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Chrios Thalman
2015-12-25, 11:03 PM
so I'm pretty excited, I have talked my wife into playing D&D. We just got the books and she will start making her character soon so in the mean time I need to start trying to get my first up and going. I have never been a DM.

I have found several free adventures on line that i was just planning on modding to try and make it more geared toward her character's strengths and probably add and npc to help too.

My biggest issue is that almost all the adventures i have found require a party, and so i need to try and figure out what is too easy and what is too difficult and really just need so direction with where to go.

if anyone has any ideas on what i could that would be great. thank you :)

we are playing 5e.

2015-12-26, 09:03 AM
First, I'd advise against running the published adventures. These are all usually created with a party of several players in mind, and tweaking or converting them -- especially for a party of one -- ends up being more work and being less balanced than just running your own adventure.

Here's the best advice I can give you:

Start at level 3 (see "Beyond First Level," page 15 of the Player's Handbook). It's extremely easy to die at level 1, and with one player it's pretty much a death wish if you want to add combat or traps.

While it's okay to make a character to help your player (a "DMPC"), don't have them hog the limelight. Be more like Robin and less like Green Hornet's Kato.

Use Kobold Fight Club (http://kobold.club/fight/#/encounter-builder) for encounters; it's far from perfect but it will give you a general idea. For traps, be sure to stick closely to the guidelines found in the Dungeon Master Guide.

Read up on some "how to DM" articles. They can put into words the intricacies of running a good campaign better than I can.

Good luck, and hope you have fun.

2016-01-08, 03:42 PM
MY advice, is :

Give your wife a party.

That's right.

Make up 3 NPC's you play for her and interact with her with to show her the world or when its time for combat.

At best, give her One NPC to bounce the world of her and for her to interact with regularly.

Have them go on adventures together.

Make them both 1 higher level that required for the module (so they don't die), and give them good equipment.

Then you can cut any modules monsters down by half.