View Full Version : [Asking for tips] Homebrew System for High-Tech High-Magic Post-Apocalyptic.

2015-12-28, 09:39 AM

It all begun when I first read the Shadowrun book. Then I thought "hey, that is really cool, but it would be best served if it's setting was placed on Europe rather than North America, for the cultural diversity and all that heathenism and arabic + ancient egypt + jew/hermetic traditions + faeries + catholicism would give to it a very interesting set for magical and religious conflicts unexplored on Shadowrun.

Years had came, years had gone, and that setting of mine slowly growed and turned into it's own thing. But I fail to give to it the appropriate system to play.

Awaken Earth (or Terra Desperta, I can't decide the name) runs like that: On the first decades of the 21th century the humanity are destroying the planet. The climate changed, the nuclear engines leaked on Fukushima-like catastrophes, wars, etc, etc. The whole life on planet Earth was dying, and quickly. So Gaia awakened. And with her all the old spirits and the magic. Old forgotten sacred forests reclaimed their old places, eating modern cities on their waking. Dragons raided the sky, travelling turned insecure.

250 years had passed since then. The humanity was mostly vanquished. It still remains some millions of souls scattered around the globe. On the XXI century was a lot of science developing, especially on the branches of robotics, biologic engeneering, byo-cybernetics, and AI. Some of it survived on the hands of new generations. Some of it is still buried on the scattered ruins of old labs and corps. The modern countries don't exist anymore. Instead of that there are mostly city-states like the Free City of Amsterdam and some small confederacies like the Bavarian Republic and some kingdoms like the Parisian Caliphate [ok, that last idea was born on 2007, when from a Brazilian point of view the immigrants were less than an issue... but since the last happenings that could be a bad idea to put on, there is too much hatred]. The wilderness are not Mad Max/Fallout wastelands. Instead, they are luxurious and full of resources, like pre-middle ages. But they are dangerous. Scavenging and Adventuring are very deadly and respected professions.

As you can see the Shadowrun system don't fits well with that background. Then I thought of doing that on GURPS, but even if that system can match well the high-magic feeling with scavenged high-technology, but it still seems a little awkward for that kind of dungeoneering and their levelling system. I thought maybe an hybrid of GURPS with some features of the heroic-driven D&D would do well... things like classes and levels. But I'm not certain of that. What do you would think about that?