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I've attempted to make this as balanced as possible. If all you care about are the stats, skip to the bottom of the post. I've put my reasoning behind the stats (as applicable) in

Also, I'm aware there's a provision for a playable Werewolf in the DMG, but I don't really like the buffs/restrictions that come with it. Namely, the chance to go berserk and kill your whole party.

If Tieflings are a rarity, Lycans are nearly unheard of. Theyíre so rare that some people donít even believe they exist. In reality, Lycan are the result of illegal magical and alchemical experimentation on Werewolves.

In the distant past, a powerful sorcererís daughter was bitten by a werewolf. The sorcerer, in an effort to save his daughter from the Lycan Curse, performed many illegal experiments involving ancient magic and alchemical potions. While he was successful in freeing her mind from the Curse, his experiments forced her body to become a permanent hybrid of human and werewolf. In fear and shame, she fled into the forest with the few other werewolves that her father had freed. They found a spot deep inside the forest where few people ever went and started their own small village in the wild, taking the name Lycan.

In the centuries since, Lycan have become more numerous, but no easier to find. They tend to keep to themselves, and are so rarely seen by the general populace that some people donít believe they exist at all. When a Lycan does venture away from their home, they are often met with distrust and sometimes open hostility, for fear of the ancient Curse that still flows in their veins. Most people donít realize that the magic which freed their minds also prevents them from transmitting the Curse to anyone other than their own offspring.

Lycan can speak in their hybrid form, though it is rough, guttural speech and can be grating on races that typically have more elegant languages, such as Elves.

Modern Lycan have learned how to focus their will and transform into their ancient ancestors human form for a short time. However, even in human form, Lycan still show signs of their bestial heritage. Often retaining subtle markings around their eyes, or pointed teeth. Some Lycan rarely, if ever, use their Human form, preferring instead to be honest and show their true nature. Others, however, fear the backlash that might occur if they were seen in their true hybrid form.

Most Lycan tend towards the martial, and many of them follow the path of the Barbarian, Fighter, and Rogue. However, their magical heritage does draw some Lycan to the sorcerous and druidic arts as well. Lycan Clerics, Paladins, and Warlocks are exceedingly rare, but not unheard of.

The personality of the Lycan is as varied as that of their human ancestors. Many can be brutish bullies or cunning tricksters, but still others are kind and gracious. Like Half-Orcs, Lycan who wish to fit in to society will find creative ways to do so. Some try to intimidate their way through life, while others wish to show people that Lycan can be gentle.

When a young Lycan comes of age (about age 19-20), the pack requires them to go through a Rite of Passage. These Rites can be virtually anything, though they usually involve something that requires the Lycan to put both his body and mind to the test. Though few, some Lycan enjoy the Rite so much that they seek additional Adventures, and may join an adventuring party. Work with your DM to create a suitable Rite of Passage for your character. Alternatively, your first adventure can function as your Rite of Passage, so long as you return to your pack for at least 5 days after it is over.
[Italics by 'yourbrainislying' from Reddit] As our group crept forward through the desecrated corridors of the temple, I could hear nothing but the incessant plip, plip plip of water droplets, leaking through the decayed mortar overhead and splatting maddeningly all about us, saturating the stonework of the floor. Despite being mere feet away, I could not even hear the hushed breathing of my companions, stalking the ruined passageway around me, hands never far from weapons. For my part, I had to squint and concentrate maddeningly to ensure I did not trip over, or kick, one of the innumerable loose tiles, ragged tapestries or shattered arrows littering the floor; The faint shimmer of the sunstone set in my staff was all the light we dared risk, and to err on the side of caution I had doused it further through clever application of Astorio's always ridiculous, and currently waterlogged, hat - accompanied with much muttered indignation from the bard himself.

So intent on my footing was I, that I barely registered motion before I found a massive, clawed hand placed firm upon my chest, freezing me in place. "Hold, little one", whispered Sifanya in her usual guttural, commanding tone. Not that the command was necessary; though lithe in appearance, the unnatural strength that ran through her long limbs could have rent me in two as easily as it had paused me mid stride. I shuddered involuntarily. I could never bring myself to feel at ease near her, her presence always seemed to awaken some nameless fear deep within me. Not even in the common rooms of the inns back in town, when she had cloaked her form in the guise of a unrefined but undeniably beautiful woman, did I feel truly safe. No. No, especially not then. But right now, I was at least grateful.

Cautiously, I craned my neck up to follow her gaze. Normally I would not risk insulting her by looking her straight in the eyes, but circumstances demanded. The thick, wild shock of white fur which crowned her head made her ruby eyes stand out in stark relief, as they slowly scanned back and forth, piercing the darkness ahead. She moved not a muscle. After a moment, slowly and deliberately, she bent her elongated frame forwards, and her muzzle twitched slightly as she took snorted a few brisk samples of the musty air near the ground. Then, suddenly, she looked up at me, wet gums peeled back in a unsettling fanged parody of a grin. "It is to be here, then." she half-explained to me.

At that, the the air exploded with the horrible noise of the Hobgoblin ambush. A door concealed behind a tapestry only steps ahead burst open and spilled several of the beasts in to the hall. They screamed obscenities, and rattled their awful, hooked weapons against their shields. Fixated and deafened by the spectacle, I fumbled over my incantation, trying to ward us before arrows could fly.

Then I found I was off my feet and falling. Without warning, in a move that would leave my neck sore for days, albeit attached, Sifanya snapped her sinewy claws around the back of my neck, and flung me behind her like a stuffed toy. As I reeled back my eyes made out the descending blur from the ceiling, a foe leaping in ambush from an overhead cleft.

Off balance, Sifanya took the full impact of the beast's descending greatsword down her body. It bit hard, and though I could not see I could hear the wound; the awful, sucking sound of flesh tearing, and then I knew that a terrible rend hand been opened on her, and we were finished. The blade completed its arc, crashing down on the ground, shattering the tile in a cloud of dust now thick with blood and fur. Sifanya let out a sharp shriek, collapsing to all fours, thick red blood pooling beneath her.

The assassin came to his feet, planted his stance wide and raised the bloody blade overheard in a triumphant two hand grip, this time intent on fully separating her head from her body. Astorio cried out in despair, but I was too numb from the shock to so much as blink. At that, moment my regret was that I would not even have time left to me to summon the tears to weep for her.

Sifanya though, was not interested in my thoughts for her, mournful or otherwise. With a speed I could never hope to match, even if given a hundred years to train, she willed herself to movement. A limb flashed, all claw and muscle and terrible purpose, raking the hobgoblins sneering face. It reeled back, crying out, gauntlet-clad hands futility pawing at the rivulets of blood that now blinded it. She pulled her long legs under her, and surged up, planting her shoulder in its chest, sending her assailant staggering back towards its companions. I watched her back shudder and expand with effort as she drew in breath, then she let loose with a slow, somber howl, which grew, and grew. It had not the sound of fury, or anger, or pain. It was a funeral dirge, and promised nothing but the simple, inevitable end. The other hobgoblins boisterous taunting faltered, and died out. Still she howled, and it filled the air around us all, until you felt the pressure of it on your chest, until it filled every gap, every crevasse in the hall, squeezing you empty and leaving just the cold void inside.

An eternity later she stopped, and the the plaintive whine of the blinded hobgoblin seemed meek and distant. The others seemed rooted. She half turned back to face me. I could see it then, the matted wet fur, the terrible wound cleaving her chest, dripping gore around her feet. Even as the horror of the fatal wound sank in, impossibly, I saw the gash was closing. White steam, hot and thick, rose up out of it as the flesh knit itself back together. She locked eyes with us:

"Watch me, pack. Learn".

And so she was upon them.

Ability Score Improvement: +2 Str OR +2 Dex [Here I'm trying to open them up to as many melee classes as possible]

Age: Lycan cubs mature at about the same rate as humans, reaching adulthood around age 20. However, because of the magical origin of the Lycan, they age more slowly, and can live around 200 years.

Alignment: Given their wild nature, Lycan are generally chaotic. However, unlike their werewolf brethren, they have no innate tendency towards evil.

Size: Lycan are Medium. Males are often well over 6 feet tall, and bulky, weighing between 260-300 pounds. Females are generally somewhat smaller, being just under 6 feet tall, and between 180-210 pounds.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet

Two Forms: Each day, for a number of hours equal to half your total levels, rounded down, you can assume the form of a human. These hours need not be consecutive. Entering combat (i.e. rolling initiative) immediately reverts you back to your Lycan form with no penalty. [This is intended as a Role-Playing option. The only combat application I can think of is a rogue using it to get close to a king to assassinate him.]

Darkvision: Accustomed to dark forests, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You canít discern color in darkness, only shades of grey.

Rapid Regeneration: When you roll a hit die during a short rest, you may roll twice and use either result. [Depends entirely on how often the group takes a short rest. Could be really strong, or completely useless.]

Unnatural Fortitude: When you take damage that would not reduce you to zero or fewer Hit Points, and you are conscious, you may use your reaction to immediately heal for half the damage received, rounded down. You may not use this feature if the damage was dealt by a silvered weapon. Once you use this feature you may not use it again until you have had a long rest. [This is basically the Goliath racial ability, except that it's a more consistent amount healed, but with the drawback of being on a long rest and not allowed if the weapon is silvered.]

Fear of Silver: Silvered weapons deal 1d10 extra damage when they hit you. [Ouch. But thematically appropriate. Also quite painful since Unnatural Fortitude cannot be used with Silvered weapons]

Bestial Fury: Lycans in their natural (hybrid) form can attack with their claws and mouth as if armed. You are proficient in these attacks, and they are considered weapon attacks. The claw attack deals 1d4 slashing damage, and the Bite attack deals 1d6 piercing damage. Due to the magical nature of your origin, your claw and bite attacks are considered magical. Claw attacks cannot be used while holding any item, including weapons and shields. [Thematically appropriate, but not particularly useful unless you have your weapons taken away.]

Immunity: As they are already infected, Lycan are immune to the curse of all Were-Creatures. Also, Lycan cannot transmit the Lycanthropy Curse to anyone except their own offspring. [Only applies to one very specific condition that may or may not ever be seen, depending on the campaign]

Languages: You know Common.



[i]Your progenitors were some of the most vicious, brutal alphas in your packs history. In your cursed blood still flows the incessant need to prove yourself in combat.

Add: +1 CHA

Alpha Prowess: Gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill.

Old Dog: You may choose to gain advantage on any Grapple or Shove roll, either when attacking or defending. Once you use this feature, you can't use it again until you've had a short rest. [edited to once per short rest; no longer works against multiple enemies]


Your progenitors were accomplished pack hunters who harried their prey for hours on end. Even now, you sometimes awaken at night in a cold sweat, but burning with the urge to set out and simply run until you drop

Add: +1 WIS

Wild Cunning: Gain proficiency in the Perception skill

This is Nothing: When you would suffer a level of exhaustion you may choose not to. Once you use this ability you may not use it again until you have had a long rest, food & drink, and have no levels of exhaustion. [More thematic than overly useful. If the DM pays a lot of attention to Exhaustion, it's very good.]


I'm really just looking for whatever feedback you want to give, good or bad.

Thank you!

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Nobody has any opinion at all?

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Old Dog is weird. It's essentially 1/enemy, since PCs will rarely see the same enemy again after a long rest. It's also not a mind trick or anything from what I can tell, so I don't really understand why you can knock down 4 hobgoblins with superhuman strength once each, but not the same hobbo four times. Just make it 1/short rest.

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Old Dog is weird. It's essentially 1/enemy, since PCs will rarely see the same enemy again after a long rest. It's also not a mind trick or anything from what I can tell, so I don't really understand why you can knock down 4 hobgoblins with superhuman strength once each, but not the same hobbo four times. Just make it 1/short rest.

Good point. I hadn't really thought of that. Good idea to change it to once/short rest.

Thanks! I'm open to any other thoughts/suggestions as well.

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Pretty cool class. Nice fluff. It works well.
I think the class overall is balanced. Maybe giving +1str and +1dex to not making it too strong

Nice work

2016-01-18, 09:31 AM
Pretty cool class. Nice fluff. It works well.
I think the class overall is balanced. Maybe giving +1str and +1dex to not making it too strong

Nice work

Thanks!! I'm glad you like it. Feel free to use it if you want to!

Though it's not +2 Str and +2 dex. It's Str OR Dex. The idea being that a player can then use it for whichever melee class they want (or a caster if they roll really well for stats).

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Thanks!! I'm glad you like it. Feel free to use it if you want to!

Though it's not +2 Str and +2 dex. It's Str OR Dex. The idea being that a player can then use it for whichever melee class they want (or a caster if they roll really well for stats).

I know it isn't +2 str and +2 dex, that would with the other ASI be broken, I knew you can chose but that is still better than a normal ASI probably.

I mean +1str and +1dex will give him the martial role but doesn't give a choice, making it little bit more 5e and still little weaker because you can't go full martial. With +1str and dex you can still use it for everything you want.

And there are enough players (like me since a short while) who play certain races mostly for fluff. I played a tiefling (no variant) monk and I played a dragonborn druid.