View Full Version : Need Help Finding Specific RPG

2016-01-21, 07:23 PM
Sorry to bother y'all, but for the life of me I'm having the most difficult time finding this roleplaying game. I came across it quite by accident and never bothered to remember the name.

Anyway, the premise of the game was that an atomic experiment or some such had gone horribly wrong, resulting in most of the world becoming vaporized clouds, like on a gas giant. The only way to get from place to place was via airplane or blimp. I do believe it was a homebrew d6 setting, but I can't recall. The whole idea was that it was a "space opera" without the goofy made up technology, aliens, planets-of-the-week, and theoretical mumbo jumbo, just vast, but traversable, spaces inbetween islands of civilization.
And it was all based in the technology and cultures of the 1940s, with the campaign setting being Europe.

2016-01-23, 07:53 PM
Never heard of it, but the setting sounds cool.

2016-01-23, 08:41 PM
Warbirds sounds very close, albeit based more on the Carribean. If it is homebrew though, it might be Starlight and Steam.

2016-01-24, 04:09 AM
It's neither, both sound pretty cool though. I think the guy might have deleted the page the rpg was hosted on, I've tried just about every word combination to find this dang thing and not even a nibble. It is quite frustrating.