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2016-01-06, 05:48 PM
If you have to identify two sets of people in your group by their initials, rather than their first names; or you are in a monstrous character only gaming group, stop reading now. Seriously.
Still here? Not a member of my group? Good.
I'm having some issues currently, regarding inter-party conflict. Let me begin by posting our groups makeup, or at least what I can remember.

Me - A bard/rogue Half-Nymph, aiming to enter Fochlucan Lyrist. Built as a spellsword type character, but with a focus on melee support. Master of obscure skills, lore, and our treasurer/loremaster.

C1 - Changeling Wizard. Roleplay heavy, and definitely one of the leaders of our group.

C2 - Aranea Druid. More interested in her textiles business than the party, but helps us anyway. Causes some amusing misunderstandings, a little hasty, but fun to play with.

C3 - Not here often, I don't remember what he plays. Here for combat.

S - Orc Cleric of Hextor named Blargh. Smash&Bash, here for the combat.

K - Our GM. Roleplay heavy, intelligent tactician, runs off-screen NPC interaction well.

K2 - Yuan-ti Pureblood paragon, going for Druidic Avenger. Tactician, slow, deliberate.

M1 - Dragonwrought Kobold Rogue. The best roleplayer in the group, good tactician, and fun to be around. Livens up the deadest of games.

M2 - Fire Elf Wu-jen. The latest meeting was his introduction session.

W - Afflicted Lycanthrope, fighter levels. Life keeps him busy, so he tends to run arc-long characters and then disappear.

And finally...
B - Seems to be a Kobold Necropolitan Cleric. Nobody's sure, as he's the secretive one in our group. Also, the character is insane, completely, as well as CE. Uses disguise to play another character, Fonix Left: a famous lawyer.

This issue comes from our latest session, which needs some background. Our adventure started with a recruitment drive to infiltrate a hostile keep, checking for the people who have been disappearing from the area. The region is covered in deserters from a nearby army, so we assume it's bandits. For one reason or another we sign on, but quickly run into an issue. One of our players has a deed to the keep, but the recruiter has another. One opposed forgery check later, we determine that the party member's deed is fake. No problem, we continue.

To cut some text, we take the keep from the orcs and goblins holding it, kill the necromancer in the basement, and stumble on the main plot. Like you do. Apparently, each of the heiresses from the major kingdoms in the world have been kidnapped, taken to hostile nations, and held there. This necromancer had been investigating ties to a dragon-worshiping cult, coming close to a breakthrough when we, you know, murdered him. Oops.
I immediately jump to investigate his journal, which is written in true draconic. (In this setting, dragons and dragon related artifacts were destroyed around 300 years ago. Modern draconic is the equivalent of pig latin to actual latin.) Thankfully, I'm one of the few people who can still read the language, and discover that the journal lays out his investigations, theories, and provides a magical map to the location of each heiress. Perfect! Well, not perfect. We're immediately caught up in local politics when bandit shenanigans happen.

I missed the session that we solved the situation diplomatically.
Some military or another got wind of our antics, and we decided to evacuate the nearby town (~3000) people.
Now the session starts.

Around our second day of travel, we hear revelry from up ahead on the road. No less than three of us make the knowledge check, it's satyrs. After calling a halt, we eventually decide to send M1, C2, the village's mayor, assorted NPCs and myself to try and move them.

We stop by, I have a brief conversation with their leader, and with a combination of diplomacy and roleplay convince them that another venue would be a nice change of scenery. That was when we did something that might have been a bad idea: We sent back the NPCs to inform everyone else that the road was clear, and the PCs went with the Satyrs. The next hour of session was K handing us a sheet of saving throw DCs, effects, and NPC interactions, and we messed around while he did some stuff with the rest of the party. After each of us taking an average of -10 Wis, we decide to sit back, sober up, and go back to the party.

Then B comes around. Now, one quirk of his character is a list of things he can't be around "or the crazy comes out." One of those things is Fey creatures. In less than a minute, we have 6 uncontrolled, summoned Shadows running around, ganging up to drain the Satyrs to death. I burn a ghost touch oil, start hacking through them, and C2 chases after the now-fleeing B. In 6 rounds, I've managed to kill the shadows with help from M1, but 4 Satyrs are dead. We make our apologies (or I do, M1 found the Satyr's stash and is giggling insensibly) and leave.

This is where the problem is. XP time rolls around, and we each get 400 for diplomacy with the Satyrs, and 450 for the combat (We split it with the 12ish Satyrs, who dealt no damage in the encounter?) Okay. Sure. Then K does B's xp. 8 thousand, for summoning and retreating! Sure, fine, he'll probably be getting IC consequences, right?
Nope. The party members who weren't there immediately side with B, claiming that our word means nothing because we were high. Not only that, but we're supposed to apologize for slandering his name.

I'm pretty much infuriated, and I have no idea what to do. Our group's been gaming together for more than 5 years, but we've had a couple of argumentative issues. C1 believes that it was an illusion, despite Fonix Left returning to the group with us. B's likely to cause a storm of rules lawyering, argument, and discontent if word of this gets to him. K... I don't even know how to bring this up to him.