View Full Version : Any ideas/advise for a cleric of anubis or osiris?

2016-01-14, 08:14 PM
So In an upcomeing game I will probably play a cleric, and I am tossing it up between osiris and anubis. Which one I pick will depend on what the party composition is. I was wondering if you had any advise for role-playing a cleric of either god, ideas for characters who worship those gods, or anything else related to that.

Some things
The game is set in a normal d&d world (we are playing 5e).
I think I want to be a good alignment

2016-01-14, 10:59 PM
I'll tell ya, I've heard so many repetitions of the phrase "Have you heard the word of Anubis?" in previous games, I wouldn't even bat an eye if somebody said it to me on the street. Seriously.

No real advice, sorry. Except to say that Osiris comes across as more interested in the welfare of the masses (neutral good) compared to Anubis's doing things properly and maintaining the order of existence (lawful neutral).

2016-01-17, 12:00 AM
I think the idea of them being pretty much a religious trailblazer would suit. Sure lots of unusual and foreign gods and goddesses may be spoken of in the D&D multi-universe, however your character has a specific and very compelling reasons why.

Cynicalism may ensue, given schizophrenia would I imagine be rampant in the D&D world given divine powers and more specifically healing magics can be envoked in their name to build a trusting flock. Which is your job I guess?

2016-01-17, 01:35 AM
It depends on what anubis you want. Anubis has a 3.5 counterpart - a LN lesser god whose portfolio was Dead Gods and Domains of Death, Knowledge, Protection and Repose. Anubis in this instance rules over a bleak area of the Astral plane. Stone effigies float in the infinite grey, each representing the corpse of a god. Anubis acts as a librarian, caretaker and guardian. Documenting the corpses, researching their deaths and protecting their bodies from would be looters. He has no symbol or favoured weapon. His few worshippers who aren't worshipping his aspect in the pharonic pantheon usually use broken symbols of those gods who are dead.

Anubis proper is really similar to Wee Jas. Anubis proper is about the laws of magic and the rites of the dead, which are aspects of Wee Jas. Where Wee Jas and Anubis diverge is the Wee Jas' duality between the laws pertaining to love and marriage, and her tacit approval and acknowledgement of both affairs and couples taken by passion.