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2016-01-08, 07:34 PM
While most antipaladins are brutal and obvious champions of evil, plaguelords prefer to operate subtly and indirectly when possible. They are adept at concealing their true nature, and it delights their sense of irony to pretend to be true paladins, feigning good deeds while spreading disease wherever they go. Plaguelords often worship fiends whose portfolios include disease and/or deception.

Class Skills: The plaguelord adds Diplomacy and Heal to his list of class skills, but does not gain Spellcraft or Intimidate as class skills.

Infiltrator (Ex): The plaguelord lacks an Aura of Evil. He still takes extra damage from a paladin’s smite evil ability. This ability alters Aura of Evil.

Obfuscation (Su): The plaguelord may choose any alignment. When someone attempts to determine his alignment magically they must pass a Will save DC 10 + 1/2 antipaladin level+Char mod or he will detect as the chosen alignment. He may change the alignment he detects as once per day as a full round action. This ability replaces Detect Good.

Disease Collector (Ex): At the 3rd level, the plaguelord does not recover from diseases without magical aid (though he still takes no penalty from them). When the plaguelord inflicts a disease through an antipaladin spell or class feature he may choose to inflict a disease he is infected with instead of choosing from the normal list. If he is magically cured of a disease he is Sickened for 1d6 rounds.

Aura of Disease (Su): At 3rd level, all creatures within 10 feet of the plaguelord take a -4 penalty on saving throws against diseases. This does not stack with the penalty from Aura of Despair. The ability continues to function if the plaguelord is unconscious, but not if he is dead. This ability replaces Aura of Cowardice.

False healing (Su): The plaguelord gains the Sickened cruelty at 3rd level, the Diseased cruelty at 6th level, and the Nauseated cruelty at 9th level, but never gains any other cruelties. The plaguelord’s Touch of Corruption ability appears to glow with holy light and cannot heal undead. Beginning at 6th level, it can be used to heal other living creatures as well as harm them. When he uses Touch of Corruption to heal it secretly infects the target with a disease as though he had used the Diseased cruelty, except that the disease has its normal incubation period. This ability alters Touch of Corruption and Cruelty.

Deceiver: When the plaguelord prepares spells he may choose 1 spell from the paladin spell list and prepare it as though it were on his spell list. At 15th level the number of paladin spells he may choose increases by 1. This ability alters Spells.

Swift Plague (Sp): At 11th level as a swift action the plaguelord may expend a use of Smite Good to cause a target within 30 feet that is infected with a disease to immediately suffer its penalty. If the disease is still within its onset period, the period ends. A Fort save against the disease’s DC negates this effect. Whether or not the save is successful, a creature cannot be the target of this ability again for 24 hours. This ability replaces Aura of Vengeance.

Epidemic (Sp): At 20th level, he may conduct a 10 minute ritual to cast Cursed Earth (Plague only) with no material component once per week. If he uses the ability again the previous effect ends. The plaguelord’s Channel Negative Energy casts Contagion on all damaged by it. In addition, the DC of diseases he inflicts through spells, class abilities, or direct natural infection is equal to 10+half his antipaladin level+Char mod. This ability replaces Unholy Champion.