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2015-12-30, 03:00 AM
I am in the middle of a dnd 3.5 campaign that i homebrewed. I think its awesome but i have been wrong before. Its been about three sessions and all of the monsters have are home made.
Cleric 4
Wizard 4
Artificer 5
Barb 4 new guy

The far realms are a weird place full of weird things... Add tentacles. We started out the campaign with the pc's as a group of adventurers questing to do something random i made up on the spot. Its not important some village with gobbos eh. Then the world went white. Think the beginning or half life 2. In walks a balor and a solar looking distinctly uncomfortable. Hey guess what your all thats left.
Something really, really powerful in the far realms just ate then absorbed something else really really powerful in the far realms.... Then exploded.

Session 1 rewind
They were punted back in time to before they left for the quest to go save the village from the goblins. Everthing is exactly how it was in the initial quest. Until they started fighting the goblins. The goblins were pseudonatural. Noone noticed except for the pc's. After they completed the quest the cleric tried to pray to his deity. It rang up the solar. Hey guys thats where you went... Strange. Anyway, that thing that exploded. I think its alive still. Maybe. Do me a favor and call if you see anything weird..

More later

2015-12-30, 09:44 AM
As long as you and the players are having fun, our opinions won't much matter. However, if you want to post your homebrewed monsters, that'd be something we can actually critique.


Jesse Booth
2016-01-04, 03:16 AM
This campaign needs more cowbell.