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2016-01-07, 12:02 PM
My main goal of this archetype was to make the best support class even better at what he does. None of the other colleges that I found, homebrew or not, are not completely focused on just buffing other characters, so I made my own!
Please help me out with anything you think I should change. Do I need to nerf something? Remove something? Add something? Is so bad that I should just give up and never play DnD again? I dunno, you tell me.

Here is a link to the Google doc that the class is on, it has a readable format there. Because I haven't posted 10 times I am unable to post any links, so just put a period between Google and com, and docs and google

docs google com/document/d/1UvH-gDKdB8scspCx6DyOxwvV0il5GfdgL1N2uqEvgeU/edit?usp=docslist_api

Fast Jimmy
2016-01-07, 01:33 PM
Hi KoW... I'm not able to use the link you provided.

2016-01-07, 01:45 PM
The link was with spaces instead of dots. Here (docs.google.com/document/d/1UvH-gDKdB8scspCx6DyOxwvV0il5GfdgL1N2uqEvgeU/edit?usp=docslist_api)is the link.
@KingOfWhales: I hope you dont mind I made it a link. You can change it in your own post once you reached 10 posts ;)

2016-01-07, 02:52 PM
I don't mind at all, thank you!

Fast Jimmy
2016-01-07, 03:11 PM

I like this idea, as it brings the idea of the instrument-playing bard back into the build of the class. And with the 1st level Boons using Reactions or the Magical Performance using the BA, it keeps the action economy moving, so the Bard doesn't just sit there, eating his turn by playing music.

That being said - here's my questions/critique:

Boon of Rythyms - since you get this Boon at Level 3, yet no one gets an extra attack until Level 5... unless you are counting two weapon fighting? Either way, I'd take the "multiple attacks" part out, just making it any attack.

Boon of Force - there is nothing wrong with this... but being limited to just force spells is rather circumstantial. Basically, it's a boost to Magic Missile. If there isn't another caster that uses magic missile (or even if there isn't another caster period), then this is next to worthless. I like the concept of harmonic reinforcement, but limiting it to one of the rarest forms of magical damage really makes this something I will forget I even have.

Magical Performance - perfect Level 6 ability for this archetype. Great progression of the action economy. The description is a LITTLE wonky, though... it says you must spend two hours with the instrument - I'm guessing that is a one-time thing? Also, it then says you spend your turn starting the song... does that use your Action? Continuing the song with your Bonus Action works great, tho.

Inspirational Dice - I'm not a mad mathematical genius, but an 18 or higher Performance check for a Bard is pretty likely. If you attempt this check every turn after your first (since, let's face it, you'll want to do Magical Performance the first round of combat every time), you're basically giving yourself close to unlimited Inspiration die. It may not be overpowered, but I feel like it is worth noting.

The "Sounds" option doesn't sound all to overwhelming. +1 to AC is not crazy and neither is +1 to damage. About comparable to some of the paladin auras. Maybe specify a more limited range than "anyone who can hear" to help with balance? Sounds of Valor seems pretty weak in comparison to the other two, but may have its uses against mind control enemies.

Boon of the Piper - seems costly (6 boon points) just to charm animals until they are hit? This may end some all-beast encounters I suppose, but for CR 4 creature and below, this is kind of a weak power to get at Level 6. And one more thing (see below)

Boon of Heroes - this is cool, and well worth the cost. But (and this applies to Boon of the Piper) it costs a Bonus Action. Aren't I using my Bonus Action for Magical Performance every round? Or do I need to stop that in order to use these Boons? Based on further ability descriptions it looks like the case but it seems like an inconsistent system?

Musical Awareness - This sort of answers my previous question, but I still think it's worth pointing out... having to turn off Magical Performance to cast Level 2 Boons or using your Reactions to use Level 1 Boons... it's an inconsistent system. I get that you are trying to make the newer Boons more expensive in the Action Economy (and then later made "free" by abilities like Musical Awareness) but you should stick with the "Reaction" cost to use a Level 2 Boon so you don't have a player being forced to sacrifice Magical Performance for a 2nd level Boon.

Boon of Quickening - great Level 14 ability, smart cost... also, using an Action also works here, since it doesn't interfere with Magical Performance.

Boon of Action - Action Surge for Bardic spellcasting at no action economy cost? Yes please - the 8 Boon cost is perfect.

Boon of Restoration - I'm confused by the wording here. You use your action and 9 BP to give the benefits of a Short Rest... except not HP, spells or abilities? I'm not sure what else you gain from a Short Rest besides that... even a level of Exhaustion only goes away with a Long Rest. Do you mind clarifying what benefit or situation this would apply in?

BTW, great job - lots of flavor here and, when combined with a Bard's base abilities and spells, could make for an awesome character type.

2016-01-07, 05:11 PM
Thanks a ton for taking the time to look over the entire doc and for making as many comments as you did, it really helped and your last comment made my day
I made a bunch of changes to go with what you suggested.

I moved the boon of rhythms down and increased the cost while making it a tad stronger, and I changed it so it would be more different from the boon of heroes.

I changed the boon of forces' name and modified it so that it would be more useful

Fixed the description of Magical performance

Increased the check required for gaining another inspiration die to 25

Gave a name to the "sounds" feature (Magical music)

Changed around boon of the piper

Tried to change the action cost economy so that boons can be played while you are playing on your magical instrument.

Changed the boon of restoration to count as long rests and restore some "points" of other players.

I also added a few new things (such as Musical magic), changed around some wordings and rearranged some of the boons