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2015-12-17, 08:18 PM
Greetings all.

My first time posting here in the playground. I seek your all wisdom and insight. Long time role player, since the days of 2nd ed. I have always played a LE drow. I love the flavor history and style of them through the time of RPG'S. I am fairly new to Pathfinder. The Hellknights have cought my interest as i love the history and flavor of them. I am currently building a character for a custome campighn. The DM is allowing me to build a 1/2 Fiend Drow Nobel, raised in Chelaix and raised following Asmodious. He knows, I have had a crush on the drow for a long time. He is also allowing me to Gestalt. I have chosen Psion (the specialty field has yet to be determained) and a Soulknife. I love the idea of always haveing a weapon avaliable to me with out ever haveing to carry it. As I understand the rules since this is a gestalt char if I go prestige classes I have to choose two. my thoughts where the Soul eater Prc instead of one of the 4 Horseman i would have Asmodious as my sponsor worshiped, and a Hellknight Signifer but only if it is feasible to replace arcane or dive casting with powers as a psion.

I wish to get your alls input and opinions on this. If your willing also would like to help with the building of said char. The stats availiable are as follow from high to low. Keep in mind the DM does not use the buy system but a system of 1 18 roll 4d6 1, and 2 are rerolled and you drop the lowest die. 18, 18, 17, 17, 16, 15.

The DM says this campighn will start at 1st lvl, and go well into epic lvls. So I might look at a second set of prestiges such as Hellknight Commander and something else, or even a second set of regular classes.

I thank you all in advance for your help and input.

Additional info... The DM has it where each of us gain a feat at every lvl automatically. the group has a orc 1/2 dragon, a elf 1/2 dragon and a kitsune 1/2 fiend. each of us has a natural occurring element that is applied to all attacks, it starts at 1d6 and adds a additional 1d6 every five lvls to a max of 5d6 at 20. I choose electrical. it also damages any enemy that lands a melee based attack. He gave me powerful build, the same as the half giant. plus for some reason the large template. Yes i am a 8 foot drow. Go figure. I love to see the faces of all the female drow priestesses in the underdark when they try to talk down to me because i am male. lol.

2015-12-17, 08:24 PM
This should probably go in the 3.5/PF Subforum.

It doesn't seem like an unreasonable homebrew/houserule. But it's your DM who would need to okay it. By the official rules, it doesn't work like that. So you'd have to ask him to modify it. It'd be odd fluff-wise, since Psionics aren't really meshed into Golorion, so how the DM does that integration would be a significant part of if that could work.

2015-12-17, 08:32 PM
ok. I thought he was pulling my leg. I have DMed plenty from 2ed to 3.5 I would not refluff it. Merely make the char the rare exception. How do I move this to the other subform?