View Full Version : Dragon age - Would the Tevinter Imperium receive mage immigrants?

2015-12-18, 09:47 PM
I'm sorry if this thread is in the wrong place.

On topic, an unhappy apostate mage from Ferelden decides to run away to a place where mages are not feared but celebrated The Tevinter Imperium. Would he be welcomed there?

I mean they are kind of evil and have slaves, but they really love magic it is a form of status there.

2015-12-18, 09:51 PM
Is this for an actual roleplaying game or just a thought exercise? If the former it should be fine. If the latter, there is a subforum for non-tabletop games you can request the thread be moved to.

Anyway, they certainly would welcome mage immigrants. Mages are a valuable resource, and while non-native mages would probably not be treated with the same respect as local mages, at least at first, they are certainly not going to deliberately alienate them. Now, what happens if the mage decides they don't like the more unsavory parts of the Imperium...

2015-12-21, 08:21 AM
Inquisition deals with this to some degree. Spoiler ahead for anyone who has yet to play.

A group of mages requests assistance from the Tevinter Imperium during the events of Inquisition. Magister Gereon Alexius takes them in...for reasons...but it is revealed in the course of the quest that the mages, being not born in Tevinter, are required to undergo a period of indentured servitude before being given rights as citizens.

Furthermore, speaking to Dorian about how things are in Tevinter reveals that only mages from important families actually have much power and influence. A weak person, or one not cut out for power struggles and intrigue, may have it worse as a mage in Tevinter than a normal person, because as a mage, they become a target for all manner of plots and schemes.

2015-12-21, 03:12 PM
Tevinters also tend to look their noses down on southerners and southerners in general consider Fereldans just one step away from being barbarians. So, I imagine a Fereldan mage would face a lot of prejudice in the Imperium, as well.