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2016-01-21, 09:14 PM
Howdy Everyone.

I felt like adding some flavor to the Aegis in the area of stealth and infiltration. Having recently watched AI and Discrict9 I found some inspiration in the non living forms of movement i perceived in these movies. So, after some investigation into the other aegis archetypes and seeing the Aberrant archetype fall short in the full effect through-out the progression of the Aegis, I decided to go this route.

The idea is to move towards a roughish infiltrator Aegis. With flavor added in the varriant being a half Construct. shurg. Let me know what you think about the balance of the Archetype customization's etc etc.

The Transmografier archetype is for use with the Aegis psionic class. The physical world is but a reflection of thought. Mind over Matter.

Transmografied form (Ex)
A transmografier modifies his own form by using manifested ectoplasm to become a construct in nature, rather than covering himself in an ectoplasmic suit. The transmografier gains the 'Half Construct' template when taking this archetype.
An transmografier can modify his form in a fashion similar to the aegis's customization, but his options are more limited. He can choose customizations from the customization list below, as well as new customizations exclusive to the transmografier. Because the transmografier is modifying his own body, he may wear armour normally.
The transmografier gains Ranged Attack and Nimble as a free customizations. At 2nd level, the transmografier gains Evasion as a free customization. At 5th level, the transmografier gains Precision Attack as a free customization.
This ability replaces Form Astral Suit and Invigorating Suit.

Shifting Persona
Starting at 2nd level, the transmografier gains a +1 bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy. At 4th level and every four levels thereafter, this bonus increases by 1.
This ability replaces Craftsman and Master Craftsman.

Reconfigure Appearance (Ex)
Beginning at 3rd level, a transmografier gains the Ability to change the physical appearance of its body. The transmografier Gains a +10 bonus to disguise self checks when he changes his appearance. This change takes 10 minutes to complete, and allows the transmografier to physically assume any like sized humanoid in appearance.
This ability replaces Reconfigure

Cannibalize Power (Su)
At 12th level, the transmografier Gains the ability to repair his body by disabling active Customizations. Once per day as a move action, he can disable any number of customizations to gain Hit Points equal to twice the number of disabled customization points the customizations cost. Disabled customizations are unavailable for use for 1 min. Every two levels thereafter, the Aegis can use this ability an additional time per day.
This ability replaces Cannibalize Suit.

Perfect Control (Su)
At 20th level, the transmografier has learned to modify his body effortlessly. Every round the transmografier may change a number of customization points equal to his Intelligence modifier.
This ability replaces Perfect Merger

Transmografier Customizations
The new customizations presented below may only be selected by the transmografier archetype. In addition to the new options below, the transmografier can also select any of the customizations from this list.

Blindsense, Blindsight, Brawn, Burrow, Chameleon, Climb, Diehard, Energy Blast, Evasion, Empowered Blast, Energy Immunity, Energy Resistance, Evasion, Flight, Fortification, Hardened Strikes, Harness PowerStone(Normal, Improved, Greater, Superior), Hardy, Improved Damage, Improved Damage Reduction, Improved Energy Blast, Improved Energy Resistance, Improved Evasion, Improved Ranged Attack, Nimble, Power Resistance, Powerful Build, Powerstone Repository, Pull, Push, Quickened Attacks, Ranged Attack, Speed, Stalwart, Swim, Tremorsense, Underwater Breath, Unlock Psionics.

1-point Customizations
Multijointed: The transmografier gains a +2 bonus on Escape Artist checks.

Heightened Reflexes: The transmografier gains a +1 dodge bonus to AC. This customization can be taken one additional time for every four levels the transmografier possesses.

Powered Leap: The Transmografier gains the ability to leap vertically and horizontally their base movement speed.

Improved Stealth: The transmografier adds +2 bonus to their stealth checks. This customization may be taken again every 4 levels. The transmografier must be 4th level to select this customization.

2-point Customizations
Improved Natural Armour: The transmografierís natural armour bonus increases by 1. This customization can be taken one additional time for every four levels the transmografier possesses.

Poison Attack: The transmografier gains the ability to envenom one of his attack forms with a poison delivered on a successful attack. The type of Poison is chosen from the following list when the customization is selected as is the attack form. (Fortitude negates, DC 10 + 1/2 the transmografierís level + the transmografierís Intelligence modifier)
-Str, Dex, or Con damage 1
-Sleep, 1 min
-Paralization, 1d4 rnds
This Customization may be taken multiple times, each time choosing a different poison to made available to use.

Stealth Field: When activated it allows the transmografier to break line of sight and attempt to hide in plain sight. Activating the stealth field immediate allows a stealth check to be made. Useable once a day for every 5 levels the transmogafier has. Must be level 5 to select this customization.

3-point Customizations
Evasive manoeuvring: The transmogafier gains a +2 bonus to reflex saves.

Precision Attack: The transmografier gains precision damage of 2d6 to one attack form, when the target is flat footed, flanked, or when attacking from stealth. Must be 5th level to select this modification. This may be selected again every 5 levels thereafter adding 2d6 damage each time.

4-point Customizations
Augment Blast: The transmogafier may modify his ranged blast to include a 5' blast radius on impact. This ability may be used a number of times a day equal to the Int modifier of the transmogafier. The transmografier must be at least 9th level before selecting this customization