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2016-01-19, 11:36 AM
The Druid is a redundant class, I've felt as much even back in 3e. Also, always thought they should have been a Charisma based divine caster... Oh well.

This isn't perfect but its what I generally think a Nature Cleric should look like.

Nature Domain

Combine the fluff for the druid and the cleric. If wildshape was still at-will at lower levels I would say throw in the fluff about druids in Primal Power (where some druids stayed wildshaped all the time and they got stuck due to their minds forgetting that they were once not beasts).

Nature Domain Spells

Cleric Level

Animal Friendship, Speak with Animals

Moonbeam, Spike Growth

Conjure Animals, Plant Growth

Conjure Woodland Beings, Grasping Vines

Insect Plague, Tree Stride

Acolyte of Nature
At 1st level you may choose to have charisma as your spellcasting ability score. Additionally you gain two of the following choices

Produce Flame cantrip
Magic Stone cantrip
Shillelagh cantrip
Expertise in Animal Handling
Expertise in Nature
Expertise in Survival
Bonus Proficiency
You have learned the secret language of the druids called Druidic. See page 19 of the 5e SRD for more information.

Additionally, due to your connection with nature you shun armors and shields made primarily out of metal as metal is the signal of civilization/anti-nature. If you are known to not shun metal using your channel divinity and your bonus spells may become complicated as your deity becomes annoyed with you. Also, members of your faith are less likely to help a heretic.

Channel Divinity "Wildshape"
Starting at second level you may use your channel divinity as an action to wild shape, you use all the rules found on Page 20 of the 5e SRD (except you use your channel divinity for the number of times you may wildshape). Your effective Druid level is equal to your Cleric level.

Dampen Elements
At 6th level you gain the Nature Cleric's ability to dampen elements.

Improved Wildshape

At 8th level your wildshape's attacks count as magical for overcoming resistances to non-magical weapons. Additionally you may now wildshape as a bonus action.

Beast Spells
At 17th level you gain the Druid feature "Beast Spells", see page 21 of the 5e SRD.


Ask your DM if you may incorporate other Druid spells into your Cleric list.

2016-01-19, 11:52 AM
War Domain

War Domain Spells

Cleric Level

Searing Smite, Thunderous Smite

Branding Smite, Find Steed

Aura of Vitality, Blinding Smite

Aura of Life, Staggering Smite

Banishing Smite, Destructive Wave

Acolyte of War
You may choose to have your Charisma be your spellcasting ability score. Additionally you gain a Fighting Style of your choice from the following list.

Great Weapon Fighting

Bonus Proficiency
You are proficient with martial weapons, shields, and heavy armor.

Channel Divinity "Divine Smite"
At second level you may invoke your Channel Divinity as a bonus action whenever you make a weapon attack with a Smite spell. When you do this your deity helps guide your weapon true. You have advantage on the attack roll.

Aura of Protection

At 6th level you gain the Paladin's feature "Aura of Protection".

Aura of Courage

At 8th level you gain the Paladin feature "Aura of Courage"

Aura Improvements
At 17th level your Aura of Protection and Aura of Courage area increases.


Not perfect, might be a bit much, but it gets the idea across.