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2016-01-19, 09:02 PM
I suck at naming things. If you all would be so kind as to help provide some ideas for names of things I would be very grateful. Things that need names:
Gold dragonborn Paladin x2
Gold dragonborn family name
Gold dragonborn clan name
Dragonborn Paladin order
Dragonborn capitol name
Misc dragonborn names
Misc dragonborn clan names

Thanks to all who provide, I will update as I decide on names.
Been using the dragon language from skyrim for some things.

Names decided on:

Pc: Faalbahraan (The Worthy)
Gold dragonborn Paladin 1: Kogaan (Blessing)
Gold clan name: Nonvulrum (Noble Root)
Gold dragonborn Paladin 2:
Dragonborn capitol:
Gold DB Noble Male:
Gold DB Noble Female:
Gold DB servant:

2016-01-20, 05:55 AM