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2016-01-17, 12:49 AM
Has anyone ever considering having an antagonistic lingerer?

A creature, that's too powerful to challenge for early level players, or just not really one to necessarily kill outright. But an annoyance for a specific player.

I was considering something like an Djinn, who lingers around and antagonizes the earth genasi in the party, sometimes causing winds to blow valuable possessions down hills, or make dealings with the party as long as the earth genasi engage in tedious activities like roll in mud in the middle of the village, or pose nude for the evening in one of their sky palaces.

Even, a religious figure of an opposing alignment or religion (lawful/chaotic) that wants to have debates about religion and humanity ALL THE TIME. That either opens up or gets in the way of adventure opportunities.

I want to hear some ideas

2016-01-17, 02:09 AM
It's a great idea!

....If you want to give the players an extra reason to ragequit.

2016-01-17, 04:58 AM
If you do this as an, apparent, consequence of the PC's actions, then you should get away with it. Backstory reasons are also OK, probably stronger actually - since the player wrote the stuff.

If you do this just because, then the Player will think you are picking on them and may react in a variety of ways with rage-quite being possible. You do know your players ?

In any event this is best done by a prankster rather than some NPC who's actually trying to kill the PC.

2016-01-17, 05:40 AM
[QUOTE=nedz;20308699] Backstory reasons are also OK, probably stronger actually - since the player wrote the stuff.

Yeah absolutely, pre-thought this point, I made an elf ranger, folk hero, hunted by the tyrant (a green dragon) who now dominates the elven village he used to live in. With all sorts of backstory potential ploys to be considered.

I also considered it an opportunity to go for inspiration points by acting in accord with personality traits which I feel are help to have founded on racial and class links, so they're really just conforming to a bit of a ideal on those fronts.

2016-01-17, 12:35 PM
If I were to do this it would be towards the entire party, rather than an individual character.

2016-01-17, 02:10 PM
Sounds interesting, but again, only if it's for the whole party, not one specific person, or if it is one guy, that person has good reason to be antagonized.

And no matter what, talk about it with your players. This could be real annoying, or real fun. So make sure it's fun for them.