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2015-12-22, 05:48 AM
This is my first homebrew, please give good feedback and help me making the race better. Also special thanks to EnderDwarf for helping me with balance.

The Witch

Ability scores you get +2 intelligence and +1 charisma, as a witch, you are really smart and you learn from a long age how te let people work for you
Type Your type is humanoid, your ancestors were fey but that was ages ago, now you just have some feyblood in you, giving you magic and intelligence
Age Because your feyblood, you live way longer than a human, you mature around 15 years and die around age of 600, there are witches known who live way longer than that, sometimes over 1000 years, but that aren't many.
Alingment Most witches are seen as evil, and many of them end up being so
Size Your size is medium
Speed Your base walking speed is 30ft
Darkvision You can see in darkness as in dim light and in dim light as in light 120ft.
Darkborn You have resistance to necrotic damage
Witches flyYou have fly speed equal to your walking speed, as long as you end on the ground
Inner magicYou know the vicious mockery cantrip, when you reach level 3, you can cast find familiar 1/day, when you reach level 5, you can cast hold person 1/day
Sunlight sensitivity You have disadvantage on ability checks or attack rolls while in direct sunlight or if your target is in direct sunlight

This race isn't a real witch, their ancestors were witches, they still have the magic and flying abilities of witches, and they are intelligent and charismatic but they are humanoids, and lost natural weapons and part of their magic in all these generations

2015-12-22, 11:16 AM
Um, looks like you didn't finish the 'size' line.

The bones of this are fine. My only problem is with the 'flight' ability. I can't decide how good it is... it's more of a jump than flight, and it's only 30 feet... but it's great for climbing walls and avoiding traps, or moving past people without triggering opportunity attacks. Could be very useful for a monk.



1 Superior Darkvision
0.5 Damage Resistance
1 Witches' Flight
1.5 Innate Spellcasting


7 is fairly strong, but not necessarily overpowering. The innate spells are solid, though the necrotic resistance is very situational. You might want to consider adding Sunlight Sensitivity, but you'd probably be okay without it.

2015-12-23, 04:46 AM
Thanks for your feedback, the flight isn't OP I'd say because there are races with flight (variant tiefling and aarackocra), in any case better.

What should I nerf to make it a little more balanced? The ASI's aren't really good, worse than con for example right?

I change the size now, I was going to write medium but wrote between:smalleek:

2015-12-23, 08:16 AM
What should I nerf to make it a little more balanced? The ASI's aren't really good, worse than con for example right?

Eh, I don't really buy this 'one ASI is better than another' thing. The ASIs just steer players towards certain classes or roles. There's nothing wrong with Intelligence. Lots of skills rely on it.

I already suggested a suitable nerf: Sunlight Sensitivity. It's the right magnitude and it fits the fluff (as far as I can see).

Alternatively, you could rework the innate casting... drop the cantrip and 2nd level spell, but give the familiar a little boost. That's more thematic as well.

2015-12-23, 08:33 AM
Maybe you are right, I will add sunlight sensitivity, thanks for the feedback