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2016-01-18, 10:17 PM
okay so i watched all fate/... series and got an idea to create a game with this story.

for those not familiar with the anime, it's about wizards that fight (mostly to death) in a "tournament" by summoning heroes from famous tales with the promise of an artifact (the holy grail) that will grant any wish to the victor.

my idea is to play this in Classic WOD, the players begin as powerful mages that will either summon or make pacts with ancient and awesome entities such as vampires, any changing breed, demons, etc. and start mauling each other :xykon: . everything will be "controlled" by the camarilla, some archmages, and any branch of hunters (we don't want normal people discovering about supernatural beigns).

so i want to ask you for good characters to include as possible "servants" to my pc's. who are they?, what are their own goals?, how can you summon/convince them?, what are their powers?... (we're talking about powerful npc's: 5th gen vampires, high ranking changers, powerful demons and fae) make them up or give me names of some existing ones.

also if you see this idea in some other game system please tell me it doesn't matter much to me to read a new rulebook or try and remember old ones.

(this is my first post and english is not my mother language :D please be nice)

2016-01-18, 10:32 PM
How would us providing you with such a list help? Isn't each PC going to choose their own "champions", based on their own ideas and play style?

2016-01-18, 11:10 PM
Have the PC's make their own "servants."

Bam. Easy.

2016-01-19, 03:51 AM
Honestly, you should let your players decide for themselves. Fixing their power balance can be after they've presented you their ideas.

Just tell your players that, generally, Servants from the Fate series have a tendency to have overly strong personalities and don't get along with normal people. Arther Saber can't stand anything that even slightly defiles the code of chivalry. Rider Alexander will attempt to stroll through the library and steal out all the books he wants, claiming that as long as he's bold and brave, he's not a robber, but a grand conquerer. Archer Gilgamesh thinks he can't hear others speak over the sound of himself being just way too awesome (not that he actually says it, but that's basically what's he's constantly thinking).
The only real instance in which the summoner and the servant got along well from the start was with Ryunosuke and Caster (Gilles de Rais) from Fate/Zero, and well, that's just because they're both psychopath mass murderers. And even in their case, Nasu Kinoko (series author) claims that someday, they'd realize they're sorta different in their beliefs, and ultimately decide to kill each other.

Apart from how, since the wizard is a friggin' wizard, it's most of the time a better idea to summon someone good at melee.