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2016-01-07, 01:19 AM
To a bone kineticist, the minerals in a creature's bones is just like any other sort, and she uses that knowledge to brutal ends.
-Bone Focus (Ex): A bone kineticist must choose earth as her primary element and must choose earth blast as her first simple blast. All of her infusions granted by this archetype work only on creatures with bones.
-Wrack (Su): At 1st level, a bone kineticist can use her abilities to wrack a target within 30 feet, harming the target by manipulating its skeleton from the inside. The target takes half the normal damage of the bone kineticistís blast, and can attempt a Fortitude save to reduce that amount to 1/4 normal damage, but the damage is untyped and ignores damage reduction. This is a 1st-level form infusion that costs 0 points of burn and can be used with earth and bone blasts. This ability replaces the 1st-level infusion.
-???: (5th level)
-???: (6th level)
-Bone Blast (Su): The first time a bone kineticist selects earth with expanded element, she doesnít gain the metal simple blast; instead, she gains the bone composite blast, which costs 2 points of burn. A bone blast is a physical blast that deals bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage. It is associated with the same infusions as the earth blast. If the blood kineticist selects earth with expanded element a second time, she gains the metal composite blast as normal. This ability alters expanded element.
-Bone Throw (Su): At 8th level, a bone kineticist gains the foe throw infusion as a bonus infusion, and can use it with the earth element on earth and bone blasts, in addition to its normal associated element and blast. This ability replaces the 8th-level utility wild talent.
-???: (9th level)
-???: (11th level)
-???: (20th level)

In essence, I want to make an earth version of the blood kineticist. I'd have it finished, but I can't think of good abilities for several levels as noted above. So, if you got any input, I'd appreciate it so this can get wrapped up.

2016-01-07, 03:35 AM
Comic Sans. Truly an evil archetype.

Maybe a 'Grinding Infusion' at 9th which staggers on a failed save? It'd be better than gut-wrenching inf., but that's no bad thing. The latter sucks badly.

At 11th it might be time to allow the Bone Kineticist some form of Animate Dead. Probably one which requires the kineticist to spend some irreducible amount of burn keeping the bones animate, and which lasts until the burn is removed.

You don't actually need to replace all the same infusions Blood Kineticist does. Leaving some more free to be chosen by the player is fine.