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2015-12-19, 08:03 AM
Anima BF to Pathfinder adaptation

First things first, what the hell is Anima Beyond Fantasy (ABF from now on)? Well, it is an Spanish renaissance fantasy RPG with some steampunk thrown in it. It has references to anime, video games, tv series, films, books and many other sources and yet its setting (the world of Gaļa, because Gaia was too mainstream) has an unique feeling to it.

The good thing about the game is that its system is incredibly versatile. However that comes with a lot of complexity. And while it is certainly not as bad as people say, you really have to read everything carefully and do a step by step character before making a character. Combining this and the fact that the game is not really well known, it is quite hard to find players to run it in a PbP format.

So I asked myself, why not try to do a little conversion to d20?

It wasn't long before I thought of Pathfinder. While I haven't played Pathfinder as much as 3.5e, I think Pathfinder would be the best choice. The main problem would be some classes would need working on them, and some prestige classes would have to be made from scratch, and that is why I ask for help in this community.

I haven't yet started on the crunchy things, but I have been wrting down some ideas that need to be considered (and around which I'm trying to do things in my spare time).

In ABF there is no separation between divine and arcane magic. Or to be more accurate, there's only arcane, and magic is not Vancian, instead spells cost "Zeon", of which you have a pool that regens a bit each day. Another thing is that anyone can potentially use magic, but it is incredibly rare. This might be problematic, but after thinking about it for a while, the Midnight setting has something like this. There is Spell Energy, a feat that lets you get some spells independent of your class and a Channeler class that replaces all spellcasting classes and gets different benefits depending on its "Magic Tradition."

The way its spell list works is also very much alike how ABF spellcasters get their own spells (at certain levels, a Channeler can get access to a new school of spells thanks to a feat). Maybe I would have to reduce its BAB to make it consistent with ABF (Channelers get 3/4 BAB, while Wizards, the pure spellcasters of ABF are basicly defenceless without magic, so maybe reduce its BAB to 1/2 and give it something else in return?)

Summoners also get their own class in ABF, and they are half spellcasters in that game, so maybe in return for their reduced BAB a new Magic Tradition could be created that gets some of the PF Summoner class features. Or maybe they can be made into a prestige class for Channelers that loses some spellcasting but gets the summoning.

Another point are Magic Items. While Magic Items are less common in ABF than in D&D or Pathfinder, they are still way more common than in Midnight (that, and the fact there are non magic equivalents to +1, +2 and +3 weapons). And while WBL is non existant in ABF, I understand that Pathfinder needs it. So I thought of maybe reducing WBL and using a sort of Heroic Path from Midnight. Heroic Paths grant some benefits that would usually be granted by Magic items, giving you a new one every level. So maybe giving a benefit every two levels up to the benefits that Midnight characters would get at level 10 wouldn't be a bad idea to counter less common magic items.

And while there is no divine magic in the setting, there are gods and godlike entities that give benefits to people who sync with them. Keeping sync is quite difficult, but the benefits are many, so maybe giving those who keep this sync a second Heroic Path would not be extremely broken. These benefits would be lost if sync is broken, and keeping that sync should be hard and sometimes put the character into dangerous situations.

For reference, Heroic Paths usually give you +1 to one stat at level 1, 5, 10, 15 and 20, and some SLAs or feats on all other levels, like Charm Monster 1/day at level 3 and giving you an additional use at level 8, stuff like that.

First thing first, no spellcasting classes, the Channeler would be the only spell casting class with the exception of Prestige Classes. Second, while Prestige Classes are not a thing in ABF, some of the benefits characters can acquire would fit best as Prestige Classes rather than as Feats. Third, there are Psychic Powers, and although ABF's system for them is much better than D&D's, it will have to do.

For Base Classes I though:
Channeler (Midnight, might need some tweaking)
Psion (D&D, will need some tweaking I believe)
Psychic Warrior (D&D, will need some tweaking I believe)
Alchemist (PF. Maybe? I'm not sure. The fluff fits, but the crunch... Not so much).
Cavalier (PF. It fits, so why not?)
Barbarian (PF)
Fighter (PF)
Monk (PF)
Wildlander (Midnight, fits much better than Ranger)
Rogue (PF)
Gunslinger (PF)
Samurai (PF, fits with ABF's Paladin and Dark Paladin classes)
Ninja (PF, fits with ABF's Shadow Class)
Swashbuckler (PF)
Brawler (PF)
Investigator (PF)

For Prestige Classes:
Druid (Midnight)
Haunted One (Midnight)
Smuggler (Midnight)
Warrior Arcanist (Midnight)
Arcane Archer (PF)
Arcane Trickster (PF)
Dragon Disciple (PF)
Duelist (PF)
Loremaster (PF)
Pathfinder Chronicler (PF)
Shadowdancer (PF)
(Witch and Summoner would make nice PrCs if tweaked a bit)
Adapting some of the Psionic PrCs would be nice.
Some setting specific PrCs would be needed.

PrCs that grant +1 level of spellcasting class would instead count as Channeler levels for the purpose of max level of known spells, bonus spells and bonus spell energy. In those levels where they get the +1 to their spellcasting class they would get one extra known spell of any school and level they can cast and +1 to their maximum spell energy.

So for now the thing is: Would you make changes to the Channeler and Wildlander to bring them more in lane to PF classes? What about the Psion and Psychic Warrior? What do you think about making the Witch and Summoner Prestige classes? How would you do them?

Right now I'm working on races, but those I mostly have under control (and will post them as soon as they are finished).

2015-12-19, 12:25 PM

ABF centers around humans, and it assumes most PCs are humans or, at most, Nephilims. Nephilims are humans born with the soul of a member of another race. Because most races are dying races, the souls reincarnate within humans, giving them some extra abilities. Only two races don't have Nephilims, the Balzak (because their race still sustains a sizeable population) and the Tuan Dalyr (because their soul is too similar to that of humans).

Humans would be normal PF humans, who would have to choose a package for the region of the world they were born in, which determines some extra skills, feats, bonuses to some skills and starting languages. Nephilims would use human and package rules, but replace some of the package bonuses for Nephilim bonuses.

I'll be posting races as soon as I finish them.

With an appeareance very much alike humans, Sylvains are distinguished from humans by their pointy ears, their hair (which can sometimes take unusual colorations, like light blue) and the fact that very few Sylvains have black hair or eyes... Those Sylvains who are born with black hair or eyes are known as dark elves, and while usually treated politely, they are pariahs in Sylvain society.

Sylvains are usually calm, as their long lifespans (they live for ten times longer than humans) give them great insight about the world. They love arts, knowledge and music, and while they dislike violence, they use it without any doubt if they believe it is the only option. Sylvains have no concept of regret. What is done cannot be undone, and worrying about it is a waste of precious time.

All Sylvain are Gifted with the Gift of Magic. For them, magic is as natural as breathing. Only the dark elves are born without this gift, which is the reason they are treated as pariahs. Magic is very important in their society, and theirs is the race that has given the world the most archmages and masters of the magic arts.

In ancient times, most Sylvains were part of the Fey Nations, a conglomerate of independent Sylvain kingdoms under the rule of a High King of the Sylvanus lineage.

Sylvain names have a musical feel to them. There was always a particle between their first name and last name, which represented their position in the family. Nerelas Nul Nos Sylvanus would be translated as "Nerelas of the Sylvanus family", an average member of his family line, while Nerelas Ul Del Sylvanus would be "Nerelas, son of the Sylvanus family", a very important member of the family, probably its patriarch or one of his close relatives. On the other hand Nerelas Nor Sylvanus would mean "Nerelas, exiled of the Sylvanus family", a pariah within the family, expelled from the family for one reason or another.

The Sylvain followed the religion called Luminous Lacrimae, which had C'iel as the Lady of Light, Supreme goddess of everything, and the seven Beryls, six goddesses and a god that carried out C'iel's will. Nowadays surviving Sylvain still follow this creed, but its Church is nonexistant.

Sylvain Nephilims are usually introspective, but willing to help others, and have dreams about their former lives, although the dreams are confusing and sketchy. Sylvain Nephilims usually live a bit longer than normal humans, easily getting to a hundred years. While not as supernaturally beautiful as true Sylvain, it is true that Sylvain Nephilim are always physically fit.

Type: Sylvains are Humanoids (Sylvain).
Size: Sylvains are of Medium size and have a 30 ft movement speed.
+2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma, +2 Dextery, -2 Strength, -2 Constitution: Sylvains are weaker and nimbler than other races, but captivating and dextrous, and their calm nature means that they usually dedicate a lot of time to study.
The Gift: Sylvain get the Magecraft feat at level 1.
Supernatural Health: Sylvains have a +4 bonus on Fortitude savings against poison and disease, including magical diseases.
Supernatural Soul: Sylvains have a +2 bonus on all Will savings.
Soul of Light (Ex): Sylvains can "feel" if there are other Sylvains or Duk'zarist within a 120 ft radius around them.
Dark elves: Some Sylvains are born without the gift of magic. These Sylvains don't get the Magecraft feat and can never cast spells, but they get Spell Resistance equal to 6+1/2 of their class levels.
Languages: Sylvains begin play knowing Ultwe'alariel. They get bonus languages from a high Intelligence chosen from the following list: Arkes, Hermital, Ailish, Ogashima, Latin, Common Draedic and Akeron.

Sylvain Nephilim:
Sylvain Nephilims must choose one human origin and apply the following:
Type: Sylvain Nephilims are Humanoids with both the Sylvain and Human subtypes.
Sylvain heritage: Sylvain Nephilims don't get one of their bonus origin feats and instead get a +2 bonus on Fortitude savings against poison and disease. They also get Soul of Light, but they can also feel Sylvain and Duk'zarist Nephilims.
Sylvain soul: Sylvain Nephilims don't get extra class skills and instead get a +2 bonus on all Will savings.

Slim, pale and seemingly frail, the D'Anjayni are a race of mysterious shapeshifters. These bald humanoids all seem the same to all but the most perceptive, and even the differences between male and female are minimal and difficult to spot. In fact, it's a common custom for them to have tattoos on their faces to help people tell them from one another.

The D'Anjayni are incredibly average in everything, and seem completely incospicious. In fact, someone seeing a D'Anjayni passing by will probably not remember seeing them. This seems to help them when using their shapeshifting. In order to use it they have to wear someone's face as a mask. Of course, this means killing the other person.

Almost nothing is known about the D'Anjayni, and most of them are very individualistic. They rarely trust others, and they never give their true names, always using false names and aliases, as they believe their names hold significant power. Their lifespans are quite long, averaging on five hundred years, and they reach maturity at around fifty years old.

D'Anjayni Nephilims benefit from some of the D'Anjayni's special powers, but they usually live sad lifes, as people forget about them all the time and they have a hard time making friends.

Type: D'Anjayni are Humanoid (D'Anjayni).
Size: D'Anjayni are of Medium size.
+2 to one ability score of their choice: D'Anjayni have a variety of interests, strengths and weaknesses.
Inconspicious: In order to remember a D'Anjayni, one must pass a Will ST against a DC 10+1/2 of the D'Ajayni's level.
Whispers: When trying to hear a D'Anjayni that is not speaking directly to them, all characters get a -10 penalty to their Perception checks.
Shifting (Ex): A D'Anjayni can take the shape of someone if he wears his face as a mask. The D'Anjayni must be of similar height and weight. His physical appearence and voice will change to those of the person whose face the D'Anjayni is wearing. This grants the D'Anjayni a +10 bonus to all Disguise checks to remain "in character". While wearing the face, the D'Anjayni counts as having both his Type and Subtype and the face's owner Type and Subtypes. This ability might have no effect or special effects when used with non Humanoids, at the DM's discretion. Damage to the face will bring the D'Anjayni back to normal, and the D'Anjayni can go back to his original shape at will. In order to attack the face, one must take a -5 penalty to attack rolls.
Nondetection (Ex): A D'Anjayni is always under the effects of a nondetection spell casted with a caster level equal to the character's level.
+2 Stealth and Disguise: D'Anjayni learn from birth the value of keeping a low profile and not showing who they are.
Undetectable: Skill checks to detect the presence of a hidden D'Anjayni or to follow it's trail have a -5 penalty.
Languages: A D'Anjayni begins play knowing one language of their choice. They get extra languages for a high Intelligence, which they can choose at will.

D'Anjayni Nephilim:
D'Anjayni Nephilims must choose and human origin and apply the following:
Type: D'Anjayni Nephilims have both the Human and D'Anjayni subtypes.
Inconspicious: D'Anjayni Nephilims don't get bonuses to their skills and instead get the Inconspicious D'Anjayni ability.
D'Anjayni heritage: D'Anjayni Nephilims don't get extra class skills, and instead get the Undetectable D'Anjayni ability.

The Ebudan are a race of angelic beings. At some point in history they were supernatural beings that twisted fate to try to make things right in the world. This enfuriated beings of great power, which provoked the Fall. After the Fall, the Ebudan became mortals. Although gifted with long lifespans and healthy bodies, the Ebudan as a race wished for nothing more than to go back to the times when they were immortal beings.

In order to reach their previous state, an Ebudan must complete his Sue'Aman, a vision they get about an event in the future. The Sue'Aman of an Ebudan might be as simple as saving a certain child from dying from a cold, or as complex and difficult as killing a god. In any case, once the Ebudan fulfills his Sue'Aman (and only a small percentage of them manages to do it) he becomes closer to what they originally were.

Ebudans look like humans, although their hair is usually of light colors, and sometimes even pure white. They have a pair of wings that allow them to fly and which they can use as weapons if in need, and this wings can be anywhere on their bodies. While most of the time they are on their backs, other locations for their wings (such as the sides of their heads) are not unheard of.

Ebudan Nephilims have dreams about their Sue'Amans, and if they manage to complete them they can experience some of the power of true Ascended Ebudans.

Type: Ebudans are Humanoids (Ebudan).
Size: Ebudans are of Medium size and have a movement of 30 ft.
+2 to one ability score: Ebudans are as varied as their Sue'Amans.
Or'inie (Ex): Ebudans are covered in tattoos that tell about their Sue'Aman since their birth. This mystic tattoos keep them protected against those who would seek to stop them from fulfilling their fates. Ebudans gain a +2 racial bonus on Will saving throws to resist spells and spell-like abilities of the enchantment (charm) and enchantment (compulsion) subschools. In addition, if an Ebudan fails such a save, it receives another save 1 round later to prematurely end the effect (assuming the spell or spell-like ability has a duration greater than 1 round). This second save is made at the same DC as the first. If the Ebudan has a similar ability from another source (such as a rogue's slippery mind class feature), it can only use one of these abilities per round, but can try the other on the second round if the first reroll ability fails.
Angel Wings: Ebudans can use their wings to fly around at a speed of 60 ft with good maneouverability. They can also use their wings as either a buckler or as a natural weapon that deals 1d6 slashing damage. They cannot fly when using their wings in such ways.
Sue'Aman: When an Ebudan completes his Sue'Aman (as chosen by the GM), he gains the Outsider (The Wake, Ebudan) Type and Subtypes, +2 Charisma and Wisdom, +2 to his Will Savings to avoid being banished and DR 15/magic.
Languages: Ebudan begin play knowing Dael. They get extra languages from a high Intelligence from the following list: Latin, Jashu, Sheeham and S'lish.

Ebudan Nephilims:
Ebudan Nephilims must choose a human origin and apply the following:
Type: Ebudan Nephilims have both the Human and Ebudan subtypes.
Or'inie: Ebudan Nephilims don't get bonuses to their skills and instead get the Or'inie Ebudan ability.
Sue'Aman: Ebudan Nephilims don't get extra feats. Instead, when they complete their Sue'Aman they get the ability to manifest ethereal wings that allow them to fly at 60 ft speed with good manouverability and gain DR 15/magic.