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2006-10-12, 07:12 PM
Ok before saying it's a clone, it is very much not. Oots is a D&D type strip, and 8bit theatre is based on the FF games.
What this strip is going to be is on mmorpg, which is basically the name with a "c" to stand for comic.

What I want to know. Is it entertaining, funny, piece of giant crap, etc.


2006-10-12, 09:37 PM
Haha, funny.

On a side note, the characters remind me of the people from the Decline of Video Gaming. Drawn in a style halfway between The Giant's and mine (see my sig for my comic).

The only thing that's a little weird is how he just seems to jump away and suddenly he's not wearing clothes. I understand that that's how it works in MMORPGs, but it's just a little funky. Also, in the third to last panel they are too close together, judging from the two panels before (unless the nakey guy moved and it just isn't shown).

But really good. I look forward to reading more.

2006-10-12, 10:38 PM
Thanks, and to address the placement issues. Sometimes things are going to happen between frames that there isn't really room for in the strip since the stuff isnt really needed. That and this is my first strip of this kind so i'm still getting use to how it all works.

2006-10-13, 10:48 AM
I like it. I don't play MMORPGs, but I found this fun. Also, I like the drawing style. Are you posting it on a site other than this one, or are you just demoing it here first?

2006-10-13, 11:43 AM
I like the art (with the exception of the jump thing that PipSneak mentioned) and the punchline got a grin. The only thing that would worry me is that the whole MMORPG thing has been done to death, often with a very similar joke in the early strips. While the joke wasn't identical the whole strip reminded me strongly of the noob (http://www.thenoobcomic.com/index.html)

2006-10-13, 11:53 AM

Yea right now I'm just demoing this strip on a few sites to get some feed back. So far its actually been getting good feed back, and the stuff people didn't like as much I think I can fix within a few strips.

I've actually never read a single strip of the noob. So I wouldnt know about that but being the first strip I haven't really shown what the adventure is yet.

And on that note, they are only going to been noobs for a while. I will be making stat sheets for each char to display what lvls they are. Currently Paladin is lvl 1, Telek (blue guy) is lvl 1, and Clear Mage (not introduced yet) is lvl 3 but they are goign to grow in lvl and powers as the strip goes on.

2006-11-01, 03:58 PM
Hello, this is Encicra. Lol for some reason i forgot my pass and my email addy i used to sign up with lol.

Here is strip number two, i just finished.

Tell me what you guys think.

2006-11-21, 10:19 AM
Its been a long time in the making but here is the third installment. I've changed a few things like title texts and the strips backgrounds. Looks alot nicer now. Tell me what you guys think of the strip.

Ok, I've finally decided on where I want to host the strip, and it can be found here: Http://www.drunkduck.com/MMORPC

2006-11-26, 08:49 AM
No response? hmm, not good?

2006-12-19, 08:50 PM
I guess you can make any theme work if you put enough thought into it, but generic mmorpg humor seems like a hard vein to mine.

Also it kind of seems based on Final Fantasy to me. I hate that game with a passion and avoid references to it. Including that 8-bit thing, if that is the one with the different colored mages running around.

Good luck though, but don't think I'll be reading it much.

2007-01-01, 04:23 PM
I enjoy it. If you link to it, then I will read. I enjoy. If it stays as good as those first three, i would read it. I enjoy the feel of it, the look of it, and it is actually funny. Doesn't seem to forced, please keep going, it is awesome!

2007-01-02, 09:31 PM
Pretty fun to look at. I hope you can update a good amount, I'd be willing to read it regularly if you did. For now, I cast -bookmark- on it!

2007-01-10, 06:55 AM
Yay lol. Some responses.

Ok the link that I have is Http://www.drunkduck.com/MMORPC

There is a 4th there and I'm working on the 5th.

I've been so busy with work lately, and about 1 million other projects that I've had little time to do anything at all but I promise #5 will be out soon.

2007-01-22, 06:46 PM
Seems good.

Gnome Barbarian
2007-01-24, 04:55 PM
I liked it...Ill contnue reading it.

2007-01-26, 04:22 PM
Well, lol, after alot of promissing and procrastination strip 5 is finally up. Enjoy.

Tell me what you think.

2007-01-26, 06:04 PM
Should that be, "Leave Telek to drown in an oxygen-rich environment?"?
Oh, I just re-read it. Never mind.

2007-01-27, 10:50 AM
If all goes according to plan, the next strip should be up sunday-ish next week. Any more feedback?

2007-01-28, 03:19 PM
Good news, I registered a domain for it:


2007-01-28, 09:32 PM
Not as good as the ones before, but #5 is still good.

When do you think the next is coming out?

2007-01-30, 10:55 AM
I like the series. Seems like it needs more comics, obviously, but I certainly know how taxing it can be to keep up with things like this on a regular basis! Hope you'll continue them...

2007-01-30, 11:23 AM
Yea its a sundayish updated comic, if I manage to keep the schedule. I'm working on a part of #6 as I type this so hopefully it will be done by then.

Glad you like it.

2007-01-30, 11:28 AM
Sounds good. Will there be an overarching story down the road or is it more just "Single serving" joke comics? I like the characters, and they'd probably work well in a long story kind of like how OotS is.

2007-01-30, 11:34 AM
The goal is for each strip is to progress the story little by little and include 1 or 2 jokes that might make someone "lol" or chuckle.

Right now the story arch is the basically forming of the team and introducing/crafting the characteristics of each character. Although with strip 5 started another small story but you'll have to wait until the next strip to see more lol.

The Faceless
2007-02-01, 06:01 PM
Heh. this is not hilariously funny, but still amusing and shows much room for growth. i'm going to make a bookmark for sure.

2007-02-02, 06:26 PM
Thanks, strip is almost finished, just have 6/7 of the panels to do left. So, I wont be missing the update this week lol. Sunday is the update day, so probably around Midnight Saturday (central time)

2007-02-02, 11:33 PM
awsome. If you keep this up, i can see this becoming a favorite of mine.

Followed by me buying stuff.
Followed by others doing the same.
Then, you will quit your day job.
And make a comic everyday.
Then, by comic 250, you will be comically used, everyone will forget you, and you will have to get a day job again.

Its gonna be sweet.

2007-02-03, 12:16 AM
Lol my ultimate goal in a "comic career" if you will is to be able to go to conventions and have people recognise my comic, and actually like it lol.

I don't care if I make money or not at it, just want to go to cons lol.

2007-02-04, 09:14 AM
If you like my comic, good news. I just uploaded strip #6.


2007-02-05, 01:02 AM
Awsome stip, semi original (WHat isnt these days) Ill read it.

2007-02-05, 11:43 AM
That's the thing eh? Everything seems to have been done. So I decided to go with this for 3 reasons. 1) I am an avid mmo player so I have knowledge about it. 2) I enjoy writing this kind of story/humor and 3) Believe it or not I saw a gap that I designed this comic to fill.

2007-02-05, 02:48 PM
Yeah, everything has been done before. You can only make alterations on a theme, really.

Like #6 by the way, keep 'em coming!

2007-02-05, 03:35 PM
I'm going to close this thread down and start a new one properly titled, since im not exactly on my first strip anymore lol.

If your a mod could you please lock this down. Thanks.