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2015-12-21, 07:20 PM
I was listening to "whip it" and this came to me. I would apologize for the name but I find it immensely entertaining. I need to do some editing (phrasing and stuff) but most of this is here.

The Divo is a master of the whip, Fighters that have turned using a whip into an art form.

Weapon Specialization (Whip) (Level 3)
The base damage you deal with a Whip is increased to 1d6.

On your turn, whenever you hit with an attack with your whip, you may use a bonus action to perform on of the following techniques.

Push the target 5'
Pull the target 5'
Attempt to grapple the target, the target can move toward you freely but must succeed on a grapple contest to move away from you. Otherwise this works just like a normal grapple.

Pull (Level 7)

You may replace an attack with your whip with a special action. When you use a whip in this way, you may grab sturdy objects (within reason, ones that the whip can reach around) and pull yourself to them. With this ability you may continuously swing from object to object. This causes you to use of your movement (much like a jump does), however you do not provoke OA during from the movement generated from the first attack replaced with the pull action. You may grab small items and pull them to you as determined by the DM.

Additionally anytime a feature calls being used for polearms you may use a whip instead (such as the second bullet of Polearm Master, the whip is physically unable to use the first bullet)

Improved Weapon Specialization (Whip) (Level 10)
The base damage you deal with a Whip is increased to 1d8.

You may break up your attack action with your bonus action to grapple. Any creature you grapple may be thrown by replacing an attack. You may throw a creature a number of feet equal to your strength score. If you did not pull the creature at least 5' before throwing them you can only throw them half the distance. The target gains a Dexterity Saving Throw in order to land on their feet, otherwise they fall prone. If you slam a creature into a solid object then they take disadvantage on the Dexterity Save to not fall prone. The Saving Throw DC for this ability is 8 + Prof Bonus + Strength Modifier.

You can only throw creatures toward the an opposite side of you from where they started. You may throw any creature that your whip can reach around and you can lift.

Improved Grapple (Level 15)

You have learned to grapple creatures by their neck(s), arms, legs, or other smaller parts of their body. This allows you to grapple creatures up to two sizes larger than yourself with your whip (if physically possible).

Greater Weapon Specialization (Whip) (Level 18)
The base damage you deal with a Whip is increased to 1d10

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Note 1: Spider-Fighter, Spider-Fighter, does whatever a spider does...
Note 2: Ha, WIP ;)