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2007-06-13, 08:00 PM
Blade Priest
A crusader's skills in battle stem, at their heart, from the absolute faith that their wielder has in themself and that they serve their deity or ideal well. One with the wisdom to truely draw power from their god can, with training and experience, attempt to blend zeal and true faith together, which produces something entirely new: the power of a Blade Priest.
Entry Requirements
[INDENT]Alignment: Not True Neutral, must be within one step of deity's or cause's alignment
Skills: Knowledge(religion) 9 ranks, Concentration 5 ranks, Martial Lore 5 ranks, Spellcraft 2 ranks
Martial Maneuvers: Must know at least one maneuver of 2nd level or higher from the Devoted Spirit school
Martial Stances: Must know at least one stance
Spells: Ability to cast 2nd level divine spells
Base Attack Bonus: +5
Feat: Divine Spirit
Special: Ability to turn or rebuke undead
Special: Access to at least one domain for which there exist domain maneuvers(see below)
Special: Steely Resolve class feature

Class Features
D8 hit dice
Base Attack Bonus as Cleric
Full divine spellcasting progression(as Mystic Theruge, except without any arcane progression)
Maneuvers as Jade Pheonix Mage
Saves as Cleric
2+INT skill points per level(class skills
Domain Maneuvers: A Blade Priest may give up preparing a domain spell at a particular level in order to instead gain a maneuver or stance known of the same level as the domain slot not used. Because they are not always present, maneuvers gained by this class feature may not be used to qualify for anything whatsoever. The maneuvers that the Blade Priest can gain as domain maneuvers are determined by the domains they have, exactly like domain spells. Domain maneuvers are treated as being supernatural abilities from the Devoted Spirit school no matter what school they are actually from or if they are supernatural or extraordinary.
Steely Resolve: A Blade Priest has Steely Resolve equivalent to that of a single-classed Cruser of level equal to their Crusader level+half their Blade Preist level(rounded down).
Turn Undead: A Blade Preist turns undead as a single-classed Cleric of level equal to their Cleric level+half of their Battle Priest level(rounded down).
Guided Smite: If you have a non-specific smite ability(such as by being a 6th level Crusader or having the Destruction domain), you can choose for it to target only creatures with the alignment component that you specify upon gaining the first level in which you have both this ability and a smite ability. The alignment component must oppose both your own and your deities. For example, a Lawful Good Crusader 3/Cleric 3/Blade Priest 1 with the destruction domain may choose to smite either evil or chaos. However, if they follow a Lawful Neutral deity, they must choose chaos, and if they follow a Neutral Good deity they must choose evil.
Smite: A 3rd level Blade Priest may use the Smite ability as the Crusader class feature. They may use this abilty once per day at 3rd level, twice per day at 6th level, and 3 times per day at 9th level.
Ex-Blade Priests: A Blade Preist who loses their status as a cleric loses the Guided Smite, Turn Undead, and Domain Maneuvers class features, but not the Smite uses per day(other than from the Destruction Domain, if aplicable) or the Steely Resolve advancement. However, an ex-Battle Preist, though they may not truely turn undead, may still use divine feats a number of times per day equal to half the number of times they could have turned undead(rounded up). They may not adavance further as a Battle Priest, but may still advance as a Crusader.

Domains with Maneuvers
Additional domain maneuver series may be created by a player or DM. Somebody making one should attempt to first select maneuvers connected obviously to the domain, then by name, then tangenically connected, then arbitrarily. Each domain meneuver series must have one maneuver of each level. Anybody who creates a domain maneuver series is encouraged to post it here so it may be added to this list.

1. Wind Stride
2. Flashing Sun
3. Zephyr Dance
4. Mithral Tornado
5. Shadow Stride
6. Desert Tempest
7. Shadow Blink
8. Rising Pheonix
9. Tornado Throw


1. Stone Bones
2. Stone Vise
3. Roots of the Mountain
4. Boulder Roll
5. Mountain Avalanche
6. Iron Bones
7. Colossus Strike
8. Earthstrike Quake
9. Mountain Tombstone Strike


1. Flame's Blessing(may use Intimidate instead of Tumble, as this is a Devoted Spirit maneuver)
2. Burning Brand
3. Holocaust Cloak
4. Firesnake
5. Leaping Flame
6. Ring of Fire
7. Inferno Blade
8. Wyrm's Flame
9. Inferno Blast


1. Douse the Flames
2. Clever Positioning
3. Pearl of Black Doubt
4. Comet Throw
5. Step of the Dancing Moth
6. Scorpion Parry
7. Quicksilver Motion
8. Wolf Pack Tactics
9. Five-Shadow Creeping Ice Enervation Strike

1. Crusader's Strike
2. Disarming Strike
3. Revitalizing Strike
4. Covering Strike
5. Shifting Defense
6. Rallying Strike
7. Hydra Slaying Strike
8. Immortal Fortitude
9. Strike of Righteous Vitality

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seems cool, but needs more fluff