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2015-12-15, 03:16 PM
I am in need of inspiration. I've been wanting to run a primarily horror-themed campaign, and while I know how to run it (more or less), I find myself with a lack of ideas about what exactly to base it around. So, I'd thought I'd come here and see if I could get some inspiration from you guys.

I'm not looking for advice and tips so much as I am for stories of horror-themed campaigns you guys have enjoyed, so that I may draw inspiration from them. Not to mention, I always enjoy hearing stories of fun games. So please, share away!

2015-12-15, 04:45 PM
Town of Leafine lies in the trough of a valley that has been created by seasonal runoffs from melting snow caps around the nearby mountains for centuries. There has been a recent massive rise in the runoffs, and in order to survive, the town has began constructing an extensive sewer system to protect their homes. Unknown to the town council, there is a cult dedicated to freeing a powerful demon slumbering in its ancient labyrinth prison underneath the town. They have infiltrated the ranks of the construction workers and managed to dig up a passage leading to the underground prison. In addition, they have managed to sabotage the sewer system and blocked it off temporarily, killing off most of the town inhabitants in the next flood. This slaughter wakes up the demon. Now, all they need to do is to negotiate the prison's defenses and free their master...

PCs have been hired by the a major church/trade federation/king/government to investigate why all communications from Leafine has suddenly ceased. They travel to the town and find it empty but mostly intact, with many evidences of flood damage and drowned corpses. (The cultists have reopened the sewers to drain the water and explore the prison)

After saving a lone survivor from the cultists and learning what happened, the PCs defeat the cultists. Then, PCs travel down into the depths below, to find out what the cultists wanted beneath the town.

However, the remnants of the cult close off the sewers, and the town begin to flood once more. To make things worse, the earlier task force sent by the cult has managed to free the demon. Now, the PCs must navigate the flooding labyrinth while battling remnants of the ancient prison defenses, while being stalked by powerful demon.

2015-12-15, 05:04 PM
While I didn't find the total execution to be overall the best, Another is an anime with a good horror story core:

After a student died in school 26 years ago, the class - as a form of coping - kept acting like she was there, alive and well. They made sure her seat was kept open. They handed homework and test sheets to her, and collected them. They made sure to save her a seat on the bus for school trips. And they even left a space for her in the class photo at the end of the year.

She is standing in that space in that photograph.

The next year, though they'd assigned the right number of desks to the classroom for the number of students that year, when everybody showed up on the first day of school, they were one short. Nobody could figure out why, nor who the extra student was.

And then people started dying in mysterious and freakishly contrived ways...