View Full Version : Pathfinder Frog Races?

2016-01-13, 09:49 PM
I was inspired by the new content in Guild Wars 2, I'll be adding grippli and refluffed ogres, but I'm wondering if there are different existing frog-like races in source or homebrew I could use? :smallsmile:

2016-01-14, 03:09 AM
Boggards spring to mind. They're not a PC race, but it should be possible to make one to match. They have a few feats specific to them.

2016-01-14, 07:56 AM
Grippli are pretty much exactly what you are looking for.

2016-01-14, 07:38 PM
If you go find the 3.5 warcraft settin books there is the murloc race and they would be easy to refluff from fishish to frogish.

2016-01-15, 09:17 AM
Bullywugs and slaadi but they're only in 3.5 but not Pathfinder due to copyright and slaadi are IP.

2016-01-15, 03:00 PM
If you're willing to take 3.5 stuff and rework it slightly for Pathfinder, I think there are a couple existing races with vaguely frog-like characteristics.

In addition to the Bullywug already mentioned, there are the Kuo-Toa (MM1) and the Siv (Monsters of Faerun).

2016-02-14, 10:54 AM
In the 3rd-party setting Cerulean Seas, there are mogogols.

2016-02-14, 12:06 PM
You can find Bullywug Savants in the Living Greyhawk Journal #2.
You can find the Grung in AD&D, the Monstrous Compendium: Greyhawk Appendix and Greyhawk Adventures.
You can find the Blindheim in Dragon #339, Paizo's Bestiary #2, and the Tome of Horrors: Complete.