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2016-01-01, 11:22 AM
I'm making a class for PF for flavour and fun. I dont like archetypes and stuff, I like full classes. I'll post the spell lists and feats later, but right now I need a name and prob 2 special feats, and some 8th and 9th level spells. Two of the main features and why they are successful: Undetectable Aura - 24 hr spell that you can cast on yourself only that adds to DC against detect magic on you.
Body Language - spells are learned to be cast using eye movement, body language, and cadence and inflection of words. Spells requiring components or verbal actions do not require them for this class.

The idea is: a stealthy, magic using politician.

He'll use a lot of stuff like charm and scry and command. I've built a spell list of about 30 spells that you gain / choose from, but no 8th and 9th level.

Mostly illusion and enchantment and some evocation.

Its a support class for sure.

If y'all could advise without destroying me thatd be cool, Im new and this is for fun and I'm on step 1.

For name, I was thinking something like Illuminati. They are using magic for political power, but usually don't want to be the actual ruler. Like a council member essentially playing puppetmaster. Sometimes its powerlust, sometimes its for good, secretly making a terrible child king do the right thing.
Lots of out of combat options and thats where it would shine.
In combat, mostly debuffing enemies.

I probably have to have power word kill later on right?

2016-01-01, 03:18 PM
Are you looking at progression more like a bard than wizard? That makes sense if you want to have lots of skills and fewer spells.

Not sure why Power Word Kill is important; you'd probably want something that isn't so obvious.

I'm not all that good with classes but I'm sure there are other people who could help out.


2016-01-02, 06:13 PM
Sounds like a really cool class man, you may wanna check out the mesmerist by pathfinder