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2015-12-23, 06:18 AM
I've seen how creative you folks can be, so here's a new challenge: the challenge of verse!

The rules are simple. You must post an original composition, which can be in any format (song lyrics, free verse, haiku, sonnet, limerick, whatever), and you must use a single word from the previous post either in the verse or as a theme thereof. You may use preexisting material or new verse composed on the spot, as long as you can tie it in to your chosen word.

Please give us at least two or three lines so there's a decent amount of words to choose from, but keep it down to a stanza or two for brevity's sake. Also, use of articles, prepositions or the same word previously used as themes will be subject to the Limburger Award for Thread Derailment. :smallbiggrin:

Post 1:
"Hop, hop, we like to hop
We like to hop on top of Pop" (Theodor Seuss Geisel)

Post 2:
"Never wanted to be no pop singer
Never wanted to write no pop songs" (John Cougar Mellencamp)

So I'll start. Looks like the white space has left me limited options, so I choose SPACE! Here goes!

"When the Men in Black go on vacation, will there be an invasion?
And will we even know when the heads of state give place to the new administration?
What a laugh! What a waste of time!
Will we notice when we're run by the hive mind?
Is it unjust? Is it unfair?
If you're a slave to this world you might as well be a slave to theirs."

-from the song Where's Your Halo?

Prince Zahn
2015-12-23, 07:16 AM
Cool game. I choose the word HEAD(S)

He turned right - And she turned left
A petty fight
with so much heft
I wonder what went in their heads
When they said goodbye. . .

From my song "crossroads", WIP.

Scarlet Knight
2015-12-23, 09:00 PM
I choose Fight

The husband didnít expect their first fight,
When his bride took his joke for a slight,
Cause the breast he was looking,
Wasnít the chicken she was cooking
And he slept on the couch that night.

extemporaneous limerick

2015-12-23, 10:58 PM
I choose CHICKEN

Fowl in the green woods
Nervous clucking; farmer grabbed ...
Now she's his dinner.

*smacks lips*

2015-12-23, 11:44 PM
When these scenes from distant dreams come crashing green around my windowpane
I can't foresee your plans, your destiny too sweet for man to grasp its meaning
Just a gleaning
Memo notes to show you're always in control.

-From the song Always

Prince Zahn
2015-12-24, 06:39 AM
DISTANT-chu! I choose you!

"Our weekend will end soon,
Those horseplay afternoons
Will be forgotten like the old man's song,
Let's cherish them, my sweet,
'till the next time we meet,
Like distant memories that linger on."

From my song "The Smile God Gave You".

Scarlet Knight
2016-01-01, 08:37 PM
I think I can use Linger.

There once was a hobbit from Arnor,
Traveling the pass at Erebor.
He couldn't linger in the blizzard,
Caused by a wizard,
Yet was still able to walk to Mordor!

@v Nicely done!

2016-01-27, 08:36 PM
Blame it all on our greed
We thought that we needs
To steal the shiny Precious away
but they pulled out a sword
And we gave our word
To guide them the rest of the way

So we stops for a rest
And we tries our best
To have a little talk with ourselves
But that fat little bloke
Has a dirty grey cloak
And he sneaks just as good as the elves!

Oh, we've got friends in dark places
Where the sunlight fails and some thing chases
Them away
But they'll be okay
We're not big on social graces
Want to stab nasty hobbitses in their ugly faces
Oh, we've got friends
In dark places

We didn't mean
For a big battle seen
Just bringing the spider a snack
She sucks out their juices
And then while she snoozes
We stealses the Precious back

It was going to work
But that fat little jerk
Pulls out a sword and a light
He stabses and pokeses
And then nearly croakses
But the bug runs away from the fight!

Oh, we've got friends in dark places
Where the sunlight fails and some thing chases
Nasty hobbitses away.
Well they'll be okay
We're not big on social graces
Want stab nasty hobbitses in their ugly faces
Oh, we've got friends
In dark places

2016-01-29, 03:45 AM
Spider you say?

Hot black tarantula, hunt down your prey.
Drive deep the venom we're all used to breathing anyway.
Same new sound has come around!
Fresh meat on the daemon's playground!
And they say they'll weave the threads of your fate,
One snip and the hate engulfs it.
We say it doesn't matter anyway;
Transmission begins, transmission begins.

From the song Daemon's Playground

2016-02-13, 09:20 PM

The future looms
While fire fades
Autumn heralds winter
And a brand new dawn
So crown your tombs
And raise your blades
Miracle in minted moonlight
Falling for your fantasy fight
No more waiting
No more hating
For the day my sword is drawn

From my song, Frozen Rain, from TAAS

Scarlet Knight
2016-02-13, 11:13 PM
I will use Winter.

On a winter night all snowy,
We mourned an artist showy,
The White Duke who was so cool,
But Ziggy Stardust was no fool,
Rest in peace, dear David Bowie.

2016-02-14, 02:53 AM

I prefer the night
The sun shines in the daytime
I won't get cancer

2016-02-16, 02:38 AM

My heat is nuclear
Because my love for you is stellar

Let me be your arbiter

I'll teleport you to new worlds
Even against the odds

Let's drift together astray
My passion will never burn away

Tome of the 5th orbital

Prince Zahn
2016-02-16, 05:15 AM
Against (Prompt)

I never once did anything
Why do you choose to stay here
If all you're going to do is sting
Like a scorpion crawling into my ear

Tell me, why can't you leave me be?
Every time you just disagree
You are killin' me!
(you're killin' me darling) and you're killin' me!
(you're killin' me darling ) and then you smile at me!

From my draft "You're killing me! (Scorpion)"

2016-02-17, 12:54 PM

Mama, mama, mama can't you see
what the Corps has done for me?
Put a rifle in my hands
Taught me how to kill a man

Mama, mama, mama can't you see
what the Corps has done to me?
Dropped me in a foreign land
killing bodies in the sand.

This is my personal twist on a traditional running cadence of the US Marine Corps. Oorah.

Scarlet Knight
2016-02-20, 07:18 AM

In the cold night the snow plows screech,
And I dream of life by the beach,
Escaping my life so bland
For one of rum, sun and sand
A jet puts this dream within reach.