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2016-01-12, 02:53 PM
My group used to play this one (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Roleplaying_Game_(Wizards_of_the_Coast)) quite a lot (the Revised edition, I think). Enough to get pretty sick of it. There never seemed to be any reason to play anything other than a human Soldier or a human Jedi Guardian, and there were just various little quibbles we were constantly complaining about to each other. Also, after getting to know D&D 5, I just feel older D20 systems have far too many stats.

I'm interested in running a proper, story-based heroic adventure in the SW universe. I'm thinking of just making my own little thing using White Wolf rules, but I'm also willing to look at any more recent systems.

So... are there any out there that aren't too convoluted, can provide that Star Wars feeling, and are fairly roleplay-friendly?

(Why yes, I did see The Force Awakens recently, why do you ask?)

2016-01-12, 02:57 PM
There was a thread that was just on the front page about this exact topic. Take a look there and see if any of their advice helps?


Mando Knight
2016-01-12, 03:03 PM
The newer two Star Wars RPGs are generally considered better than d20 Revised. WotC's last attempt at Star Wars was Saga Edition, and is considered by some to be one of their better attempts at refining the d20 system.

The newest one is Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars RPG, which has three different "core" books, each with a different campaign focus: Edge of the Empire (for fringer/scoundrel games), Age of Rebellion (for more military-styled games, particularly the Galactic Civil War), and Force and Destiny (for Jedi-heavy games). It uses a unique dice system where your rolls are more descriptive of your results than just simple success and failure.

2016-01-13, 07:46 AM
The West End Games Star Wars game is pretty awesome and it also has a ton of material for it.

2016-01-13, 11:33 AM
The West End Games Star Wars game is pretty awesome and it also has a ton of material for it.

All available at D6holocron.com