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2016-01-14, 08:01 AM
Chosen One
Medium Monstrosity, Chaotic Evil

Hit Points 4d8 (32)
Speed 30ft
AC 12 (Natural Armour)

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
11 13 11 6 12 10
0 +1 0 -2 +1 0

Saves Consitutution +1, Dexterity +3, Wisdom +3
Skills Athletics +2, Perception +3
Senses - Passive Perception 13
Languages Understands Mulan and any other languages it knew prior to becoming a chosen one
Challenge Rating 1 (200 Xp)

The Chosen One makes either 2 claw attacks or 1 claw attack and one bite attack

Claw Melee weapon attack: +3 to hit, reach 5ft,
Hit - one target 5 (2d4) Slashing damage

Bite Melee weapon attack: +2 to hit, reach 5ft,
Hit - one target 10 (2d8) piercing damage

Poison Those that are hit by the bite attack of a chosen one must succeed at a DC10 Constitution saving throw or be injected with poison. The target takes 1d4 of temporary constitution damage for the first round and 2d4 of temporary constitution damage on the second round. The consitution damage lasts for 1d4 hours.
Berserk In each round of combat after the fifth, there is a cumulative 1% chance that the chosen one goes berserk, emitting a scream that splits the ears and fleeing combat in search of its creator.

Created from unfortunate humanoids by the Red Wizards, a chosen one is a horrific mockery, part of an unfortunate group constructed to serve as soldiers and bodyguards. With long claws, leathery skin and faces twisted by magic, the chosen one is almost unrecognisable from the humanoid it once was, and it attacks others with fury and hatred, driven insane by the rage dwelling from its very existence.

Create Chosen One
5th level Transmutation
Casting Time 1 hour
Range Touch
Components V, S, M
Duration Instant

Only Red Wizards know the arcane ritual and the spell required to make a chosen one. The ritual is intended to turn a humanoid of up to 3rd level into a maddened, murderous creature. The victim must be bound and helpless to work. Once the casting time has elapsed, the victim must make a Wisdom saving throw and succeed, otherwise they are transformed into a chosen one and under the control of the Red Wizard.

2016-01-14, 10:09 AM

... I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

This seems pretty reasonable, though I think it might be over-cr'd it a bit - a CR3 Minotaur, for example, is going to eat this for breakfast.

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2016-01-14, 01:16 PM
Yeah, the CR should have been 1, changed that. I moved it up instead of down during the conversion from 3.5