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I am presenting my submission for the Homestead Theme Contest as posted here http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?474734-Base-Class-Contest-III-Homestead-5E by user JNA Productions.

I tried to make a class whose power is heavily tied to their Homestead location, as reflected in their Homestead, Spells, and Bastion class feature. All of these are tied to either making you and your allies more potent while at home, or are powerful class features that only recharge when you rest in your Homestead. I uesd the Paladin as a good starting point, since they had many features that mirror what I wanted. I tried to keep the language as close to standard as possible, but I'll be honest, I didn't cross reference everything to make sure it's language was consistent. Definitely needs editing, but I figured I'd post it here for critiquing first before doing the gritty editing stuff.

Please Critique and ask any questions if anything needs clarification. Also, I apologize for the formatting, this is my first time doing something like this. This is a work in progress.

Hearth Guardian

Hit Dice

Light Armor
Simple Weapons

Skills Pick 3
Animal Handling

Level 1 Bastion, Homestead, Champion's Oath,
Level 2 Bastion Spells, Helping Hand, Wisdom of the Land, Spellcasting
Level 3 Subclass Warleader, Banneret, Frontiersman
Level 4 Ability Score Increase
Level 5 Extra Attack
Level 6 Bastion Increase, Homestead Recall
Level 7 Subclass feature
Level 8 Ability Score Increase
Level 9 Homestead Ferocity, Bastion Regeneration
Level 10 Bastion Increase
Level 11 Mighty Bastion
Level 12 Ability Score Increase
Level 13 Homestead Aegis, Home Field Advantage, Homestead Seed
Level 14 Bastion Increase, Bastion Defiance
Level 15 Subclass Feature
Level 16 Ability Score Increase
Level 17 Homestead Champion
Level 18 Bastion Increase
Level 19 Ability Score Increase
Level 20 Subclass Feature, Unfettered Guardian

LEVEL ONE Bastion, Bastion Defense, Homestead, Homestead Specialty, Homestead Healing

As a bonus action, you can activate an aura unique to Hearth Guardians known as Bastion. The range of Bastion starts off as 5 feet, and increases as you level. A Bastion has Hit Points equal to 2+your cha x your level. The Bastion lasts until you cease concentrating on it.
Activating and maintaining your Bastion requires concentration, as if it were a spell requiring concentration. If you fail to maintain Concentration on your Bastion, you cannot activate it again until you take a short rest.
While your bastion is at 0 HP, you cannot activate it.
Your Bastion regains all it's Hit Points after taking a short or long rest in your Homestead.

Bastion Defense
Whenever an ally within your Bastion takes damage, you may have your Bastion take damage instead. If this reduces the Bastion to 0 Hit Points, your ally takes any remaining damage.

All Hearth Guardians have a homestead that they have sworn to protect at all costs. This location must be a permanent domicile, though your DM could agree to a boat or some other vehicle-house hybrid if appropriate for his campaign. Once a Hearth Guardian has a Homestead, he can not change it unless it is destroyed or otherwise unreachable. If this happens, he can complete a ritual that takes one month, after which he can assign a new Homestead.

As you level, your Homestead will attract followers and also be self-sustaining economnically. Your homestead's total value is equal to 5000 GP + 1000 GP per level. At level 10, this increases by another 10000 GP and at Level 20 your Homestead can be worth up to a 1000000 GP. The details of you Homestead are up to you, but it should start off small and grow to a fort or village by about Level 10, and end as a city or outpost.

While in your Homestead you can acquire any non-magical, non-component item equal to or less than 1/10th your Homesteads total value. This item cannot be sold, as it doesn't belong to you, but as the Homestead's sworn protector, you are allowed to use it as you see fit otherwise. This can include armor and weapons that you use on your travels.

While you have control over the style, decorum, economy, and location of your Homestead, your character is not it's actual ruler, it is it's protector. The player may also choose to forgo desigining their own Homestead, and instead choose from among options presented by the DM.

Your homestead includes both the building or domicile itself, and everything within 100 feet per level. As you gain levels, your Homestead should grow in size and scale, attracting more follows. Followers can inclue laborers, guards, sages, acolytes, priests, artisans, or any other variety of workers as you and your DM see fit for your homestead. The total number of followers you attract is equal to your level times your charisma modifier.

Homestead Specialty
When you first gain this class feature, pick an Int, Wis, or Cha skill you are proficient in. You gain Expertise, as the rogue feature, in that skill, and anyone within your Homestead is considered proficient in that skill.

Homestead Healing
While you are in your homestead, whenever a creature of your choice regains Hit Points while within your Homestead, that creature regains the maximum possible amount.

While you are in your homestead, when a creature takes a Short Rest in your Homestead, they regain one Hit Die, and may cure one Disease, Poison, or Curse afflicting them.

LEVEL TWO Helping Hand, Wisdom of the Land, Spellcasting, Bastion Spells, Spellcasting Limitations

Helping Hand
Your range on the Help Action increases by 30 feet. You can use the Help Action as a Bonus Action.
Wisdom of the Land
You may use your Wisdom modifier instead of Strength or Dexterity when making Weapon Attacks for both To Hit and Damage. You may also use your Wisdom instead of your Dexterity for calculating your Armor Class and Dexterity Saving Throws.
Spells per day as Paladin
Spells prepared as Paladin from the Hearth Champion spell list (see below).
Cha as spellcasting stat.
Spell Limitation
Whenever you cast a non Bastion spell, that spells casting time is One Minute, or it's normal casting time, whichever is higher. Ignore this limitation while in your Homestead. In order to change your spells prepared, you must take a long rest in your Homestead.
Bastion Spells
Some spells available to the Hearth Guardian may also be applied to all willing creatures within your Bastion effect. If this effect has a duration of longer than instantaneous, creatures only gain the effect for as long as they are within your Bastion (they may leave and reenter to regain the spell effect if they so desire). You may have one of these spells in effect at once, and you concentrate on for as long as you remain concentrating on Bastion. The spell lasts for as long as your bastion remains in effect, or the duration of the spell, whichever is shorter. Your Bastion Spells use your spell slots as normal, but you are very limited in which Bastion Spells you know. You know one Bastion spell at second level, and learn an additional bastion whenever you gain a new level of spells. Casting a Bastion Spell is always an Action, or it's normal casting time, whichver is higher. Once you cast a spell as a Bastion Spell, you cannot use this feature again until you take a long rest in your Homestead.

LEVEL THREE Subclass Feature

LEVEL FOUR Ability Score Increase

LEVEL FIVE Extra Attack

LEVEL SIX Bastion Bonus, Homestead Recall
Bastion 15 Feet radius
Two Bastion Spells per rest
Homestead Recall
Once per day, you may cast Word of Recall as an Action. Your Homestead must be the location chosen in the spell.

LEVEL SEVEN Subclass Feature

LEVEL EIGHT Ability Score Increase

LEVEL NINE Homestead Ferocity, Bastion Regeneration

Homestead Ferocity
While in your Homestead, all weapon attacks made by you and your allies deal maximum damage.
In addition, all followers in your Homestead become proficient in all Simple and Martial Weapons, All Armor, and Shields.
Bastion Regeneration
Whenever you take a short or long rest, you may have your Bastion regenerate all it's Hit Points as if you had taken a rest in your Homestead, and you regain the use of your Bastion Spell class feature if you use this ability while taking a long rest. You cannot use this feature again until you take a short or long rest in your Homestead.

LEVEL TEN Bastion Bonus

Bastion 30 Feet radius
3 Bastion Spells per rest

LEVEL ELEVEN Mighty Bastion

Mighty Bastion
While concentrating on your Bastion, your attacks deal an additional 1d8 damage.

LEVEL TWELVE Ability Score Increase

LEVEL THIRTEEN Homestead Aegis, Homestead Seed

Homestead Aegis
While in your Homestead, you and your allies have advantage on saving throws against Spells.
Homestead Seed
At this level, your Homestead has grown so large that is has sent settlers out to create a new settlement. This settlement counts for all effects regarding your Homestead, and it's total value and follower total is equal to a Homestead of your Level minus 10.

LEVEL FOURTEEN Bastion Bonus, Bastion Defiance

Bastion Thirty Feet
Bastion Spells 4 per rest
Bastion Defiance
You have advantage on Concentration Checks when concentrating on your Bastion. In addition, you no longer need to make Concentration Checks as a result of damage.

LEVEL FIFTEEN Subclass Feature

LEVEL SIXTEEN Ability Score Increase

LEVEL SEVENTEEN Homestead Champion

Homestead Champion
Whenever you die, you are reborn 24 hours later in your Homestead. The exact nature and location of your rebirth is up to you and your GM as appropriate. Once used, you cannot use this feature again for one week. If you are killed in this timeframe, you cannot use this feature until you are brought back to life by some other means.


Bastion 60 Feet
Bastion Spells Unlimited

LEVEL NINETEEN Ability Score Increase

LEVEL TWENTY Subclass Feature, Unerring Guardian

Unerring Guardian
As a bonus action, you may teleport to any location within your Homestead.

Subclasses Banneret, Warleader, Frontiersman


You gain Profiency in Heavy Armor, as well as the Banner weapon.

Banner Bearer
As an action, or after making a weapon attack, you may plant your Banner into the ground or some other anchoring place. Your Banner's location counts as a second location for your Bastion, and all Bastion effects. You maintain concentration on this second Bastion location in tandem with your personal Bastion. If you fail your concentration check, both Bastions fall. The Banner Bastion has it's own Hit Points equal to half the hit points of your normal Bastion. When you use the Bastion Spells feature, you can choose to have it affect both locations. You may pick up or place the banner as your Interact With Environment action in order to move it to a new location. The Banner bonus lasts until you cease concentrating on your Bastion or until an enemy reduces it to 0 HP with an attack. If you or an ally is within 5 feet of your banner, it is treated as an attended object. Your Banner is otherwise treated as an unattended object while anchored. If your Banner is reduced to 0 HP, you lose access to this feature until you return to your Homestead. Once used, you cannot use this feature until you finish a Short Rest

Use the following stats if an enemy targets your Banner with an attack.

Anchored Banner Stats
HP: 4 per Level
AC: 15+ your profiency

Banner Proficiency
You gain Proficiency in the Banner Weapon
Versatile, Reach, Special
d8/d10 Bludgeoning
Special: Before or after making an attack with this weapon, you may retrieve it from it's anchoring position or plant it in a new anchoring location for free. You must be within 5 feet of the Banner to use this ability.

To Arms!
When you use the attack action to make a weapon attack while withing 5 feet of your banner, or as an action while within 5 feet of your banner, you may also summon a rallying cry to bolster your allies or frighten your foes.

Bolster: As a reaction, all allies within hearing distance and line of sight of you may move up to their speed without provoking attacks of opportunity. In addition, they regain Hit Points equal to your level plus your charisma modifier. Once used, you cannot use this feature again until you finish a long rest.
Frighten: All enemies within hearing distance and line of sight of you must make a Wisdom save vs your spell save DC. If they fail, they become frightened as if under the Fear spell. Once used you cannot use this feature again until you finish a short rest.

Forward Until Dawn
While within line of sight of your banner, Allies are immune to Fear and Charm. In addition, they are immune to exhaustion from lack of sleep or a forced march.
Move The Line
While within line of sight of your banner, allies may dash as a bonus action.

These Colors Don't Run
While within line of sight of your banner and while it remains anchored, your allies cannot be reduced below 1 HP.


You gain profiency in all Martial Weapons, as well as Performance (Warhorn) Skill
Level 3
War Horn
Once per turn, before or after making an attack with a weapon, or as an action, you may conjure a mighty blast from your Warhorn, granting your allies effects or hindering your foes.

War Horn Battle Dice
You have a number of Battle Dice equal to your Charisma modifier. These dice start as d8s but increase as you level. Whenever you use a Warhorn Blast, you must expend a die as part of it's action. You regain Battle Dice when you finish a long rest.

War Horn Calls

Bolster: Roll your Battle Die and add your Cha modifier to it. All allies within line of sight and hearing range gain temporary hit points equal to the result.

Focused Assault: Choose a foe within line of sight and hearing range. Until the beginning of your next turn, allies add your Battle Dice to their first attack roll against that foe.

Adrenaline Rush: Roll your Battle Dice and choose a number of allies equal to the result. Those allies may, as a reaction, Dodge, Dash, Disengage, or Use an Item.

Dreadful Dirge: Until the end of your next turn, all enemies within line of sight and hearing range of you apply your Battle Dice as a penalty to all attack rolls, damage rolls, and skill checks.

Level 7
Battle Die improves to d10
Regain all Battle Dice when you take a short rest in your homestead.

New Power
Turn the Tide: This may be used as a reaction or part of a reaction. All allies within hearing range and line of sight of you add your Battle Die to all saves and checks they make until the beginning of your next turn.

Level 15
Battle Die improves to d12

New Power
Even the Odds: Using this power is an action, Choose any number of foes within line of sight and hearing range. Each one of those targets must make an int save vs. your spell save DC. If they fail, they take 10d10 Psychic Damage and Thunder Damage and become Stunned until the end of their next turn. If they succeed on their save, they instead have disadvantage on all attack rolls until the beginning of your next turn.

Level 20
Whenever you roll initative, you regain all Battle Dice.
Battle Die improves to d20
In addition, whenever you use a War Horn Call, all enemies within 10 feet of you take 4d10+charisma psychic and thunder damage.


Gain 3 Skill Proficencies
Expertise Stealth, Expertise Survival
Speed Increase 10 feet
Lose Spellcasting Limitation

Level 3
Home Away From Home
As an action, you may designate a 100 by 100 foot zone as a Frontier Homestead. While in your Frontier Homestead, you and your allies are considered to be in your Homestead for Homestead Specialty and Homestead Healing. This effect lasts until you use this feature again.

Favored Terrain
As Ranger

Level 7
Hindering Presence
Whenever you use the Help Action, you may also select an enemy within 30 feet of you or your Aid target. That enemy has disadvantage on saves or attack rolls (your choice) until the end of your next turn. Once you use this on a creature, that creature is immune to this class feature for 24 hours.
Speed Increase 10 feet.

Level 15
Frontier Ferocity: While under your Frontier Homestead, your allies also gain the benefits of your Homestead Ferocty class feature.
Speed Increase 10 feet

Level 20
New Horizons
While within your homestead or frontier homestead, allies gain Flight equal to your speed and Teleport equal to half your speed as travel modes.


Cure Wounds
Healing Word
Animal Friendship
Comprehend Languages
Feather Fall
Speak With Animals
Unseen Servant
Detect Poison and Disease
Shield of Faith
Bastion Spells
Shield of Faith
Cure Wounds

Lesser Restoration
Locate Object
Protection From Poison
Animal Messenger
Calm Emotions
Enhance Ability
Locate Animal or Plants
See Invisibility
Continual Flame
Find Traps
Prayer of Healing
Misty Step
Bastion Spells
Protection from Poison
Calm Emotions
Enhance Ability
See Invisibility
Lesser Restoration

Beacon of Hope
Create Food and Water
Dispel Magic
Glyph of Warding
Protection from Energy
Conjure Animals
Plant Growth
Remove Curse
Bastion Spells
Protection from Energy
Dispel Magic (allies only)
Remove Curse

Conjure Minor Elementals
Conjure Woodland Beings
Freedom of Movement
Locate Creature
Stone Shape
Control Water
Guardian of Faith
Fire Shield
Bastion Spells
Freedom of Movement
Fire Shield

Raise Dead
Dispel Evil and Good
Greater Restoration
Legend Lore
Antilife Shell
Conjure Elemental
Tree Stride
Wall of Stone
Bastion Spells
Greater Restoration

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Reserved For Edits and Author Editorial Comments

2016-02-06, 08:01 PM
There's an old and complicated guide to tables here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?341034-table-s-in-the-Playground-All-you-want-to-know-about-the-table-code). There are preset tables here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?415265-Preset-Class-Tables-for-5e-Homebrew). Otherwise, if you click "Reply with Quote" underneath a post with a table in, it will reproduce the table code in the quote and you can just copy it.

If you have trouble filling the cells in the table, there's a button in the top left of the editor, which looks like a small black 'A' to the left of a bigger, blue 'A'. The whole button should be highlighted blue. If you make or paste in the code for a table and then click that button, you change to a mode that makes the table show up roughly as it will appear (but without any fancy colours or headings). Then you can just click on each cell to type in it.

Coming to your class, I think your bastion system is the best idea anyone's found for combining the idea of having a homestead with being able to move around like an adventurer needs to. I also like the AD&D-esque growth of your stronghold while you level up. I'd advise having Homestead Specialty use a kind of tool or kit instead of a skill. That way it can be a community of masons, or painters, or what have you.

You seem to give out multiple features at many levels, which in general is a sign that things need to be cut, but I think a lot of that is just the growth of your bastion, which could be written into the original feature or the class table instead. Some abilities could be pared down. E.g. Bastion Defiance is a combination of two improvements to your concentration, either of which is fine individually, but combining them seems like overkill.