View Full Version : Please Help Me Find A Homebrewed Item

2016-01-18, 09:00 PM
I recently remembered an item that someone made a long time ago. I don't remember the name of the item or who wrote it, but I do remember it being really cool.

Here's what I remember:

The item is an intelligent weapon.
It is proud of being a blade. I think its natural form is a machete or something. It can change into other types of bladed weapons, but refuses to ever be a polearm or axe. It can turn into a kukri or dagger, but it takes persuading.
It will only ever serve people it defines as warriors. If it is wielded by someone who isn't a warrior, it does something really annoying that I don't quite remember.
This weapon can "devour" other weapons. It can be fed the magic of other bladed weapons.
It can recall some of the powers of the weapons it has absorbed. There is a limiting factor here. I don't remember if it is based on level or the total gold piece amount of how much it was fed in the past.
It can pull the wielder into a small extradimensional space to chat with him or her. Inside of this extradimensional space is a weapons rack with all of the weapons it has eaten. It can pull the wielder inside of the space to have a little chat whenever it wants, but the wielder gets a save. It can eject the wielder with no save. It refuses to pull the wielder in when the wielder is not in danger.
If the wielder is of a high level, has proven himself to be a great warrior, has fed the weapon a lot of money, and the item really likes him, if the wielder dies, the weapon has the power to bring him back to life once. The weapon cannot be coerced to use this power and denies having the ability to do it. If questioned, the weapon claims it has no idea how the wielder came back to life.

That's all I remember right now. I remember it was a cool thing and it had some nice mechanics, but I don't remember them well enough to be able to use them.
Can someone please help me find this?