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Morphic tide
2016-01-17, 08:54 PM
Completely redoing this thread (what the heck was I thinking with all this? I knew the hellish nonsense of Artificers, so why did I make stronger versions?)

This thread shall now be about magic item and golem rules additions and an overhaul of the original Artificer, made to preferably be t2 and able to have the setting work properly by RAW.

Morphic tide
2016-12-29, 11:59 PM
Let's start with cost changing things that are logically reasonable, both going up and down. As an example of the setup being used, I'll list it off:

Base factor: Description. Cost: Number or percentage. Requirements: Optionally present, must be met (comment)

-Subfactor: Factor that requires above factor

-Subfactor: Also is associated with base factor

--Sub-subfactor:Like a subfactor, but uses the above subfactor as it's base factor.

---Actual Factors from here on---

Rechargeable: The charges/uses of the item can be recharged. Cost: +2000 GP market price

-Recharge Inefficiency: For each spell level above 1st needed to replace a charge/use, reduce the market price by 50 GP*SL2, where SL is the spell slot level. (Yes, it's intended to reduce the overall cost if you are using above 7th level spell, because 7th level spells require being level 13, at which point the game balance is long gone when even remotely optimized. Largely because of the 7th level spells)

-Is a Wand/Staff: Reduce the cost by 400 GP market price.

--Recharge from same school: The wand/staff can only be recharged by spells of the same school as the spell(s) contained. Cost: -300 GP

---Recharge from same subschool: The wand/staff can only be recharged by spells of the same subschool as the spell(s) contained. Cost: -200 GP

----Recharge from the same base spell: The wand/staff can only be recharged by the spell(s) contained. Cost: -100

-Is a Scroll: The market price is 1500 GP lower. Scrolls cannot have the Recharge Inefficiency factor. (scrolls have only one charge/use per spell, allright?)

--Is a Scrollbook: Increase the market price by 200 GP (Scrollbooks will be covered in the next post, which will come with exploring the tree of possibilities that they involve. The basic idea is to have your spellbook be made of scrolls, extending your caster workday considerably.)

--Recharge with Same Spell: By having the capacity to recharge restricted to only the same spell, the market price is reduced by 300 GP (It gives you a 200 GP discount on Scrollbooks!)

Compact Inscription: The lower quality scrollbooks cannot handle denser arcane scripts, restricting them to only two spells per page. Higher quality spellbooks, or ones that have been improved after creation, can hold higher numbers of spells per page. Cost: 100 GP per two spells per page beyond the first two. Requirements: CL greater than twice the number of spells per page.

-Linked Charge: Scrollbooks normally have each spell be charged separately, with little capacity to link them. The more complex inscriptions allow for linking several scripts into one system, allowing them to share their power. A scrollbook with this factor has a number of charges equal to the total spell level of the spells it contains. Using a spell in a scrollbook with this factor costs charges equal to its spell level. Cost: 25 GP per page

Morphic tide
2016-12-30, 01:38 AM
As the title of this post says(and how I love using that line up top!), this post will be for various new types of magic item. Expect a LOT of edits over time...

A simple-looking book to many, a scrollbook is a rather rarely seen type of spellbook used by wealthy and busy wizards, as it allows them to cast more spells daily than normal. Each page is a scroll, made to carry both the effects of a scroll and the diagrams and formulae needed for a Wizard to cast the spells inscribed. By default, each page has two spells in its scroll. Each spell has one use by default.
Weak Universal; CL 5; Scribe Scroll, Prestidigitation; 5 GP per page + 1/4 scroll cost.

Enscribing into a Scrollbook: As scrollbooks contain a rather complicated magical infusion made to make scribing scrolls onto it's pages less complex and easier to repeat, inscribing scrolls into a scrollbook is much easier than normal, though not as much less as if the spell were inscribed as the scrollbook were made unless the spell is already present. As a result, enscribing a spell into a scrollbook as a scroll costs 1/2 as much as it normally would, unless the scrollbook already has the spell present but used, in which case the cost is 1/4 normal.

Enlarging a Scrollbook: After a scrollbook is made, it is significantly harder to add pages to it. Adding a page to a completed scrollbook costs 10 gp per page and requires the Scribe Scroll feat.

Morphic tide
2016-12-30, 08:49 PM
This post will see a replacement Artificer made to be compatible with PF rules by focusing on GP cost reduction. It will see a bit of firming up of the theme of magic items, it will see a few new feats and features, it will see several new columns in the class table. It will also see access to an automatically regenerating crafting pool, based on unused Infusions.

That will be later. For now, I have a PC version of the NPC Expert class to make on another thread.