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Fenrir Lokison
2016-01-02, 10:08 AM
Maybe I am too much of a literalist or just one who sometimes like clear cut, common sense instructions. For me, one of the oddest, but yet interesting issues I am trying to finalize is how to actually appropriately view and see the sacred prostitute (SP) as it is presented in the Book of Erotic Fantasy. To me, the prestige class seems wide open (no pun intended) for both interpretation and abuse. And while I am fine with that, but I would like to see how other people feel about the class and some of the mechanics behind it.

1. I see the class in its current this incarnation (there is a Pathfinder version in T. Catt's RPG book "Sisters or Rapture") makes it seem like the SP is a free agent who is forced into service (I see nothing about requiring payment for the SP's services) of others. And it does not matter who the deity is or even that the SP should have pretty much the same alignment as the deity that the requestor wishes to contact.

2. I don't think the services should be without a fee, even if that fee (as presented in the PFRPG version) has to go towards a church or organization or in the service of the deity contacted. But, it does seem like a person can request, get a freebie, and the SP and/or deity gets pretty much nothing in return.

So, here are some things I have thought about (and some based upon information given for the PFRPG version of the SP)...

1 .The SP is a free agent of cosmic forces... The SP's ability to connect a client to a deity is alignment based. So a LG client would need a LG SP (because he or she is tied to LG energies) to contact to any LG deity (which pretty much means the receiving end is like an open telephone that any LG deity can answer).
2. The SP is tied to a deity...Which means that SP is a private line to a particular deity and if they fail their sacred services to followers of that deity, the loose their powers until they have appropriately atoned for their sin.
3. Have different levels of powers for the SP based upon their choice of free agent or deity aligned where maybe there is a lesser sexual healing effect for free agents and a more powerful version for deity aligned (For example, there are the 1st level cleric spells cure light wounds and faith healing. The difference between the two is that faith healing is automatically maximized and is only effective on those who worship that particular deity).
4. Give a monetary amount for the service where x amount is used for the particular service. Both free agents and deity aligned have to receive money, but I do believe a portion of that should be given to the SP as well and the rest must be given to an appropriate church to a deity of the SP's alignment (free agent) or to the aligned SP's deity. Failure to do so removes the SP's power until an atonement is made.

So, what do you think?

2016-01-05, 12:05 PM
At least two days and no replies as far as I can tell. I can't offer much in an answer to your question, but you might have more luck in the Other Systems subforum where somebody might be at all familiar with that particular system.