View Full Version : D&D 3.x Class spirit drake prc [dark sun]

2015-12-29, 03:58 AM
hi every everyone!
im currently attempting to build drake themed psionic prc that will fit into the dark sun campeign. my end goal is to try and make a class that is not focused on advancing through regular psionics, but rather drop them and grant manifesters a wide array of abilities that will compensate for their loss, and by the 10th level will transformed them into a unique drake.

mechanicly speaking im thinking of takeing attributs from diamond dragon' dragonfire adept and dragon disciple. im trying to give it a difrrent form of manifestig to
differentiate it from the athasian dragon. also its tranformation into a spirit drake on the last level is not an advaced being (since it doesn't combine psionics with arcane/divine magic).

any thoughts or suggestions on the matter?

thanks in advance!

2015-12-30, 07:42 PM
Sounds good to me. Just have a spirit drake apotheosis as the capstone on the last level.