View Full Version : How many vampires?

2016-01-05, 03:23 AM
We've seen 10 vampires enter the chamber, plus Gontor (and (former) HPoH). However, there's no sign of the Goliath which Belkar saw. In addition, some of the vampire horde are still descending the stairs, suggesting there might be even more behind.

fHPoH is limited by the charges in the staff, or spell slots. However, its entirely possible that Malack's spell can affect more than one body per casting. Just how many vampires are there going to be?

2016-01-05, 12:07 PM
Methinks you might be in the wrong subforum, son. Is this an ongoing game's post?

2016-01-05, 01:04 PM

he`s obviously referring to the current Comic Strip of GitP.

And I`d guess something along the lines of "all people in the Complex-High Priests and Main Chamber Guards, Order of the Stick and Bodyguards of High Priests".

So ... depending on how many there were between a lot and a WHOLE lot. :smallcool: