howl that rips the very earth (As the Earthquake spell caster level 20).

Pyrokinesis (su): By focusing the fiber of its being on one subject, requiring a full-round action, the Sun Devil can cause the subject to spontaneously combust, dealing 5d6 points of fire damage and another 3d6 for each subsequent round the subject is on fire (Will save DC 25 negates. Unattended objects get no save.) This ability is usable once a day.

Aspect of the sun (su): The sun devilís body seems to be made of the sunís fire. It emits a bright black light with the equivalent illumination to a daylight spell. Creatures grappling it, or who hit it with a melee weapon take 2d6 fire damage. When looking directly at it, a living creature must make a will save (DC 25) or be blinded permanently. Any creature who would be destroyed by the presence of sunlight (Such as a vampire) is not destroyed by the light of a sun devil. In addition, undead within 100 feet of a sundevil gain the benefits of being in a desecrated area. As the progeny of the sun gods, the sun devil becomes empowered when in direct sunlight. This empowerment is exhibited in the form of a +4 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls. Also, the devil gains an additional attack per round, as if hasted. Conversely, it is weakened in the moonlight (-4 to attack and damage rolls, acts as if slowed, -2 to constitution on a night when the moon is not full, and -4 when it is.)

Fiendish ichor (Ex): Sun devils contain blood that acts as a potent acid. Any creature who deals more than 30 damage to it in one melee attack takes 2d4 acid damage.

Create sunstone (sp): By channeling a portion of their essence into a gemstone, Sun devils can create a vessel through which they can control their minions indirectly. The creator of such a stone gains the benefits of clairaudience, clairvoyance, true seeing, ventriloquism, and stone of recall. . These spells only show the area around the stoneís location, and the stone of recall teleports the creator to the stoneís location. Also, the sun devil can cast any of their spell-like abilities through the stone. If destroyed, the Sun devil takes 2d4 points of wisdom damage and cannot create another for a year and a day.

Stellar Collapse(Ex): When a sun devil dies, they go the way of a super nova: Their outer layers are dispersed throughout the area, dealing 100 points of fire damage to everything within 100ft (DC 30 reflex halves) and their inner core collapses on itself, creating a miniature black hole for 1d3 hours. Creatures within 20ft must make another DC 30 reflex save or be pulled into the black abyss, effectively dead.

Combat Behavior
Sun devils attempt to engage their foes in sunlight whenever possible. They typically open with their breath weapon to soften their enemies before focusing on their arcane and divine spellcasters via melee before hammering into the melee opponents with their spell-like abilities and pyrokinesis.


In the beginning, during the division of the great sun god, the fragments of darkness from the true deityís heart were chipped away, and from these shards were born the fiends. the shards contaminated the original creations of the sun god, passing on the evil of his former heart thus creating the first devils. As millennia passed, the shards grew in power, slowly forming their own sentience, and even their own bodies; huge reptilian things as hot and bright as the sun itself. The Sun devils wander the deepest parts of the lower planes until their goals drive them elsewhere. Above all else, the sun devils seek to rejoin their progenitor and restore the evil to the heart of the sun.