View Full Version : Traveller-Fish Monster

2015-12-15, 05:36 PM
Why? Because I want to play Undyne.

Notable Strength +2-Fish Monsters are strong!

Notable Dexterity +1-Fish Monsters are agile.

Notable Endurance +2-Fish Monsters are enduring.

Weak Intelligence -2-Monsters (not just Fish Monsters) aren't the brightest.

Weak Education -1-Monsters have trouble learning, and don't have the best educational system.

Weak Social Standing -3-Monsters are very low on the social totem pole.

Amphibious-Fish Monsters operate equally well underwater and on land.

Fire Magic-Fish Monsters are naturally psionic, and automatically know Pyrokinesis. However, due to not being naturally inclined for other forms of "magic", as they call it, they suffer a -2 penalty for learning anything other than Pyrokinesis.